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  1. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    They’ve got a decent amount of good players, like any NFL roster does. I’d take any of Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa, Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye, Trumaine Johnson, Osemele, Chris Herndon, Avery Williamson and Leonard Williams. Most of those guys would likely be too expensive, though. But you never know right now. Gase can do something silly. That’s the point, lol. *Edit* I just saw on twitter right now the Chiefs are already in on the fun.
  2. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bruce needs to get on the phone with Gase ASAP. The time is now to capitalize. You just know there’s a good player or two there Gase doesn’t like for some reason and will sell low. Or he’s just overwhelmed and can get bamboozled. Whatever, just capitalize. I’m only half kidding here. Actually, screw that, I’m not kidding at all. That being said Santos and co. haven’t necessarily been good at pro personnel (or Bruce isn’t listening), so I don’t know if we’d actually nab the right guy from them, lol. Still, I hope they try.
  3. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, that’s the fear. Like I mentioned, there’s even the issue of Jay possibly knowing he’s a goner, which would mean he has no investment in developing Haskins. Which would be a travesty, as I do believe Jay can do a lot of good for Haskins and is an asset in terms of developing QBs. I just don’t see Jay being like that, even if he feels that way. He enjoys coaching young guys, is a good guy himself who gets along with most people, and even when justified hasn’t shown open insubordination. I think he’ll just coach Haskins like he would if he knew he was here long term. But that is a legit concern to have. And Jay wouldn’t even be in the wrong if he sees that developing Haskins might take time he doesn’t have and, therefore, as secondary to him just focusing on coaching the best group they assembled for him to “win now”.
  4. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yup, that’s the ideal. If your plan was to spend big in the draft to get a QB to develop as the franchise guy, then you should’ve either extended the coach you want him developing under or fired him and chosen said coach. The timing is definitely off here, which isn’t anything new for Dan’s organizational habits, but there are ways to overcome it. Like I said, the best thing going for us is that Jay’s offensive teachings will be applicable to the vast majority of offense’s in the NFL. It’s extremely unlikely Haskins will be learning different footwork, progressions, and general route concepts from someone else they hire.
  5. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Spot on, and this is what I largely mean when I say “sound FO”. Basically, the organization won't always be bumbling about structurally and/or philosophically, changing its ways at its very core (which makes them act in a reactionary manner versus being proactive). It would have a steady strategy with regards to acquiring player personnel, how they fit in with each other, and it would know what kind of coach to bring in for that, giving him an environment with the highest likelihood of success. You don’t ever want to be set up at a position or phase and then just lose it all almost over night. There are rare exceptions if/when you decide to emphasize something more important, maybe because that’s what is available during that offseason or you’re answering/getting ahead of some new concept/cycle occurring in the NFL. But then you’d be trading one strength for another. Not simply nullifying a strength and leaving it at that. Especially when your HC is really good at maximizing said strength. It’s definitely not easy as you’re juggling the cap and limited resources while you attempt to do all this, and you don’t ever just want to totally ignore other positions or phases and only focus on strengths, but that’s what Execs/GMs get paid to do. And the NFL is set up for everyone to be on a level playing field. One of my biggest problems with how the organization has operated is how they essentially punish staff members, or players for that matter, when they excel at something. So instead of allowing them to thrive at what they’re good at, they essentially say, “well, you’re good at this so we don’t need to help you there, let’s give you trash to work with now or put trash around you, you’ll be fine, you always figure it out”. And, sure, they might get by. They might be ok. But they never get to really thrive, either, do they? They never get to just dominate at that specific aspect or phase or position. When Doug mentioned, some time last year, how, “Jay’s offense always produces a 4,000 yard passer, no worries”, or something like that I damn near had an heart attack. Or when the question was posed to Jay about the Dline and he said something like Tomsula will make a NT (he’s not in charge of personnel decisions, so he’s just repeating the company line there). As good as Tomsula is, once Allen went out with injury in 2017 that Dline completely fell apart. They couldn’t stop the run to save their lives. Don’t punish people because they’re good at their jobs. Let them thrive. Reward them instead. Expend more resources and emphasize the areas they’re good at so they can dominate at it. Otherwise you’re essentially forcing a team-building philosophy of just being average everywhere. It’s like the thinking is when someone does good or some phase is strong on the team? Welp, don’t worry about that part, it’s fine, let’s focus here now! Which is why it was great when we not only brought in Callahan, but drafted Scherff with our top pick to go along with all the significant resources we’d already expended at the Oline. Which is why it was good that we drafted Allen and Payne for Tomsula back to back and are allowing them to be a real strength of the team (though one can question whether or not the ideal would’ve been to trade for/acquire via FA a legit interior Dlineman and then pick a guy like James if it’s true that they forced the Payne pick a little bit... but that all goes back to resource management, so I digress). But yeah, it’s an absolute travesty just how far we’ve fallen in terms of offensive personnel, specifically with regards to the passing game, since those days. It’s unacceptable just how many steps we took backwards there. Haskins is going to need a lot more from the FO than what has been provided since then if he’s going to succeed. Like @goskins10 mentioned, drafting McLaurin is a good sign they understand that. Just has to actually pan out, but the idea is right.
  6. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well, you and like maaaaaaybe two other posters! Great point, as usual from you.
  7. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The argument that you need a legit QB to succeed in a sustainable manner is sound, but I think what often gets lost, glossed over, or ignored is how much the organization/environment itself has to do with one emerging. What I’ve come to understand about this after a lot of research on it is that there is essentially a baseline of talent necessary for a QB to have (accuracy, pocket presence/elusiveness, and leadership are the biggest things), but once that baseline is there it really comes down to these 5 criteria for an organization to find or have one emerge: A) Sound FO (I believe this is the most significant factor to the rest of the criteria below being implemented properly) B ) Resources Willingly* Spent C) Stable System of Development D) Patience (with the right guy once he starts) E) Wisdom to know when to move on (from the wrong guy) * "Willingly" here is meant to imply that they brought in QBs without necessarily having an immediate need or due to injury, as well as the willingness to spend valuable resources on the position, not just an undrafted FA here and there or something, or even a cheap veteran Free Agent backup. I made a thread a few years ago going over many examples of this in the NFL. But for the sake of time a quick, recent and very relevant example of this would be Kirk Cousins’ emergence here. Virtually every criterion was met. It only happened as a result of: 1) Scot’s role at the time (which speaks to a sound organizational structure/process); 2) The resources willingly spent on the position (not only acquiring RG3 in 2012, but taking him in the 4th because of the value they had assigned to him - a 2nd round grade); 3) Having been in Gruden’s offense for a year as well as having previously been in an offense under the Shanny’s that largely employed the same passing concepts (which gave him a somewhat stable system of development) and, finally; 4) Patience in sticking with him once he was deemed the 2015 starter as the questions and pressure mounted (which culminated in the Tampa game). Of course, none of that matters if Kirk didn’t have that baseline of talent to emerge, which would’ve then involved the 5th criterion of knowing when to move on. It’s too early to be sure, but I do think Haskins has that baseline. At least, he did in college. We’ve seen just how often it doesn’t translate to the pros where everyone is bigger, faster and smarter. But there’s a lot there to suggest he does have it and it will translate. The bigger question now is, are the other criteria going to be met? I really would rather not get into the soundness of our FO/organizational process right now. I think most know at this point how I feel about it and it’s a big reason why I largely stay away from discussing the Skins in general. Criterion 2 has certainly been met. He’s a first rounder, which alone would’ve been enough, but he comes after having spent large amounts of cap space, a 3rd rounder, and a young defensive stud on both Kirk and Alex the last few years. Criterion 3 will depend on Jay’s status with the team. The timing is off here, as he’s entering his second to last year on his contract and it’s unlikely he’ll coach without an extension. If it were up to me I’d extend his contract one more year right now to ensure he has, at least, through 2020 to allow Haskins to develop under him. The fear could be that Jay simply doesn’t care about Haskins’ development if he knows he’s a dead coach walking, but Jay for all intents and purposes has proven to be a good guy and a good soldier, even when he doesn’t get what he wants... so it’s doubtful he’ll be an hindrance. If not extended, then the key will be what they do after he’s let go. The good news is, Jay’s offense is sound and applicable to any modern, pro-offense. So the field is expansive in terms of finding a new coach who will continue to provide a stable and consistent system of development for Haskins that doesn’t radically shift Jay’s approach. Criteria 4 and 5 will have to do with 1, of course, and that all remains to be seen. But, hey, it’s going to be fascinating to watch. Which is more than I can say for what’s gone on the last year or so.
  8. thesubmittedone

