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  1. I watched the tape of last year's playoff game against Tampa Bay. Their O-line held up really well. Our D-line was not able to get much pressure and it's wasn't because Brady was getting rid of the ball quickly. There were moments where someone broke through but in general, Brady had a very clean pocket. They line barely moved on some key passing plays! Got me wondering if our D-line is really all that great. Matt Miller recently called it the best D-line in football. They seemed undersized compared to Tampa. I'm no expert. Just sharing what I saw. Does anyone who understands footb
  2. Really proud of my team today. For the first time in a long while. A very long while. Taylor was lights out today. Did he have a hot hand? Can be perform like this consistently? Does he have the arm strength to throw a deep accurate ball? Can't wait to find out next year.
  3. Not a starter at LT. Big risk to take with inexperienced QB
  4. Pointless win today. Only hurts draft position. Teams could be very motivated to move up to #1, or #2 to take a QB. Will be nice to get multiple picks and shore up LT, TE, CB. IMHO, we need to embrace the tank.
  5. #1 draft pick in 2020. Trade down to get LT, C, RG, LG, RT, WR, TE, DT, DE, NT, CB, ILB, Coach, Owner, GM, Medical Staff, Marketing Dept,
  6. You're doing great not going after expensive free agents, sticking with a GM-coach combo and staying out of running the team. We're stuck until Alex Smith's guaranteed payments are over with. Don't worry about media image -- doubt it can get any worse than it already is. 1) Tank this season. Get top 2 draft slot in 2020. Trade down to get multiple picks. We still haven't recovered from picks lost in RG3 trade. 2) Invest in analytics. Catch up with Philly, and Chiefs in using analytics to make better picks, player development and free agent decisions. 3) Make sure the coa
  7. Not every insult is intended. Many happen because people just don't know better. And they are 100% sure they are not being insulting. So they keep doing it and wonder why everyone is acting funny.
  8. Oh, geez, not this again. It was funny back in the day. But now it just reeks of broken hearts and false hopes. Z-shades, Malcomb, Jason Candle, Bug Eyes, Brandon Lloyd the Rapper.. it's all coming back. Too much pain. This team has been a very hard one to love. Some things are better left in a box in the attic.
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