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  1. I think Waddle is underrated. He was better than Smith when both were healthy. Anyone can see the speed, but he also tracks the ball super well. I think he’s a Desean Jackson clone. Similar size, speed, quickness, ball tracking. He’s my favorite WR for this team. I’d love to grab him in the first. I hope his injury causes him to slide a bit.
  2. I second this. If there is a good LT in the first, the scarcity at that position and the number of good later round WR’s would lead me to LT. But, I think there is a chance Waffle falls. And I like him more than any OL likely to be there at 19. Waddle was better than Smith when they were sharing the field together.
  3. I'm starting to feel like we should have paid two 1sts for Stafford. We'd have 5 years of excellent QB play and could actually attract free agent skill players. With this defense, we'd be relatively set. It's starting to look like we are going to miss out on all the other significant upgrades this year.
  4. I'm not saying that we develop quarterbacks well. But I would say that Rivera probably bailed on Cam Newton because he was washed. Look at him now. And, he didn't bail on Haskins soon enough. He should never have been installed as the de facto starter. He just doesn't have it.
  5. That’s also with a rookie Chase Young, and no Matt Ioannidis. I would expect both Chase and Sweat to be even better next year and for the whole DL to be better with that improvement and the addition of Ioannidis. If we upgrade the back 7 just a little we could be deadly. Id also like to see us add some real weapons so we can score some points and let our guys pass rush. IMHO, the best way we could upgrade the defense in the draft is to upgrade the offense.
  6. That doesn't hurt. Russell Wilson, this defense and a FA WR and we are good. This forum undervalues elite QB play.
  7. I'm also in the mode of being aggressive, probably more so than others on the board. I'd give up Chase Young and probably two 1sts. I think Watson is that good and a top 5 QB is that transformative. But, 6-7 players plus picks? Carolina is going to give up their best young players, CMC and Burns, plus picks? And Watson would then want to be there? Why? They are going to lose Curtis Samuel in free agency probably. What is left? Watson and Moore and Jeremy Chinn? How are they going to replace their LT, Okung, when they need a new one? They won't have the picks. On the fl
  8. I largely agree with this, but actually think Toney is a lot safer than you say here. IMHO, broken tackles translate. Toney isn't just fast. He has elite contact balance and functional strength and I think he's going to be good. I'd add Rondale Moore to, 'super high upside, low safety'
  9. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/18/no-qbs-drafted-from-2009-16-are-set-to-be-with-team-that-drafted-them/ I think the message here is not to take a QB just because you need one, but to find a guy you love and think is THE guy. For me this year, I want Zach Wilson or Deshaun Watson. I’d be willing to pay above market for either.
  10. Do the ears have the cap space to franchise Allen? I’d imagine they’d like to spend some money at QB.
  11. Interesting that we are looking so heavily at CB and edge. Obviously could just signal that we are losing Kerrigan. I wonder if there could be a hint hiding in there that we are considering moving Montez as part of a QB trade.
  12. He would also command a premium pick and we could always just use that pick to draft an OT on a rookie contract.
  13. I had a crazy trade structure thought. Deshaun Watson for picks without including any players. Five 1st round picks. Every other year for 10 years. I’m not sure it’s worth it, but the structure is interesting to me in what it offers both teams. No long stretches without a 1st rounder for WFT. Big draft payday for Houston and a chance to have a ton of 1st rounders over the next 15 years.
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