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  1. I think the Jets, Jags and Bengals might end up the clear top 3 in the draft by a couple of games. Both top QBs then the Bengals go either Sewell or Chase to reunite with Burrow. The way the next batch of teams are looking we could end up with a lot of teams on the same record, likely 5-11 or 6-10. I hope Dallas bring back Dak, Falcons can’t easily move on from Ryan in 2021. Miami and the Chargers set at QB. Feels like we get a real shot at Wilson, or Lance, only screwed by winning the division .
  2. We do have cap space but it won’t bring quite the riches people expect if the cap is no more than the reported 175m. Not ideal for front loading contracts either. But as I said, if we do decide to blow our wad on a WR I’m sure come the time I’ll be drooling over the move like everyone else.
  3. Probably one for the OL thread but the progress of Schweitzer is a bonus. I’m almost inclined to push the cash at Scherff to box of the guard slots. I’m all for drafting an OT on day 2 though. and it make it relevant to this thread, that’s all to the benefit of Gibson.
  4. Yeah that is a fair point. Could be a few very good WRs available in a cap restricted year. I think we need to draft a TE in the mid rounds. Probably should for the next couple of drafts.
  5. Don’t bloody quote me then Only joking of course, yeah I’m not massively stressed over having an elite LT. That was more about having lost one who is still up there. No doubt we need a QB. if we have Smith or a rookie at QB next year though we need to keep them clean.
  6. Mine was where Trents name still is on that list. Never mind.
  7. One sentence it’s checkdown Smith. Next sentence it’s stud Smith whilst Mahomes was sat. Make your mind up
  8. Parsons went just before my pick in the second round
  9. That works 7: R1 P7 QB Zach Wilson - BYU 39: R2 P7 TE Kyle Pitts - Florida 71: R3 P7 LB Dylan Moses - Alabama 75: R3 P11 LB Nick Bolton - Missouri 109: R4 P7 WR Amon-Ra St. Brown - USC
  10. Well I’m looking forward to this. The whole win/loss conundrum muddies the water, but win or lose there will be something to take from it. To be honest, i would love to see a nasty ill tempered game. Either way, let’s get in their faces and go after them. I want our DL to dominate. Elliott running all over us will piss me off more than anything I think.
  11. Nothing a couple of linebackers and safety’s would cure. I will give Curl a pass grade though, I like him. Thinks he’s balling very well in context to some others. Defense DE 99 C.Young DT 94 D.Payne DT 93 J.Allen DE 90 M.Sweat OLB 55 C.Holcomb CB 20 J.Moreland OLB 54 K.Pierre-Louis CB 29 K.Fuller CB 23 R.Darby SS 31 K.Curl FS 30 T.Apke
  12. A team with 12-18 months breathing space at QB is going to love him and take that flyer. As you say, Alex Smith at #1 with Rivera’s/Turners dependable back-up Kyle Allen in the fold make us very much in that race. We are lined up for that scenario if Smith sees out this season in one piece whilst keeping us competitive.
  13. Yep Scherff’s likely contract demands are an issue. That said, if we roll with Alex Smith or a rookie QB in 202, priority one has to be keeping them clean. So with that in mind I would probably overpay to keep a good OL in place. I would also draft OL day 2 without question. I copied a bit of a write up into the 2020 o-line thread for info on Charles. agree. He totally warrants a starting position next season.
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