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  1. Hail4Life

    Brett Rypien. Opinions?

    Angela Rypien...you guys are too much ahahahaha! Oh you guys!!!
  2. I wonder which TB reject will take his place.
  3. Oh hell yeah more tampa rejects! This teams misguided confidence in their decision making is unbelievable. They are at an all time low!
  4. This franchise is falling apart at the seams...what a disaster! Nobody respects this franchise. So sad to see as such a huge fan of this team.
  5. Hail4Life

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Maybe a new DC but starting over at HC hasn't worked either. Either way though it will be the same **** different year. I dont think a coach screaming like a rabid fan on the sideline equals success. Maybe new conditioning coaches/philosophy? Every year this team gets decimated by injuries...way more than whats typical.
  6. Hail4Life

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I believe in Colt...he has played in big games for us and won - remember he led the team to victory in a tough game versus Dallas a few years ago. I'm excited for him to get an opportunity and looking forward to having an actual passing game. I feel like this offense will have to put up some points and won't necessarily need to score first to win a game. Just stay healthy Colt, we don't want Dirty Sanchez taking the field!
  7. Hail4Life

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I'm glad Colt is our starter now...the only thing I'm worried about is him getting injured and having to roll with...wait for it...Mark Sanchez! NOOOOOOOO!
  8. Hail4Life

    Can we stop pretending now?

    I'm real close to being in favor of starting Colt. I know Alex will win us games by not turning the ball over but if we lose the next 2 games and are sitting at 5-5 I say start Colt. I feel he can actually move the ball down the field. I know, I know, I know...but if we fall to .500 I at least want to see some scoring.
  9. Hail4Life

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    Oh dear God nooooooooooo! I am for shames. So sorry.
  10. Hail4Life

    Redskins vs cowboys for First Place in The NFC East

    No PAT if the winning TD is the 2nd team to possess.
  11. Hail4Life

    Rich Tandler has died

    Really bummed to hear about his passing. Just about everyday I would enjoy his writing and also listening to him on the podcast - you could just tell he was a good guy. I had no idea he started out as a fan blogger and made it to the media ranks...that's awesome! Redskins coverage will not be the same! Now let's go kick Dallas in the ass for Rich!!!
  12. Hail4Life

    Game Night Thread- Redskins at Saints

    I finally got to watch the Skins play for the first time this season ?
  13. Hail4Life

    Was Letting DJax Leave via FA a Mistake???

    Uhh for the record I made no such argument.
  14. Hail4Life

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Packers

    Kerrigan is in the mid to lower end of the top tier pass rushers.
  15. Hail4Life

    Here is to a Good Game

    Expect to be crowned Super Bowl favorites this year after playing the Skins.