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  1. Going to be a serious amount of FA talent to fight over. Teams like the Jags and Jets with upwards of 80-90mil....Hell fire. Seems slightly odd the Jags are shopping Norwell really, he is their top salary in 2021, but with a rookie QB coming in, and all that cap space.
  2. I don’t see much point in Allen getting dropped straight away. I mean, when haven’t tendered him yet, perhaps that injury may linger throughout the offseason. But a 1mil ERFA deal seems a no-brainer. Could end up stashed on PUP or IR for example. I agree in principle it’s one too many in a numbers game right now, but not over the offseason, and if you pick up an injury, say Heinicke in camp, Allen is on the roster.
  3. Hopefully the Smith release is the trigger for another move. I’d take a chance on Mariota at this stage.
  4. Norwell on a 3 year 30-35mil deal is tempting. back-up box safety, to compound the issue. i hope we are in talks with his agent about that contract. sadly his 2021 salary is about to fully guarantee through injury.
  5. Ideally Scherff lowers his probable demands a little, we balance the goodwill by adding more fully guaranteed cash. The clue for him should be all these guys getting shipped out later in their contracts. Average per year means nothing when you don’t see that year 3,4 or 5 cash.
  6. Rivera loved Norwell in Carolina. Was very disappointed that he lost him to the Jags. That was simply a money thing.
  7. as an aside I’ve got Damonte Coxie as my late round receiver pick.
  8. Bet the Pukes haven’t got a clue what to do about Dak. Backed into a bit of a corner. Interesting time leading up to the tag deadline.
  9. I’ll go against the trend and say we go LB and DB early in the draft during the first 2 days. Going to bank up on young, athletic, outright nasty D players. Per SIP, leaving QB out of the debate for ease.
  10. Free agency and the draft, simple, we need to add 3 or 4 top quality players after those processes are done. Depth, roster guys, couple of project acquisitions, yeah should be easy enough. We have cap space and draft picks. We have to seriously upgrade in a selection of areas. Get after that top quality.
  11. no he’d be cut now. Only the cap impact is deferred.
  12. Think so. So....I reckon we can now blow our 40m in space...safe in the knowledge come June 1st we get 19m added back to cover late offseason moves / in season head room.
  13. I’m do think that actual cap space on a Post June 1st cut doesn’t actual come into effect until June 1st though. So that 19mil only gets added to our cap at that point. No, I think it means he is released now, but our cap space increase doesn’t kick in until June...I think...he gets an early release, we maximise current year space.
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