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  1. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If Jeudy isn’t a possibility, I’d be fine with a LT or a RT. Lots of teams find great receivers in the late rounds of the draft. Harder to do that with OT’s. Look at the quickness and short area lateral agility/explosion Jeudy shows in that clip above. He’s like the Saquon Barkley of quickness and route running. A generational talent. IMHO, Jeudy’s quickness isn’t defensible. He should catch 100 balls a year. I think he’s worth a Julio Jones sized trade up.
  2. What do you think we’d get?
  3. Thats an awful plan. It’s exactly how the Giants wound up drafting Flowers with the 10th pick in the draft. They were determined to take a tackle. I’m super happy that we have Sweat, and not whoever the best tackle was when we drafted Sweat. I think that might actually have been Tytus Howard, the player who Sweat planted on his ass at the Senior Bowl.
  4. Anselmheifer

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Good observation about Sims, and you are right. Im sure we will see more of him on the inside in training camp.
  5. Anselmheifer

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    Im not sure that part matters a lot, other than being an advantage if our other CB’s are hurt. Dunbar, Norman and Moreau are all better outside. If Moreland is good in both spots, he still needs to play inside.
  6. I think McLaurin winds up being one of our top 3 receivers this year. The coaching staff is effusive in their praise of him and he really is a coaches dream. He’s always going to be in the right place at the right time. He’s going to run the correct route. He’s going to block. He has speed. I don’t love Paul Richardson, but think how much more speed our offense has on the outside if we start Richardson and McLaurin.
  7. I would think Ryan Kerrigan. He essentially plays LDE in a 4-2-5 seventy percent of the time. He has an incredible work ethic and always shows up.
  8. Anselmheifer

    Welcome to the Redskins Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison

    He needs to start in the slot. He’s not flashing in mini-camp. He’s doing the same thing he’s done throughout his collegiate career. Turnovers are so valuable.
  9. I would replace the medical staff. At this point, it doesn't matter if it is true that they suck. We've had a million injuries and we have had surgical complications/infections. Replacing them just for player perception seems smart, and my perception is that the players are probably right about this. Also, I hope Trent comes to his senses. If not, Cleveland seems like a possible trade partner. Greg Robinson plus a pick for Trent would probably be about as good as we could expect.
  10. We should definitely consider Desmond Harrison. He sounds like trouble if he was kicked out of Texas and now missed a flight and didn't show up for camp. Still he is 6'6", has starting LT experience and ran a 4.9 and possible 4.75 at the combine. PFF had him graded pretty highly against the pass, so maybe our QB's won't get killed. Sign him as a camp body, at least.
  11. I have noticed that Keim has mentioned multiple times how much he has liked Sweat rushing from the inside at mini-camp. I wonder if this is on stunts and twists, or if they are actually lining him up inside at times.
  12. I think our bigger signings have often been our better signings. Desean Jackson. Josh Norman. You list Josh Norman as a negative, but, how much better ia he than McClain/McGee. Those are the small, wasteful signings that have more recently been poisoning FA. Deion and Haynesworth were ages ago, under a different regime. Occasionally we have made a bargain signing that has been good. Swearinger was great. But, most of our cheap signings have been crap. To be clear, I'm not in favor of over spending. I'd just rather have a young, healthy player on too big a contract over Williams, on too big a contract. Trent has been awesome. I wouldn't be stunned to see him retired in a year or two.
  13. I could give two ****s about saving Snyder money. I care about the salary cap. And, yes. An extra 2-4 million a year makes an enormous difference. Add 4 million per year to our offer to CJ Mosely, and we probably have a top 3 defense in the NFL this year, even after losing Foster.
  14. Ummmm...isn't that a foursome?
  15. Right. The way it probably works is you are polite to Trent and tell the agent that he's crazy. Tell him that Trent is going to be 31 before the season starts and even if, when healthy, he's been better than the small handful of guys paid more than him, that he's been missing 1/4 of the season for the last few years. Tell him that when Trent does play, he's often not his former dominant self, because he has long standing knee issues that aren't going to get better with time. Tell him that if he wants a pay raise, he needs to stay healthy for 14-16 games. Or, even give him a health/playing time related bonus. No guaranteed money. Also, if we cave, I am going to be in disbelief that we cut Swearinger, essentially for voicing a correct opinion about our DC, and then rewarded Trent for behavior that is more damaging to the team, holding the team over the flames when we need him to show up and protect our rookie QB just because other guys are hurt. With our lack of depth at LB, should SDH hold out? If two DL go down, should the rest hold out for more money? Trent has played well and has been well rewarded. Someone else posted that he's made 95 million over his career. ****ing show up for work.