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  1. 55 minutes ago, @SkinsGoldPants said:


    which analysts do you trust?


    Not important, what is important, was the ones I were listening too were also considering two things:

    1. The apparent Win No posture seemingly coming out of Ashburn
    2. Jays need to win this year period
    3. That drafting a QB who might lack in experience may not be a great idea for THIS year.

    But as Cooley says, Haskins if given some time could be even greater down the road.  THat's why I actually like the pick.  I just have a distrust of the Front Office/Coaching staff not pulling the rug out from under this guy like happened to Jason Campbell.



    10 minutes ago, ashlynskins said:


    ... say what you want but the Giants for whatever reason viewed D.Jones higher.

    Yeah the NY Media is already loving on the Daniel Jones Pick:  SEE NY Post:  (Enjoy laughing)
    NY Post: Giants Daniel Jones pick is a disaster on so many levels

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  2. 11 hours ago, HoggLife said:

    You all remind me of the Iggle fans when they drafted McNabb. We got the best QB in this years draft, didnt have to trade up for him AND we desperately need a franchise QB. He play big time for a big school in a big conference. We have a chance to have the best QB we have ever had. Totally stoked and im a Michigan fan. 


    I dunno about that.  Several analysts I trust didn't like Haskins, but you have to also figure, This pick is not just a this year thing.   I think we are so hurt over what happened with RG3 that its hard to see beyond this season.   Haskins might have the highest ceiling of this draft, but he may also have a lower floor.   As I watch tape I like the pick, I just hope they give him enough time to grow.

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  3. An NFL writer for Bleacher Report (so I already know I'm going to hate it) today has suggested we'd trade for Andy Dalton give up a 2nd Round pick.

    I wonder if I'm the only here who is about warm to that, as melted marshmallows in cocoa.    Could there be more of a Blah choice than Dalton?  Seriously, I'd rather draft a young guy start Colt/Johnson as trade a draft pick for Dalton.

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  4. FOr those that think us maybe expecting a bad season is doom and gloom.  If I were Bruce, I'd say we know the outlook isn't good, we are going to do what we can, but We think, now is the time to take a season and experiment.   I mean really open up the playbook.   THat's what I want to see anyways.

  5. How many years does kerrigan have left on his contract?

    Look I wouldn't cut smith this year..... I'd consider it next year.... but I'm not expecting to see him play until mid season at best.  I'm expecting he's on PUP list through camp... That having been said.  I'd sit down with Trent and ask him, what he thinks about his career.  Does he want to retire a redskin, or does he want a chance to play for someone else, since its going to be really tough to get to the play offs next year.     Let Trent say he wants to stay or not.  If he says he'd like the option, grant his agent license to seek a trade.   

    I'd do the same for Kerrigan, but I'd tell him I think he's earned a right to try to earn the sack record with the franchise.   

    Reed, I'd trade if anyone would have him,  Crowder I would let go.  

    I'd draft a LT if trent goes, or a WR in round 1.  (if not WR then one of MLB, Guard, or Corner)


    I'd try to extend Dix for now if he looks serviceable, but I wouldn't break the bank for him.

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  6. WHo is at QB doesn't matter if we don't improve pass protection.  We need a new Tackle, and a new Left Guard.

    I've been dreaming of taking a LT/LG early then trading up late in the 1st for someone like WIll Grier (but I doubt he lasts that long)

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  7. Yeah... smell the tea leaves... Big D - New Coach... likely Dak is gone...

    NYG - Same thing

    Our two biggest rivals will be retooling and rebuilding while we swim in a sewer of manure.   bleh... tastes horrible too.

    I think its time for a no social media policy during and leading up to the game on game day.  That 'its just business' tweet, OMG..... if this was a business, it would be time to file Bankruptcy!

  8. 1 minute ago, goskins10 said:



    There is no grey area when it comes to the name change thread. But it's up to you. I am not a mod. Just trying to help a fellow poster.

    I went ahead and reached out.  Thanks for letting me know, calmly.  I hardly ever want to start threads anymore.  Most of what I want to talk about is already there, and don't have the mega hours to lurk like I used to.

    My comment was not intended as arguing over your interpretation of the rules.  I'm actually at a loss here either way.  I need to make time to go review them now either way.

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  9. Even as we Redskin fans suffer through another season of apparent failure, it seems that not everything you read about the Redskins is true.  This afternoon I saw friends posting on Facebook about a planned name change for the organization.  My friends on facebook who shared a url that said we were changing the name to the "Red Hawks".  However, when I came to the Washington Post Site below, and looked to see what the Post thought, I found out it was not so at all, somewhat relieved actually.:



    Clearly the name change is FakeNews.   (I must admit I almost believed it myself, and several friends apparently were suckered by it today.)

    I'm not posting the link that I saw, and according to the Post article, Redskins Park is already aware.  I didn't see this in the news section, so thought it deserved to be shared.   It seems almost anything could be fake news these days.

    (I'll admit, though RedHawks is not the worst potential renaming suggestion I've seen recently, if push came to shove and we did.  However, Hail to the Redskins! #HTTR)

  10. So I just saw news that (Loosen up Sandy baby. You're wound way to tight.) may have injured his back against the Seahawks

    And their rookie RB, Elliot, was seen at a Colorado Marijuana store...




  11. Sanchez has strenghts but he basically caps out as a game manager type.


    Geno is awful. Like, really really awful. Nobody is winning with that guy.




    I haven't seen enough of Geno to jump to a conclusion on him.  The jets are quite the dysfunctional franchise right now.  I don't think he's top echelon, and he's got similar issues that RG3 has of holding the ball too long and being afraid to make mistakes (at least the last time I saw him play).  I'm  not convinced we've seen the last of him in the NFL, but he's not had much support from what I can tell from where I sit.  

  12. I'd post a video I just found on Youtube, but I don't know if its appropriate to post a youtube video of a cowboys fan ranting and cursing about the win.



    And then I found this one...



    oh and then this one of a Dallas fan crying