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    Reminder: Few violations of the above in this thread and, like this entire team as is customary at the end of another Snyder Cycletm, I’m too exhausted and mentally drained to do anything about it. But, yeah, I get why the language is being used here, but let’s not go quoting it and referencing it over and over again while circumventing the profanity filters. Let the filters do their jobs.
  9. thesubmittedone

    Reuben Foster vs the Flag

    @joeken24 No politics in The Stadium. Moved to the Tailgate.
  10. thesubmittedone

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Yeah, but at the same time, Colt McCoy might be the only thing saving us from Bruce Allen. Yup... I’m just saying that even that comes with an asterisk because of Bruce’s brilliance. There’s a significant chance we can’t keep Colt if he actually does perform really well. Granted, that’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves. It’s just frustrating to think about. Like, if all goes as well as we hope it does, Alex’s contract is still a major hindrance. It’ll loom for years. Basically, the coaching and college scouting staff have to be near perfect the next couple of years if we’re going to contend. Or Alex shocks the world, comes back 100%, and plays lights out. Those are the two likeliest routes to success, and both are extremely difficult to accomplish. I can envision the former happening because I do like our coaches and college scouts... but it’s unfair to them. The latter is almost impossible to envision occurring. The other one is that Colt plays well and gives us a massive home town discount. That could happen, but it’d likely mean we assured him he’s the starter moving forward. Not sure that’s a smart move, either. Again, getting ahead of ourselves, I know. But any way you slice it, what was already horrific resource management by Bruce just got worse.
  11. thesubmittedone

