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  1. You are missing the most obvious one here -- QB! If we go into next season with our current crop of QBs (Smith, Colt and Keenum) as is, I will have considered this off-season a failure. I get the whole 'waiting until next year for a better QB class' mantra, but I feel like every other year is the best QB class to come along this decade. I don't trust any QB on our roster to lead us to better than 10-6 or worse than 7-9, once again placing us out of the range for a top prospect.
  2. In addition to his skill set on the field, every thing I've read about him off the field has been nothing but glowing. I love adding him to the strong foundation of culture we are starting to build on Defense with him, Allen, Payne and all the other Bama boys. I suspect the actual financials of this deal won't be nearly as wild as the proposed $84 million floating around.
  3. skinsfan834

    Marketing Geniuses

    Has it really? We drafted Allen, Scherff and Payne with 3 out of our last 5 first picks, whom I all like, but outside of those players we don’t have much to show. Our 2014-2016 drafts are horrific. We have zero playmakers on either side of the ball. I’d hardly call this ‘productive’.
  4. skinsfan834

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    I've had some experience, and quite frankly, it just puts me to bed lol. Doesn't really affect my head too much, but definitely takes a bit of the edge off without going full planet Xenon.
  5. In the first time in ages, I actually think we have the right culture in the locker room to support a Reuben Foster type player. But just days after he was arrested for domestic abuse suspicions? I'm doubting he ever actually plays a down for this team.
  6. skinsfan834

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    What is incredible about all of this is that Ted played out this exact situation with the Capitals and GMGM, who had a much, MUCH better track record than Ernie. You figure this guy would see what happened with the Capitals and try to duplicate success.
  7. skinsfan834

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agree with the overall consensus that reaching for a QB in the first would be a bad move. However, I think our first pick needs to bring SPEED to this team. We have to be one of, if not the slowest teams in the league. Last night's game showcased the future of football. And let me tell you, if that is the future of the NFL, the Redskins are worse than ill-equipped to handle it. Given the lack of promising skill players at the top, we absolutely need to take a sideline to sideline ILB or a speed-edge rusher with our first pick. Another beast hog on the defensive line would be great, but there is only so much value-add that one more would bring. Take last Sunday's game for example. Our line was occupying Houston's line and putting our LBs in one on one situations with their skill players. How many times did you see Houston's mediocre RB's make Mason Foster miss?
  8. skinsfan834

    2018 Fantasy Football

    I just received a pretty interesting trade: Me: Kamara, Ridley Other guy: Gurley, Tyler Boyd My first instinct is to take this and run. But then I thought Gurley might be a handicap in the fantasy playoffs. But then I realized the Saints and the Rams have the same record... Is there any logical reason not to take this offer? I feel like its so bizarre to be receiving this sort of trade this late into the season.
  9. skinsfan834

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think what the Atlanta game showed more than anything is just how slow this team is across the board. We've got to be one of the slowest teams in the league. I don't really know enough about college football to highlight specific players we should target, but I'd like to see at least 2 out of our first 3 picks add speed in some dimension to this team.
  10. I'm not, but by all public accounts and statements by fellow teammates, Alex Smith has brought a steadying presence to the locker room that has been needed for the past 10 years. You're also now turning this into a Alex vs. Kirk debate which completely deviates from the original point I responded to. Yeah, I don't like that we gave up Kirk and now have Alex -- we completely bumbled that situation. But that was the past and our present situation is that we have Alex Smith as our QB for the next two years a minimum. We invested in him for that time and we might as well give him the opportunity to succeed here, i.e. not give up on him after just six games. We are 4-2, and while you can argue that is despite him, Alex has been controlling the game and hasn't been turning the ball over. He is doing just enough to win and I think we all as Skins fans can hope that he progresses through the year as the team gets healthier and he gets more comfortable in the system.
  11. And you are basing this off what? Are you in the locker room? Alex Smith has been with the team all off-season. Every single quote that came from a teammate over the summer praised Alex for his professionalism and the even-keel he brings to this team. AP has been a great addition to the team and for sure sets an example for the younger guys, but the QB is the leader on any football team, and our QB has currently helped guide us to a 4-2 record and a first place slot in the NFC East. We are six games into his tenure with the team. The last two weeks he played without 3 out of his 4 top receiving targets and we still beat two strong NFC teams. Lets give this a few more weeks before we start calling for his head.
  12. I think a lot of people underestimate the benefits that Alex Smith brings off the field. Far and away one of the biggest criticisms of Kirk Cousins was that he wasn't the leader in the locker room that the team needed him to be. By all accounts, Smith has given this team an air of confidence and resounding calmness that the Skins haven't seen in years. We've been conditioned for the longest time to think that 'winning off the field' is a terrible thing to do. There is a different type of winning off the field that we are seeing right now and I'm guessing that at least part of that is attributable to the sense of professionalism and consistency that Alex Smith brings. We are 4-2. Now is the last time to start talking about replacing a top 20 QB for a journeyman in Colt McCoy.
  13. skinsfan834

    2018 Fantasy Football

    I'm leaning that way, but I think the Eagles are about to blow up (in a good way) on offense and don't want to miss out on that explosion.
  14. skinsfan834

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Difficult spot on my flex this week -- Golden Tate against Miami or Corey Clement vs. Carolina? League is PPR..
  15. skinsfan834

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    In terms of football loyalty, I'd actually argue that we have more transplants than the NY teams. The Giants/Jets both attract what I would guess to be a large majority of their fans from northern New Jersey and Long Island -- both of which aren't very transient areas.