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  1. Red States need to focus on improving education standards.
  2. I think choice is a beautiful thing. It's how we exercise our freedoms. I don't believe people are stuck with what they are born into. People are born into families with a particular religion, or a strong allegiance to one country/region. But as we grow up, we realize that there are others who share our values better, who we want to give more to and align ourselves than those we were born with. People change religions, move their homes and change their social circles as their values evolve over their lifetime. Particularly if they have serious misgivings with their own religion/family/country/community. I can see how someone would want to lay down some criteria for selecting a team. For example, the Packers would be attractive to someone who likes community ownership (as opposed to the billionaire owner), long-standing traditions (as opposed to expansion-team-style ), who disagrees with the values projected by full-time cheerleaders, has a stable front office policy (e.g. draft-first), etc. The LA Rams could be attractive to someone who likes something new, wants to support young coaches, is inspired by a new exciting style of aggressive football, the team's underdog status in a new city with few fans, etc. If someone just cared about winning, they'd have to go with the Patriots. Deflategate be damned. I can see lifelong Skins fans stopping and looking around and saying if I had a choice of choosing my family, my religion, my country, my friends, which would I pick? What is more aligned with my values that I feel good about regardless of wins and losses -- something me and my kids are really get into and build a community around. Who knows what each of us would pick if we did that? Would it be hard to make the switch? Absolutely. Would you feel like an outsider for a while? Sure. But millions do when they move to new cities, new churches, new jobs. But you give and commit and build relationships and a new reality emerges. Takes time but it if it aligns better with values, it's a stronger way to go. It sticks.
  3. Cleveland brass is playing a very cool experiment. Will take years to find out if it works. But if it does it will change NFL drafting. Podesta must have some new data/metrics to go "all in" on a strategy like this. In previous years, he admitted that the team nature of the sport and the lack of good data made predicting wins and losses very difficult in the NFL (as opposed to baseball where the matchup is pitcher vs. hitter). Maybe they take each position and work on matchup metrics to exceed performance in key positions and see if that totals up to more wins. Very very curious. I'm a data junkie and get very excited about the "how". Will be tracking the Brown's progress (or lack thereof) very closely to see if this type of data-driven strategy can be effective in a team sport with evenly matched teams where one or two plays make a big difference
  4. Not every insult is intended. Many happen because people just don't know better. And they are 100% sure they are not being insulting. So they keep doing it and wonder why everyone is acting funny.
  5. newday

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Oh, geez, not this again. It was funny back in the day. But now it just reeks of broken hearts and false hopes. Z-shades, Malcomb, Jason Candle, Bug Eyes, Brandon Lloyd the Rapper.. it's all coming back. Too much pain. This team has been a very hard one to love. Some things are better left in a box in the attic.