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    (@Skinsinparadise Going to piggy back off your recent post while responding to this here from NoCalMike...) Which makes the trade that much more of a travesty in terms of resource management. The big sell was that we gave up what we did, and that we just HAD to do it, BECAUSE Alex was a super smart 13 year vet who would come in, learn everything right away, and “we wouldn’t miss a beat” regarding the only consistent strength we had as a team. That was presented as the worst case scenario, with tons of talk about how we may have even upgraded! Except, guess what? Every single aspect of the team improved (rushing attack, defense, ST) and only THAT PART of it, which was our only consistent strength before, regressed. Bruce. Friggin. Allen. And before anyone gets ridiculous and tries to make Alex’s play the reason itself those phases improved or even a big reason, for God’s sake, think of the children! Alex didn’t draft Daron Payne and keep Jon Allen healthy, which is the biggest reason we’ve improved our rush defense. Alex didn’t teach Tress Way how to punt and have a career year; again, the biggest reason our ST play has improved. Not to mention, Alex didn’t remove Crowder and his 8,000 fumbles last year from that equation, either. Alex didn’t sign Peterson, who ended up being an absolute freak at his age and is the biggest factor in why our rushing attack improved. Sure, his lack of turnovers and general conservative play helped some with field position, but his lack of scoring equally hurt and kept putting the defense on the field with little margin for error. By the way, how many sacks did Alex take when we were in FG range that knocked us out of it this year? That sure got ignored a lot. He is/was a liability. It’s not his fault Bruce executed what is arguably the worst resource management we’ve ever seen, but his play came nowhere near matching it. It’s a minor miracle we have a season right now, as the majority of teams would struggle to overcome the handicap that type of extremely wasteful negligence causes. Now we’re hampered with that travesty of a contract while that player, who severely underperformed as it was, might never recover. Bruce should’ve been done after the first franchise tag if Dan had any sense. If he’s not stripped of his title now, I don’t know if Dan will ever grasp the concept of team-building, proper organizational structure and whom/how to hire. I’m just so sick and tired of seeing the top brass of other organizations give their staff a considerable amount of tools to succeed, while ours continuously handcuffs them instead. It’s maddening, really. We had so much going for us offensively by 2016. Any half-decent executive would’ve built upon that, instead it was completely torn down and we’ve witnessed nothing but regression there personnel-wise. All we had to do was maintain it somewhat while the rest of the team improved, and the ability to do so wasn’t difficult. The cherry on top is if Colt actually plays well, we might not even be able to afford to keep him because of the Alex contract. You can’t make this stuff up.
  12. thesubmittedone

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Honestly? I don’t think this is all that noteworthy like the way they report it. It actually makes the most sense. Most of us who didn’t like the trade and extension for Alex would’ve favored rolling with Colt for a year while we let a draft pick develop. Imagine the resources we could’ve used on personnel acquisition with the 3rd rounder and cap space saved. AND we keep Fuller. Jay specifically said, after the Alex trade, that he would’ve been fine with drafting a guy, too, so I believe that’s the route he preferred deep down (play Colt, develop a draft pick, use resources elsewhere). Jay always talks up the unsung “do anything asked of me” guys. I think people, including those on the beat, overplay that angle and take it too literally, but that’s natural. He’s usually even keel with praising players, so when he lavishes one of those types with praise people just assume he actually thinks they’re the greatest players on the team, lol. But, yeah, you can see Colt legitimately knows how to operate this offense and there’s going to be more explosive plays because of it. He’s just limited in terms of skill set AND injury prone, so you’d rather not rely on him. But here we are. Will be interesting to say the least. I really hope he stays healthy. Alex is built stronger, so he’s able to absorb hits better. Colt will absolutely fumble more if he takes the same amount of hits. But he’ll also get rid of the ball much faster more often. I think that’s what it’ll come down to. Colt will actually be a significant improvement if he avoids getting hit more than Alex. If not, the trade off might be fairly even (more negative plays/disasters, but more explosive plays to go with it). Worst case is he surprises us by looking uncomfortable in the offense like Alex did, and then constantly gets hit behind an injured Oline which is something he can’t handle as well as Alex, God forbid.
  13. thesubmittedone

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Last warning here, folks. Edit out any reference to the politics of the situation with Kaep or face penalties. You can talk about how you view his football abilities, but that’s it. This is not a discussion, do NOT reply to this post here.
  14. thesubmittedone

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    No politics in the Stadium, fellas. Read more here:
  15. Going to stop this right now. No politics in the Stadium. If you can’t discuss whether or not Kaep should be brought in exclusively in terms of a football move, without bringing up the background (which is difficult, obviously) then simply don’t talk about him. Even passingly referencing it is an issue since it’s such a sensitive topic. Just don’t do it. Otherwise take it to the Tailgate.