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  1. I am in search of 2 of the FedEx Field Stadium Chairs that the team sold a handful of years back. I did not have a single family home then and now that I do would love a set! Anyone have some they are willing to part with?
  2. I kept asking and got all the way from Green to Purple last year I used to park here when it was green lot and it was amazing. I used to have the first spot closest to the stadium on the end. Room to tailgate on the side and behind because of the metro buses. I loved this spot and thing XS now tailgates there. I have purple lot now and love my short walk but miss my old spot over there
  3. I have been told that this is a real thing. Very Real thing
  4. Do you have his email? I will send one too.
  5. I mean honestly... STH tell me that this comment didnt trigger you... “Many of our fans put their tickets on the second market and made some money Basically blaming the fans for selling tickets... NO BRUCE ITS YOUR FAULT...
  6. Ok so the thread name was to get you here.. I am not asking you to give up your STH or even stop going that is your prerogative. But... As STH I believe that we do need to email our Ticket Reps and demand that it is known that we are not happy. Bruce Allen is ruining this franchise and we shouldn't stand back and let him do it. I know the ticket reps are not going to be able to do anything and it probably woln't go anywhere but I am at the point where it is hard to justify spending my hard earned money on this team to go and get heckled in my own section by opposing team fans. I a
  7. Hey I just noticed that I am not receiving points for attendance and early entry... anyone else notice this?
  8. When did your notice come in? I asked and still havent got anything
  9. I got my tracking yesterday. When I called they promised everyone would have it by tuesday.
  10. I talked with the ticket office today. They said they had issues with the printer (Vendor) and that my tickets have been printed and I should see them before Monday or Tuesday. Love that there is a License Plate cover! Does it say STH?
  11. Still nothing yet... last time this happened they said I selected digital which was not the case
  12. Haven't got an email or in my Fedex Delivery Manager... Hope it shows up by the morning! Ready to see if they sent us a gift again
  13. Anyone get tracking yet... My mailbox needs new hinges
  14. Where is the card in the app? Am I blind?
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