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  1. I'd add that he is also one of the hardest hitters on the team. Pittsburgh set a NFL-season high in drops in a game on Monday, with the majority coming in the second half. Have to imagine that some of the licks we were putting on the Steelers receivers and tight ends in the first half made them a little more weary/conscientious on those crossers as the game went on.
  2. All throughout training camp and the offseason, we were hearing nonstop from a variety of sources about how 'college-like' this offense would be, with misdirection, quick swing passes to the backs, reverses, etc. Where has that been? Sure, you have Steven Sims running motion on every other play, but have we actually given him the ball on a jet sweep yet? We clearly don't have the talent on offense to run a conventional offense and we greatly need to expand the playbook to cover up the glaring lack of talent we have.
  3. I want Matt Rhule to be the next HC of this football team so, so badly. Why? Forget the amazing job he has done at Baylor, look at the job he did at Temple University. The dude took a team that has been a laughing stock for the better part of its existence and established a culture of toughness that has continued to this day -- more than three years after his departure and two HCs later. Under his stewardship, the team went from 2-10, to 6-6, to 10-4, and then 10-3. At Temple! You watch any Temple game and the phrase 'Temple Tough' is repeated throughout the game. Temple went from a team that
  4. You are missing the most obvious one here -- QB! If we go into next season with our current crop of QBs (Smith, Colt and Keenum) as is, I will have considered this off-season a failure. I get the whole 'waiting until next year for a better QB class' mantra, but I feel like every other year is the best QB class to come along this decade. I don't trust any QB on our roster to lead us to better than 10-6 or worse than 7-9, once again placing us out of the range for a top prospect.
  5. In addition to his skill set on the field, every thing I've read about him off the field has been nothing but glowing. I love adding him to the strong foundation of culture we are starting to build on Defense with him, Allen, Payne and all the other Bama boys. I suspect the actual financials of this deal won't be nearly as wild as the proposed $84 million floating around.
  6. I've had some experience, and quite frankly, it just puts me to bed lol. Doesn't really affect my head too much, but definitely takes a bit of the edge off without going full planet Xenon.
  7. What is incredible about all of this is that Ted played out this exact situation with the Capitals and GMGM, who had a much, MUCH better track record than Ernie. You figure this guy would see what happened with the Capitals and try to duplicate success.
  8. What's getting lost in this conversation... Didn't we bring in Paul Richardson to be a deep threat? Why the heck aren't we using him as one then?! Look what happened the two times we actually threw the ball deep to him this year -- defensive holding against AZ and a 35 yard gain against the Colts. We need to be taking more shots to him . It is the only way we can open up things in the short passing game for Reed/Thompson/Crowder. And, if we believe Alex is the same QB he was last year, he lead the friggin NFL in downfield passing.
  9. Yeah, but their third best player is Ibaka or Valanciunas... When one of those guys is your third best option you are going to have some real issues come playoff time.
  10. Unfortunately I have no faith in WWE keeping Reigns as a silent badass type. I can see it now.. RAW opens with an Authority promo to which Reigns comes out and says, "Triple H I thought you were the C.O.O not the P.O.O!" With that stupid grin on his face. A good 85% chance of this happening I'm thinking.
  11. This is an awful idea lol. We are literally 7 games into our season and you are actually thinking about trading away our second best player? Everyone needs to calm down a little. Yeah we look bad, but the NBA season is 82 games long and is full of up's and down's. We beat the Spurs a week ago for christ sake.
  12. Long shot here.. I will be in Indianapolis opening weekend for business. Does anyone know/have any idea of where a good spot to catch the game would be? I'm sure there are plenty of bars with Sunday ticket but I am guessing the majority are going to be Colts only. Thanks in advance guys.
  13. At this point I think many of us would be very cool with NXT just taking over Smackdown. Either that or promote a large number of the NXT roster to main and go back to the RAW/Smackdown brand split. Way too much talent right now that is not being recognized properly despite 5 hours of WWE programming a week.
  14. Ridiculous wrestling story lines? Katie Vick. Enough said.
  15. Usually it is pretty easy to take a guess on who is going to win, especially for big title bouts, but this time around I don't have much of a clue on whose winning the title at MITB. I'm gonna go the safe route and say Cena (again..) but maybe they'll shock us and put it on Wyatt although that still might be too early for him.
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