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  1. hogdirty

    Starting QB 2019???

    Just got back from the Draft Party (which was fun) and I'm still here because I was right. I don't know what ARZ will do with that guy but who cares because they suck. I'm so pumped for the Haskins pick I liked Murrays talent but I believe Haskins fits this team perfectly. Also I like the Sweat pick. I like Ryan Anderson but I understand the pick for Sweat because I think he will be more effective when the Skins go into 4 down linemen in the nickel package. They needed a replacement for Smith in that position.
  2. Whoa buddy.. This isn't one of your websites where you watch guys masturbate. I think you got your Extreme sites mixed up
  3. Wow they need to change the name of this forum to Extreme Whiners… Jeez I can understand if you felt disappointed but “furious” because you can’t roast a pig is laughable. Most don’t care. Here’s an idea meet up at RFK or any of the hundreds of parks around on that Saturday. Bring a tv and have your own draft party. Why does it matter who the sponsors are? Would you rather you had to pay??? The event is free. The Skins aren’t required to offer any of these draft events.
  4. hogdirty

    Starting QB 2019???

    Repost: Posting this again to remind ya'll I'm serious about this . Also the Cardinals need to take Q. Williams the Alabama DT. He looks like he can impact a game like Aaron Darnold or JJ Watt Might have always been the plan if he doesn't go #1. If he falls to #3 it happened because Jets are willing to move down.
  5. hogdirty

    Starting QB 2019???

    Your post is kind of confusing but i agree Locke<Haskins. If the Skins like Haskins they shouldn't hesitate to move up and get him. The only appealing thing I notice about Locke may be his arm.
  6. hogdirty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I don't see Arizona trading Rosen at all. These are just a bunch of fake rumors from wanna be insiders. I believe the Skins have better chance of landing Haskins or Murray. I see 60% chance of Skins getting Haskins and a 25 or 30% chance of Skins getting Murray. I have no problem with the team trading up to get one of these guys
  7. hogdirty

    Starting QB 2019???

    Ok you may feel different about the excuses but I just tire a fans constant excuses for their favorite QB in this city. I feel the crazy thing about Redskins fans and Rosen are people are already making excuses for a guy who isn’t even on the team. I notice on this forum and on twitter is a lot intrigue in getting Rosen is the team doesn’t have to invest a lot. The thinking that using 2nd rounder on QB keeping a first is better than taking the QB at #15 or moving up and taking a QB. But I don’t think you should bargain shop for QBs. If the team feels they can get their franchise QB that they love in the 1st round they should make that move. The truth is I think he sucked last year as well as his team. I do believe he will improve but I only see him being no better than average QB. I also believe ARZ will stick with him for another year unless a team offers them a first for him, but I don’t see that happening
  8. hogdirty

    Starting QB 2019???

    I believe all these rumors are from Arizona to get the NYG to give up their #17 pick. As far as Rosen going to the Redskins, I don't see the Skins trading for Rosen at all. In fact if the Redskins trade for Rosen I want The ES Moderators to ban me for 30 days because I'm willing to bet it won't happen Look at this vid . Everyone coming up with crazy excuses for this guy but you got to work hard to be this bad. With Fitzgerald, David Johnson, and Kirk AZ had weapons
  9. hogdirty

    Season Ticket Renewals

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I sit in the lower level. I think last year was different, I remember talking to a guy there who was a first time season ticket holder and his seats were on the 400 level. I think most fans tend to ignore some of the emails the teams send.
  10. hogdirty

    Season Ticket Renewals

    It sold out in less than a day They wanted the season tickets member to get a chance to get their tickets before the public. Be on the look out for that Taste of Fedex Field event this year because I thought it was the best of last year. I think it's going to be called something else this year
  11. hogdirty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This article may not mean much coming from PFT but the more I think about it I think Arizona is more likely to take Bosa or trade down. Think about it. Why not stay with Rosen and see if it can work out with Kingsbury (which I think is possible) and if it doesn't work out take a QB in the 2020 draft. A lot posters on this site believe the QBs in 2020 are better than Murray anyway so why wouldn't Arizona take Bosa and see how Rosen does in 2019. I only seen Rosen play one game against the Broncos and was terrible but I don't it's a stretch for him to improve under Kingsbury. I say all of this to set up the Redskins trading up to take Murray because this is what I hope to happen.
  12. hogdirty

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    This is one of the main reasons 21 should be and will be sacred along with the other Redskin greats. Also have you made a trip to Fedex since the death of Taylor? The team literally has Sean Taylor's whole locker on display on the club level, his name in the Ring of Fame, and a big #21 on the grass outside the ticket office.
  13. hogdirty

    Starting QB 2019???

    Not only is M. Brown a good receiver but he is an explosive playmaker. I believe the front office notices they need to target these type of players right now.
  14. hogdirty

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Redskins need to start targeting PLAYMAKERS! O-line/edge positions will eventually be filled in through later rounds or second half of free agency. I know this opinion will be unpopular on here but whatever. My top 5 playmakers are: 1. Kyler Murray 2. Marquise Brown 3. Parris Campbell 4. Deebo Samuels 5. Diontae Johnson I also believe Darnell Savage from UMD has big playmaking potential on the defensive side
  15. hogdirty

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    For me 21 reminds me of the Gibbs 2.0 era, which was an underrated time in Redskins history (probably for the lack constant winning). Redskins fans who were in the area know and felt the feeling of togetherness around that time. Some of my favorite moments and players came around this time, so to me 21 represents connection to that time. At least for me