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  1. 7 hours ago, Renegade7 said:

    Washington Post needs to come into Extremeskins and do some interviews, stop picking people off the street.  You could have this same "I don't know everything" person getting asked questions in any NFL city in America, that was intentional.  Let it go, Goddammit.

    I always imagined the author sitting in a starbucks sipping on a coffee between bites of a muffin... oh editor says I need a quote, hey you, are you a Redskins fan?  What players do you know.


    Like literally could have been anyone

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  2.  do you think your Flanigan will be a practice squad destination? Or maybe we're trying to trade for another tight end has there been any word on when Jordan reads going to be ready to play?

  3. 1 minute ago, Wildbunny said:


    None of these guys have been cut yet, with less than one hour to go. That's interesting.


    We still need to cut 17 guys. I assume those will get cut anytime soon. So that'll 8 guys to cut between those:-

    (Long list)

    Thanks for posting that list. 

    CBS had it sound like Bibbs was one of the last cuts to get to 53/54...... This makes so much more sense

    The big names on that list might be, Dunn, Taylor, Lanier, Hood, Vigil, Marshall, (I doubt we cut Marshall and perrine if bibbs is gone), Apke, Evveret, I dunno about Cobbs, I figured we'd keep Quinn.


  4. Really surprised they cut Bibbs.... Perine should be on notice, he's gotta be the last Offensive guy on the roster.  Also sorry to see Quick go, but we had some VERY good youth for a change, I can't say I blame the team on that one.

    WHat was throwing me this morning.  We didn't cut any DL?  Not a one?

    That like never happens.

  5. WHile we wait, is it okay to ask people for predictions?  How many at each POsition do we keep?

    How many of:

    QB: 2
    HB: 4
    WR: 7
    TE: 3
    OL: 9
    DT: 3
    DE: 4
    OLB: 4
    ILB: 4
    CB: 6
    Safeties: 4
    Specials: 3
    Yeah that's 1 short… I'm thinking that goes on Defense an extra Line backer or DL

    My guesses above  (I was really thinking we'd keep a FB also, but after they let wellman go, doubt that happens. Do we add another TE? Not sure.

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  6. Here's my take on Dez.

    Sign him or don't Sign him?  - Meh

    We don't have a legit #1 WR anywhere.  Would Dez be that?  (I'm thinking no)
    Is he an upgrade over Doctson or Richardson?  (push)

    So for the right price, sign him or don't sign him.

    However, I'm an Engineer, I think of thinks as trade offs.  Signing Dez gives us a bit more bite in our Receiving corp, even if he gets dropsies, he can't be any worse than pryor, right?

    However, what if what we really are looking at is Signing Dez for 8-9 mil, or, drafting a WR in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th that will be with the team for ten years, and be a stud to build around that we have not had since Santana Moss. 

    If its a tradeoff between developing a rookie we draft, or signing Dez, I'd rather draft otherwise, I'm indifferent to the move, it doesn't upset me, doesn't elate me.


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  7. 23 hours ago, desertbeagle85 said:

    So explain to me why we aren't paying Kirk 28 million a year when we aren't using the money we saved from him? I mean don't get me wrong I called the alex smith trade week 3 and it makes sense, but man we're missing a lot of pieces. Not to mention we're sending one of our better draft picks away to KC. Not sure what the plan is but it's not like we've got 12 picks in he draft either. 


    Eagles are going to destroy the NFC East again next year.

    WHen I looked at it looked like we had mybe 34 people from the main roster this passed year on roster signed for 2019.  and 2020 sees even fewer.  Cooley mentioned Brandon Scherf (sp?) I didn't see his name.  Of course that includes those they haven't signed that were FA this year like Ryan Grant, Spencer Long, Terrrel Pryor, Zach Brown etc.  

  8. 4 hours ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

    But if you're the Browns why would you want to pay him 34M for one season if he tells you that's all he's willing to play for you?  Which would be the smart move for him to make.


    I don't see how the Jimmy G deal changes anything with the Skins leverage.  All that deal did was potentially make Kirk richer in the long run.

    I know Scott is there now, but the browns were the franchise that traded for Osweiller for a pick then cut him.... with the nasty salary he had in Houston.

    Not saying that they would do that again.

  9. 2 hours ago, PlayAction said:


    My guess is that the Skins consider Sprinkle to be their developmental TE and that's fine for the #3 TE.  Niles Paul had a good career with the Skins and hopefully for him he'll go to as a special teamer to the 49ers or Rams.  But you are right about there being an issue with the TE position.  Reed can't be relied upon and probably should be considered a possession WR anyway.  I think Vernon Davis is more than serviceable but he was a short-term fix to the Reed problem.  


    I'm sure Smith would appreciate an impact TE but there don't appear to be any worth the #13 pick.  I saw one mock with the Skins selecting Troy Fumagali from Wisconsin in the 4th round.  

    yeah I wasn't sure one made sense in the first. 

