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  1. 56 minutes ago, stoshuaj said:

    If you were at the press conference and get to ask one question of Bruce Allen, what would it be?



    "So the record of the team since coming here has not been great.   How does it feel to realize yet again, the team is not heading in the wrong direction?  Do you sleep well at night?  Have you thought about bringing in someone to help figure out a plan to rebuild the team moving forward?"

  2. We have a saying in the actual Marketplace. If somebody gets Let Go by a company it says almost nothing about the person let go but it does say a lot about the manager who hired that person a manager who supplied and provided resources for that person. And I can't help but think Bruce's in the hot seat now

  3. I just now read that not only is this game at Home at FexEx, but its also on Monday Night.

    ACcording to the Washington Post Monday Night Is the Saddest night at least going back to 1998.

    I had thought that it was just Jay Gruden who was bad on Monday Night, but then I saw that we are 1 and 15? in the last 16 attempts?  1 and 16 if you go back to 1998?

    I knew I felt miserable after losing to the cowpokes at home the way we did, but someone please, tell me, is there anything at all on this team, this week, that I can be optimistic about? 

  4. I want to be clear.  I like Jay Gruden.  But he cannot be expected to achieve with a run down beater of a car that's in the shop every few weeks.

    The reality is he will want out I think.

    Bruce has to go, clean house in the personnel department, keep scouts  And bring in someone who has done personnel before.

    Now I ruin the thread with my Cowboys prediction.  Redskins win by 3 scores or more

    The fan base breathes a sigh of relief, maybe we arent as bad as we thought.

    Then the following week we loose case for most of the remaining season due to injury.

    I don't know what happens beyond that as the magic 8-ball is clouding up

  5. Guice to IR?


    wow, I do not CARE that he can come back if healty in 8 weeks.  You've basically used your one IR return spot on a guy who probably should have never even played in Preseason, could have sat on PUP for a while.

    I'm sick of this crap.  If I were  ticket holder, I would put my tickets in individual envelopes, with a note that says my disgust with this team, and say forget about any money from me until you #FireBruceAllen.  1 envelope a week times how many fans?   Nuts.

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  6. 19 hours ago, Ghost of Nibbs McPimpin said:

    He's been stealing money almost every season he's worked here, how did the FO screw him over by employing him as a HC for all these years and rewarding his mediocrity? If they're so bad, he can always resign and forfeit the remainder of his deal, he's guaranteed to get an OC job somewhere.



    That's a fair response.   Allow me to rephrase, that may help.  Let's set the table.

    1. Jay likely feels that the FO has interfered in the team since he has been here. (Griffin Vs Cousins, Alex Smith, losing Desean/Garcon and others, etc.)
    2. I get the feeling that Jay kind of expects thins to be like this and then he's gone.   Unless we make a run to a title, I think he's gone in his head already. 
    3. Because of 2, why not take a shot with doing things differently?
    3. He did not want AP, he wanted to keep someone (maybe Samaje, who knows.)

    4. It feels like a the natural.  Roy Hobbs was signed, he's a good hitter, but because the coach didn't want him, he sat the bench.
    5. From what has been said recently, Jay seems like he's tired of caring this FO's water.   

    6. I don't think he's intentionally sabotaging the team, but I do think he's had his fill.  So some of these shots are meant to get the FO attention, since they seem content to hide behind Jay and Doug.

  7. 14 hours ago, Renegade7 said:


    That sounded like a clip from Mean Girls, something happened between those two, that smells ugly a mile away.

    I'm convinced that FO screwed him over this season (I know he's been screwed over his whole contract here) So he's basically decided he's daring them to fire him, so he can pull an AB and go work with Johnny Boy.


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  8. I'm beginning to question the people that gave our medical staff the award last season.

    Seriously,   Guice hurt again?  I don't care that its the other leg, we made him starter having proved nothing in Preaseason.

    Then Jon Allen may be out too?

    I need a shurt that says:

    "I'm a skins fan, Yes, Dysfunctional We Are.  #FireBruceAllen #FireJayGruden"


  9. It seems you were trying to create additional NFC/AFC matchup, but What about former division rivals?

    Ex: Arizona used to play NYG, WAS, DAL, PHI
    Ex: TItans used to play AFC North
    Ex: Tampa Bay Used to play NFC North
    Ex: Saints and Falcons used to play NFC West
    Ex: Colts used to play AFC West
    Ex: (Jaguars used to be in central too I think?)
    Ex: Ravens were Browns so that doesn't help them.
    Ex: Texans were always in South
    Ex: Seattle Used to be in AFC West (KC, DEN, OAK, LAC)

    Could create a pod system where teams that used to play former division rivals rotate through them, and then in the year that game isn't available, Would be free for another matchup.

    So Like, Arizon could may NYG, WAS, DAL, PHI Home/Away  In back to back years.   New Orleans and Atlanta get a game against San Fran, Rams)  Catch is Ravens are already in former division.  Only team that's moved is Houston, but houston needs games with PIT, CLE/BAL, JAX, CIN

  10. On 4/28/2019 at 1:16 AM, volsmet said:


    Starting Haskins is tanking, I just want to win a SB. Haskins isn’t a part of that equation. Haskins is our QB because he went to Bullis. Had he gone to HS in Idaho he’d not be here.




    I wish I was that rabid a fan.  Without Haskins we aren't even making the playoffs.  Now at least there's hope.

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