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  1. Anselmheifer

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I want to know that 40 time!
  2. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Chase is basically 6'5" with 34 inch arms. The length and athleticism of our 2 DE's would be outstanding.
  3. With a 2nd year leap from Haskins, Austin Hooper and Amari Cooper, we could have an actual NFL offense, if we get decent play at OT. Trent is coming back. I still feel like RT is unsettled.
  4. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Less data. For instance, you probably saw the PFF statistical projection that factors in tape and combine athleticism. I think there is a little to that. If I weren’t a Tua guy, I’d take Chase 10/10 times without thinking about it, without combine numbers. I’d feel a little better about it though to see a 4.6 flat and a 40 inch vert and 10’10” broad jump. I just like it when everything lines up neatly. If I’m the GM though, I still think Tua is every inch as good as, and will be just as impactful as Deshaun Watson. I’m grabbing that guy and the rest will sort itself out.
  5. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Is anyone bothered, at all, by Chase Young not working out? Has he said if he will work out/run at a pro day?
  6. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yes. Chase wasn't fast coming out of HS. I think the only time I could find for him was a 4.94 in HS. But, he still had that burst. I bet he's a 4.7-4.75 guy, but is just incredibly quick off the line and twitchy.
  7. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    This is disappointing, but makes too much sense. I've been saying for a while that if I were Chase Young, I wouldn't work out. Nothing to gain. I wonder if he'll run/jump at his pro day. I also wonder if this means his numbers aren't as good as people would expect. I'm assuming that if he was running a 4.4 in practice, he'd run at the combine.
  8. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Can someone set me straight on Dugger? So much of playing the safety position is instincts. I know Dugger is a plus athlete. I just feel like there is very little precedent for athletic safeties that didn’t play against comparable competition becoming successful. Am I wrong to view him as a late round guy because of this? I think top of the 3rd is way too early.
  9. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    When do we get combine weights and measurements? Workouts don’t start until Thursday, I don’t think. Looks like Chase Young will be working out on Saturday. I wonder how much he’ll do.
  10. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Does anyone else here look at Lynn Bowden Jr or Laviska Shenault and think about how Scott Turner could scheme around a Mcaffrey-lite? Also, all of this talk about Bryce Love perhaps never making a recovery makes me want to grab Anthony McFarland in the later rounds.
  11. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread Chad Reuter posted a 3 round mock above, and it falls in line with what I've been thinking is going to happen. He has us taking Saahdiq Charles in the 3rd. That is totally a Redskins move. Reaching for a need and positional value. More interesting to me is that I think the CB value in Rd 3 looks elite. He has Jeff Gladney, Cam Dantzler, and Troy Pride Jr all coming off the board after we pick in the 3rd. I know we are shallow at CB and FS, but I'm starting to think that we shouldn't be planning on giving a 28 year old, always injured Dunbar, a long term contract. I'd be happy to give him a pay raise and guarantee this year for injury. Or a two year deal. But, it seems like bad business to give a CB that is on the back end of his elite years a long term contract when he's already had so much trouble staying healthy. Given that reality, I'm warming to the idea of trading him for Stefon Diggs, or even a 3rd round pick. For instance, if we moved Dunbar for a 3rd, give me Cam Dantzler or Jeff Gladney AND Troy Pride in the 3rd, sign a FS and Bradberry, and let the young guys develop. I don't think Dunbar is young/healthy enough to be a key cog here when we would be likely to compete for runs deep into the playoffs. Regardless of what happens with Dunbar, unless a stud unexpectedly falls to the 3rd, I'd love to grab Cam Dantzler, or Jeff Gladney there, and we might be able to move back a bit, pick up another 4th, and still get Troy Pride Jr. Also, here is to hoping that Bryan Edwards isn't able to put down a timed 40 prior to the draft. I'd love it if we picked him up as a bargain pick.
  12. I may have been thinking about this in the wrong way. If we we have cap room and can sign multiple players, why not use Dunbar to grab Diggs and then just sign multiple FA CB's? I've been thinking that Dunbar is home grown and super productive when healthy, but he's not healthy that often and if he's going to require a big money contract, then he probably isn't worth it. Would you rather have Dunbar and Bradberry, or Diggs and Bradbury and Byron Jones?
  13. we actually agree. Sorry to be chirpy. Rough night last night. You usually make good sense and I should have assumed it was a typo. I’ll add that I think the slower length based QB’s don’t age as well. If you already run a 4.6, you can’t afford to lose that tenth of a second when you get older.
  14. This literally makes no sense.
  15. Anselmheifer

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    What does the board think of Netane Muti? PFF as him around their 30th ranked player overall on the board. They LOVE him. He looks super violent/explosive, but comes with a major injury history. I think two Achilles and a Lis-Franc. OG NETANE MUTI, FRESNO STATE Muti has been tossing college defensive lineman around since the first day he stepped on a college football field back in 2017. That year, he allowed only 11 pressures and earned an 80.4 overall grade. Injuries have limited him to only 318 snaps since between left tackle and left guard, but on those he’s allowed only three pressures. Back in that 2017 season though, Muti ranked third among all guards in the nation with seven big-time run blocks. His highlight tape is reminiscent of former top-10 pick Quenton Nelson in its utter physical dominance.