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  1. httrMP

    The season in gifs

    How the events leading up to the final game of the season made me feel. (hope this looks ok, I made it in a rush before going to work)
  2. httrMP

    Redskins Cut DJ Swearinger!

    This organization... Suspend and trade to send a message to the players and then recoup some value. Cutting a guy on Christmas Eve sends a different kind of message to the players and the fans. Cutting the guy who was complaining about how unprepared the team is on a regular basis sends different kind of message to the players and the fans. I keep hearing about how classes this organization is and the old Tampa boys network and this move just proves all those rumblings right. The Redskins no longer care about winning. They just want to have their little gang together, and the minute someone poses a threat to that, they overreact without thinking what is actually best for the future of the team. I've been following this team through some pretty horrible times, but this move is the final one that has killed any optimism that they'll eventually figure it out. Really makes me question why even bother being a fan. I can't switch to following another team, but what pleasure do I get by following this franchise?
  3. I'd like that, but I kind of feel Gruden wants to hire the worst DC possible so that there is no one on the coaching staff that could replace him midseason when things start to go south.
  4. Despite the two ints, I liked what I saw out of JJ and would rather bring him back for one more year than draft a QB because I think this D needs an overhaul. The line is fine, Kerrigan is good, and DJ is our best DB. That's about it. Fittingly, HaHa is a joke. Norman is too expesive for his production, and the ILBs are, well, they're there. And Manusky? Yikes. How many times under the same circumstance does he get beat? 3rd and long, let's them convert more often than not. Offense just scored, lets the other team march down field for points. Say what you will about Gruden (I'm not his biggest fan) but he had this team (with a 4th string QB, backup linemen and TEs) play well enough to win. Greg Manure is the one I hold responsible for the loss.
  5. And back to handing off again.
  6. Wonder what they'll call on 1st down.
  7. Man, I am so glad I didn't make a drinking game off of 1st down runs.
  8. If this D jumps and gives the Titans a free 1st down I think I'll have to buy myself a new computer for Christmas after throwing this one across the room.
  9. 3rd and long again. Long completion for a 1st again. At least the D is consistent.
  10. One of these 1st and 10s has got to be play action, right?
  11. Oh, this D on 3rd and long.
  12. Is it too early to make JJ the starting QB for next year?
  13. Please, play action now.
  14. Now would be a great time to go play action on 1st down.