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  1. I've always like Kyle Pitts, but the idea of taking him in the top 10, if we miss out on the first 3 QB's, is growing on me. I think I like him better than every WR not names Ja'Marr Chase, and I might like him better than Chase. My favorite scenario for us is to take Zach Wilson, but barring that, I want an impact, All Pro caliber guy. I don't think any of the OT's outside of Sewell are that guy. I could see Waddle or Rondale Moore making it there, but they both have injury issues. Ja'Marr Chase won't have played in a year, but at least he is healthy. Kyle Pitts however is more of a physi
  2. Except it’s not all the same either way. We could still get Chase or Parsons at 8. More importantly, it’s a lot easier to trade from 8 to 4 to grab a QB than to move up from 19. This is the year to be aggressive, target the guy we like, and get him. Edit: Also, it’s better to pick 8th in every round after 1 than to pick 19th. There is a cumulative benefit.
  3. When the Giants beat Cincinnati today we will no longer be 1st in the division, yes? Then, all we need is for COVID to cancel the regular season.
  4. That sounds like a specific variety of movie title.
  5. Super predictable with Bosa. Was/is a problem in college. Was a problem with his brother.
  6. If he ever gets back to that form after his second season ending surgery in 3 years
  7. I meant Dallas. Thanks. In my mind Dallas and Philly are interchangeably sucky.
  8. Nick Bosa is made of egg shells. Missed most of his last college season. Is missing this season. Brother is always injured. Those guys aren’t durable. Furthermore, that’s not hindsight. I said at the time of the draft that Sweat would be better than Bosa because of the injuries. Also, Bosa was a super well developed prospect with a very high floor. But, not the highest ceiling. I don’t ever see him collecting 15-20 sacks. Chase has a much higher ceiling. And Chase has improved our defense immensely.
  9. They play the Bengals without Burrow and the Eagles. They are winning both of those games. If we lose to Pittsburgh, the 49’ers, and Seattle, that means we have to drop a game to Carolina or the Eagles. I give that about a 50% chance of happening.
  10. Ioannidis is the most impactful pass rusher of any of our interior DL and has been less injury prone than Allen. I’d trade Allen before I left Ioannidis go anywhere. Honestly, against the pass, Ioannidis, Settle, Sweat and Young are an embarrassment of riches by themselves.
  11. This DL could be utterly dominant next year. A second year Chase Young and 3rd year Montez Sweat. The return of Matt Ioannidis. Settle’s improvement. Are there enough snaps for Payne, Allen, Settle, and Ioannidis? Settle clearly needs more snaps than he was getting.
  12. The cowboys and eagles are both awful. Our only hope is that the Giants get hot. If we wind up with the same record as the giants, is head to head record the first tie breaker?
  13. I can't believe he's only 29. Morgan Moses seems like he's been with us forever. It would be great if between him and Charles, the tackle spot was locked down.
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