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  1. I don't know. I love Terry. I think he's a true WR1. He's 8th in the league in receiving yards, with 1 less receiving yard than DK Metcalf. Chase Young is a rookie and is tied for the league lead in sacks and FF and is tied for 3rd in TFL. And he should have credit for another half sack and FF. I think you could make an argument in that direction also. I wonder how good Terry would look if we had a TE1, a WR2, a LT, a LG and a more experienced Haskins. Chase Young is a rookie, but other than that, and the fact that the offense can't score, he's playing on an awesome DL, in the perfect
  2. Re: Scherff. I think we were all on the same page.
  3. Y'all a bunch of sissies. No posts since before 1am. Rum and lime aid to medicate a cheating pregnant woman. Go WFT tomorrow. Or, rather, today, I guess.
  4. Three sacks by Chase Young, three TD passes by Dwayne, and a victory.
  5. We've got the perfect situation to deal with this however, other than not having an ideal LB spy. Pressure up the middle and length and speed at the edges. Wentz has always killed us with his mobility. Not this year. Is there a link?
  6. I thought that Chase probably had a below par pass rushing game, for Chase Young. We haven't seen Penn State Chase Young yet. However, he looked better than anything else we've had in forever, and like a pro bowl player. What I was surprisingly impressed with was his run defense. Anchoring against and splitting doubles and running down RB's down the field. I thought he looked like an All Pro in that regard. Khalil Mack like. Much better than I expected. I think getting him on a team with Jonathan Allen and a talented DL, JDR and a solid defensive culture, is the best thing that could
  7. I agree about Chase. He could be as good as SIP and McQueen say. I've been wrong about more receiver prospects than any other position. But, I see risk there. He isn't a burner. He isn't the cleanest route runner. He isn't that tall/long or athletic. He's super aggressive. So strong at the catch point. Strong in general. Athletic enough. Maybe he's DeAndre Hopkins. I am in the same boat as McQueen now. I am no longer rooting for us to be bad for the draft pick. I see little difference between pick 8 and pick 20 in this draft. The best case scenario for this franchise is that we ar
  8. I agree 100% with this. I'd also say that he needs to stay healthy. He's averaged 11 games a year over the last 3. That just isn't worth 15 million at OG.
  9. The Giants OL is unequivocally better than ours. Andrew Thomas is a mile better than we have at OT. I'd swap our lines for theirs in a second.
  10. If the Giants graded so well on the interior, why did they get run over? Were they gashed on outside runs? I didn't watch the game. I don't however think that they are better than us on the interior. They have nobody like an Ioannidis. Honestly, Ioannidis is a rare type of player. He got just 30 snaps against the Eagles and had 1.5 sacks, 4 QB pressures, and 4QB hits. Chase Young and Montez Sweat each had 2 QB pressures and Jonathan Allen and DaRon Payne each had 1 QB hurry. Ioannidis massively affects the passing game. I think he easily collects 11 or 12 sacks this year. And, his
  11. And, I thought he looked great against the run. Solid anchor but so rangy and so good on contain. Montez could be a huge key in containing Kyler on bootlegs.
  12. The Sweat trade was always a no brainer. A steal. Second rounders miss so frequently, and twice as often for us. I'd trade 2 second round picks for a 1st rounder every year if I were us, and if that 1st was an edge prospect with elite tools, forget about it.
  13. Murray is quick, but our DE's are fast and both have great length. Length in combination with speed is the best neutralizer of quickness. If any DE is going to run Murray down on a bootleg, it's Montez Sweat. I wouldn't dial back our edge pressure, that's our strength. I'd try to generate as much pressure up the middle as possible, let Young and Sweat go, and maybe assign a spy. Collins could do that intermittently from his SS position. Kyler is killer on the ground. He wasn't great through the air week 1. If we can protect a little and score some points, I think this
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