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  1. We didn't play the Viking's last year, right? Which play? Do you have a time stamp? I want to go back and watch it!
  2. Your point is well taken, he isn't Aaron Donald. But he is more athletic than his testing numbers. Nobody that isn't athletic could do that. Allen isn't super fast or twitchy, but he has some of the same traits that chase has. He's got good lateral agility, and excellent coordination, balance, hands and eyes. He plays more athletically than he times and he probably is the kind of guy that could be good at about anything. Ping pong. Tennis. Wrestling. Etc.
  3. Both the Jonathan Allen contract and the Thomas contract are very reasonable for the team. One thing I think is interesting is how much bigger Allen’s contract is than William Jackson III. I’d consider them in a similar range in terms of positional ranking. I guess Jackson is 2 years older. Still, that WJIII contract looks like a steal. Things look to be lining up for us to have plenty to spend on Terry and Payne. If it were me, I’d let Scherff move on and probably plan to move on from Landon Collins. I just don’t think either is going to be worth the money.
  4. Has anyone proposed Gridlock? The Washington Gridlock sounds imposing and is definitely regionally appropriate, both from a traffic and a political standpoint. I kind of like it…
  5. Geez. 100 million for a MLB. I don’t know. That’s a lot of dough. I’d rather pay edge players and CB’s.
  6. Rodgers used the word, “culture” to explain why he didn’t want to return to Green Bay. Could be a good fit here!
  7. Has there been any burn for warthogs?
  8. We need more off-season workout videos! Regee we riding the giants, I hope they are good enough to want to give Jones a big contract and keep him. Their roster is good enough that it would be catastrophic for us if they trade for Rodgers or Watson.
  9. Your understanding is grossly incomplete. Vaccines lower transmission. Period. And when less people in the community are vaccinated, infection rates rise. It’s not that complicated. Vaccines make us all safer. It shouldn’t be a controversial hot take and the fact that it is, is sad. I can’t wait for training camp so we have more to talk about! I think I’m most looking forward to seeing how the depth chart for the back 7 shakes out on defense.
  10. Jesus. I’m a doctor. It’s nothing like Russian roulette. The good news is that people have done the math for you so you don’t have to. The risk of dying of COVID is way higher, even in a young person, than the risk of a serious vaccine complication. It’s like not buckling your seat belt because occasionally someone gets caught in their seat belt, can’t escape their car and burns to death. It’s terrible that that happens. And it shouldn’t drive decision making. Never mind the fact that that getting vaccinated also saves the lives of other people around you. If you don’t get it
  11. Of course. They shouldn’t move him. 4-3 DE is his ideal spot. I just find it impressive that he appears athletic enough for the switch.
  12. Does anyone else watch these Chase Young footwork videos and think he could start and be good for us at LB? His 40 isn’t as good as Holcomb’s, but I’m not sure that his feet and hips aren’t better.
  13. Three 1sts for a 25 year old top 5 QB? That’s highway robbery. Minus the assault angle, people are crazy for questioning whether it would be worth it to give up the assets. I agree that the legal troubles make it unlikely.
  14. I agree about Ron maybe not being interested. But the rumor was that we were sniffing around him as recently as any other team.
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