  10. 22 hours ago, PlayAction said:


    I am not a fan of using the first round pick on a QB, RB or WR.  The QB would have to sit and that means the Skins get zero production out of the first round and 3rd round of the draft.  A WR will take a year or two to develop and the Skins are still in the process of developing their current roster of young WRs.  A RB could have a big impact but he's going to share carries so I'd rather look in the 4th round.  I think we are on the same page here. 

    as i look at the QB Draft class I feel like there's a big gap between 1st and 4th rd. in terms of talent.  Thankfully we have Smith so don't have to force the issue.  I think I will like next years class better.

    As for WR, I'd love to have an impact guy, but for which WR position?  We are obviously keeping Crowder, I'm expect Ryan Grant to be gone at some point.  I think you still have Doctson for next year, and you have Robert Davis who may have been on Practice squad for a while, no idea if he'll be worth moving up they could still extend Pryor for a year because of his injury (they showed a lot of patience with Galette after all)

    But I half wonder if they will surprise us and reach out for an impact  Tight End.  I don't think they move on from Reed yet, but Vernon is Serviceable, but we may have seen the best from him.  I'm not sure what Sprinkle is at this point, and Niles Paul does whatever is asked of him, but I feel like we might want to start grooming a replacement for Niles, Vernonr, or Jordan.     Seems like Cooley was talking about some Tight End a while ago that might be an impact pick.

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  11. 30 minutes ago, The Batman said:


    I'm with you in spirit, but comparing Smith to Grossman or Beck is grotesquely underselling Smith. Neither of them were anywhere close to the QB he has been. Not even a little bit. 


    No, I was comparing the situation.  I do think, and hope Smith is better, money wise he better be.  This was just many of the things I contemplated last night. 


    7 minutes ago, PF Chang said:

    Seems like the same people who acted like paying Cousins $25M/yr would kill the franchise are completely fine with paying Alex Smith $23.5M/yr. Maybe you could just admit you irrationally think Cousins sucks? 

    I honestly thought kirk wanted 28-29 mil.  25 mil doesn't sound bad for kirk, frankly. When you cons

  12. 6 minutes ago, bobandweave said:


    EChiefs had to go into New England who was hoisting it’s newly received Super Bowl Championship banner that night.


    Given the same team would you rather start Kirk in that game or Alex Smith?



    You definitely want Alex.  The guy wouldn't throw an INT if it wasn't clear he would complete it.

    So if you look in Skins history (ignore KC)... what QB might smith most remind us of?

    Mark Brunell
    Trent Green

    Could Alex Smith be the return of Trent Green? (man I'm still hurting over losing that guy.)

  13. On 1/3/2018 at 9:06 PM, purbeast said:

    While I agree with you, all of the arm chair GM's (and the Redskins GM) thinks you can win without a QB because the Ravens did it once like 15 years ago or whatever. 


    I can't believe I still am reading people saying to draft a rookie or roll with Colt and just get a stronger defense and we'll be ready to compete...

    Most of us that are saying that are okay with sucking next year and taking some lumps, if it sets us up for a stronger 4-5 year run.

    14 hours ago, RedskinsVa7 said:

    I can't even sleep right now cause im pissed off. The sad thing is they don't even tell him that hes getting traded. 

    That was me last night, could not fall asleep.   I'm just thankful since I drew the short straw and had to pick a non skins team on MaddeN (son won the skins rights) I was torn between the Packers, Steelers, Colts, or Falcons.  I chose the Pack... and first thing I did was Trade for Fuller.  (Now I got Fuller and Ricky JF. former skins both now :/)

    14 hours ago, Playaction2Sanders said:


    Maybe Moreau steps up this year. You can always get another corner in free agency..

    If the rumors of Kirk to Denver being lined up with a Brinks Trunk and a Cabin Cruiser on a trailer, and that Denver may release a high priced corner to make room.  Isn't Aqib Talib an old Bruce Allen pick from Tampa Bay?

  14. Alex Smith... Is no Clinton Portis.    But at least we know what's up for a few years at QB.  Typical front office rather than develop a QB or keep one, then. .  Hey if true Talib is out in Denver....... 



    I feel bad for fuller. Love that ball player.  Traded for him on Madden (chose to let son take Washington so I took Green Bay) 

  15. 1 minute ago, goskins10 said:



    There is no grey area when it comes to the name change thread. But it's up to you. I am not a mod. Just trying to help a fellow poster.

    I went ahead and reached out.  Thanks for letting me know, calmly.  I hardly ever want to start threads anymore.  Most of what I want to talk about is already there, and don't have the mega hours to lurk like I used to.

    My comment was not intended as arguing over your interpretation of the rules.  I'm actually at a loss here either way.  I need to make time to go review them now either way.

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