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  1. St-Juste sounds like he’s going to make a major impact to me. Can’t wait to see how he goes.
  2. Great news. The leader is here to stay. Wonder if the term extension implies the 4 years tag onto the current year he has left, making it effectively 5/83mil in its entirety??
  3. Jon Allen will re-sign here. Different circumstances to Scherff. A dominant D-Line is crucial to our short/medium term success. Especially if Fitz becomes the guy at QB for say 3 seasons.
  4. No that ship has clearly sailed I was going to quote the Moton deal just signed but see you have picked up on that too. I mean, good luck to Scherff finding a massive deal next offseason, that may not be as easy as he thinks. Got to stay healthy this season for a start, then as many have said, what really is a RG the wrong side of 30 looking to obtain in a deal? I’m actually disappointed we’ve tagged him again and have failed to reach terms. It’s a waste of cap space. Not the full 18mil because you need to pay someone at the position, but we’ve wasted 8-12mil in s
  5. the comp pick allocation clearly depends on who we sign in free agency too.
  6. I get the notion of not being able to root for the team to do well now. Personal choice. Actively wanting them to lose a lot is a completely different thing. That demonstrates you still care, as opposed to being able to simply disconnect and walk away. Not a great emotion. You’ll do yourself more harm than good with that one, with all due respect.
  7. the team losing games will have no bearing on Snyder’s future within the organisation. seems a pointless desire to want us to lose a lot, IMO
  8. The organisation has clearly known about these 10 recommendations for some time, considering we have already worked/implemented actions against some. We also have to formally report into the league on progress against them for 2 years through to July 2023. First report due end of this month. Many of the ‘recent’ hires are implementing actions against the recommendations. Much is what we could have guessed already. Must have known some of what was coming 3-6 months back.
  9. I did also wonder that. Club and Team both referenced.
  10. Not a surprise really. The NFL power people all still piss in the same pot. Danny likely gets on his private jet now and tours the world viewing stadia for a month or so until the dust settles.
  11. To me, this is also something we would appear very keen to promote, could see that being heavily incorporated along the way.
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