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  1. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agree to disagree. I am not sure I believe QB's are made and not found. Even if that is true, we made Cousins and we can make another QB. I don't think Tua is perfect. He has fallen short against elite level talent. He didn't carry the day against Clemson, but more than that, looked shoddy against Georgia last year before getting hurt and had to be saved by Hurts. I do think Tua is a better prospect than Haskins. If Haskins shows out, maybe its worth it to keep him over Tua. However, the QB position is so important, I'd rather have the QB that is a 90 over the QB that is an 85 plus Jeudy/Thomas/whoever.
  2. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I don't think we should consider the presence of Haskins much at all unless he looks really good. The 15th pick in the draft is a sunk cost and isn't so much of an asset that the FO will look bad for swinging on a better prospect. Does anyone blink twice now about the Cardinals drafting Murray and trading Rosen? I like Haskins. I want him to be good. I just think the odds are higher that Tua pans out to be elite than that Haskins does.
  3. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I might be in the minority here, but unless Haskins really shows something in the last 7 games, I would strongly consider drafting Tua if we can. I really, really hope that Williams either commits to come back after a regime change, or that we get at least a 2nd for him. I think a late first would be a reasonable return and I would trade that for trent if I had a contending team.
  4. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I know this might sound like a dumb question. I do love Jeudy. His quickness and route running are superlative. Are we 100% sure he’s going to be a better pro than Davonta Smith?
  5. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Thinking about our needs, we would have to consider OT and CB very highly. We seem to almost always pick for need. We also need outside pressure desperately. Sweat has one sack. Obviously, the hope is that he develops. Kerrigan has 1.5 sacks. You have to think Kerrigan needs to be replaced. Jeudy also seems to be an All Pro type pick and it would be hard to look past the upside. Kiper's big board was updated 10/16. He has 1.Tua 2. Chase Young 3. Jerry Jeudy 4. Jeffery Okudah 6. Justin Herbert 11.Andrew Thomas I have Chase Young, Jerry Jeudy and Okudah all clustered very close together, and it looks like Kiper sees this the same way, and like McQueen, and some others here, doesn't see Andrew Thomas as a top 5 type talent. I don't really know how to decide between Young and Jeudy and Okudah, but one consideration has to be asset allocation. Excellent CB's change teams regularly. They are made available in trades. They are allowed to move on as FA's. Great WR's change teams less often, but it still happens. Great pass rushers, in their prime, are almost never available through FA or via trade. If we want a Myles Garrett or Von Miller, we better draft him. Looking at things that way would lead one to lean towards taking Chase Young. However, I picture this team with Chase Young in for Kerrigan, and to me their overall performance as a team seems like it would be incrementally better. I don't see a lot of extra wins. I think an OT or replacing Norman with an elite CB could make a more visible difference faster. I also think that if we want Haskins to succeed, providing him with more weapons seems smart. Imagine this offense with Love in the backfield and with McLaurin and Jeudy on the outside. It could be wildly successful if Haskins develops and we are able to protect him. In any case, I really hope that we are able to turn Trent into a first round asset this offseason. Trading Trent for a mid first and grabbing Wirfs could be a great move. Even if we just plug Wirfs in at RT. How would you guys break down Jeudy vs Chase Young vs Jeffery Okudah, if you were making this selection?
  6. Watch McLaurin blocking at 1:27 on Peterson's long run. McLaurin is such a complete player.
  7. Anselmheifer

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I agree with Paulson. They should have already moved Trent. Shoot, if we can just get back into the second round, it’s worth it. A 2nd rounder and a player, or a 2nd and a 4th? Yes please.
  8. Anselmheifer

    Greg Manusky Why Isn't He Fired Yet?

    I think we are most likely to promote our OC if we fire Gruden.
  9. I mostly agree with all of this. The key to everything is obviously Haskins. If Haskins can become a top 10 QB, this is an entirely different team. I do like that you mentioned love. I think he could possibly be a real difference maker in the future of this team for the next 5 years. If we had just one of those guys at WR...
  10. Anselmheifer

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I was big on getting Clowney before the draft, but I honestly don't see the point now. I would expect Montez Sweat to become every ounce of the player that Clowney has been. Clowney IS 5 years younger than Kerrigan, but I can see Kerrigan having more productive years than Clowney. Kerrigan is always healthy, never misses games, and doesn't have a speed based game. Clowney is always injured to some degree and has bad knees. Not good. Now, Mike Evans, I could get behind. Tyreek Hill, if he wasn't such a POS, would make sense. Heck, I'd be perfectly happy with a late 1st.
  11. I missed the game. Hard to find any Holcomb highlights online. Also, Nobody should be surprised for a SDH injury. I love the guy and think he could be really good, if he stays healthy. There is no reason to think he will. I think he is more fragile than Chris Thompson and Jordan Reed.
  12. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I loved Devin Bush for us. He would have looked so good behind our DL and pass rushers. OT, WR1, CB, and possibly LB still look like big needs for us next year. For the long term health of the team, I almost hope we move Trent, but if we do that, I think we almost have to select a tackle, unless Geron Christian suddenly turns a corner.
  13. Anselmheifer

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    SIP, thanks for all of the posts. The thread doesn't seem that active in terms of posts, but I'm sure everyone is enjoying your contributions as much as I am. Have you been able to see much of Montez Sweat?
  14. Anselmheifer

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Daniel Jones has never been good. He was a zero star recruit that wasn’t even initially offered a scholarship at Duke. At Duke, he wasn’t good. Never averaged 7.0 YPA and never had 3000 yards. Now he’s suddenly going to be good at the highest level? Nope.
  15. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If Jeudy isn’t a possibility, I’d be fine with a LT or a RT. Lots of teams find great receivers in the late rounds of the draft. Harder to do that with OT’s. Look at the quickness and short area lateral agility/explosion Jeudy shows in that clip above. He’s like the Saquon Barkley of quickness and route running. A generational talent. IMHO, Jeudy’s quickness isn’t defensible. He should catch 100 balls a year. I think he’s worth a Julio Jones sized trade up.