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  1. Your the administrator but don't have the time to explain. OK The thread is the title The Official ES All things Redskins Name Change Thread and I've done nothing but that. But I have been accused of being drunk and dense. Go figure.
  2. So explain how So explain how is someone asking me "Am I drunk" ok? Me not being able to share my opinion to somebody responding to me. Go back in look at the post he queted from directed TO ME
  3. You say mascot but I'm just referring to the team name. The mascot can be whatever animal you want (pig). The Burgundy and Gold would just be what announcers on tv call the team I guess. I will still call them the Redskins and wear my gear. With Redwolves it's going to feel like a different team What??? Did I offend you?
  4. People have called THIS team that for years so it's not a name I came up with. Just trying to preserve the legacy of the franchise in some way.
  5. How i'm I drunk? The reason the name is changing is because people are offended so it's relevant I already admitted to Redwolves being a bad name and your post looks like a temper tantrum. And don't have to listen to your recommendations
  6. I'm not advocating for the Washington Gayes I'm saying its as bad a name as Redwolves
  7. But Washington owned slaves. Did you think about that? and he was a R&B singer who had love songs. Redwolves suck
  8. Oh really so you can see the connection to howling (Make me want to holler) the Den (Dave's Den) to Marvin Gaye or I'm I just pissing off you Redwolve bros?
  9. With the optics of a bunch of guys howling together in a stadium and calling the stadium the Den the names Redwolves and Gayes would essentially be interchangeable.
  10. Redwolves is terrible. I'm surprised nobody has suggested Washington Gayes in honor of Washingtonian and R&B legend Marvin Gaye
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