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  1. Yes I think we will beat the Browns.
  2. Agree. Seems like this year will be about Haskins getting a season long induction of Turners scheme. Sink or swim. We will then add the other pieces in due course.
  3. Curtis Samuel was someone discussed much earlier in the offseason. That would be an excellent move.
  4. I can see Charles and Ismael getting starting roles as the season progresses. We then need to consider a serious overhaul in the offseason. Another 3 new starters needed.
  5. I’ll liked the Davis signing. How bad must he have been in camp for Apke to roundly beat him out. Strange one.
  6. Sean Davis must have been total dog **** in camp.
  7. Our issues are basically what most of us have been calling out all offseason.
  8. season....at some point this day is very possible..
  9. I think it was reported that we would pay Flowers 6-7mil per year. Once the price exceeded that we were out. I don’t see why he would sign here after week 10-12 knowing he would earn far more in free agency. Im inclined to agree re Scherff. However, the impending cap reduction due to COVID-19 may well work to out advantage with his contract. Cap space could be tight around the league. Plus, I’m not convinced he’s enhancing his value at present.
  10. I really wouldn’t want a receiver in the first round unless it was a nailed on elite prospect in the realms of Chase Young. I’d be looking at my premium pick going on a tackle, an elite CB prospect, or even LB as a greater priority, ie Parsons. If, as expected, we generally suck at WR/TE, I would still think third round represents better value.
  11. i detect sarcasm here....? that said, paying Flowers 10mil p/y would have been a really bad move too.
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