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  1. Yeah, this thread simply isn’t one for The Stadium. As @Jumbo said, it’s been tough for us to navigate when and where to draw the line with this whole issue as related to the team and its socio-political relevance, but I think this thread topic simply can’t escape focus on the latter. Moving to The Tailgate where you guys can get into it as much as you’d like regarding this topic. Consider it a mercy as there are multiple examples here of posts that directly violate the directive pinned at the top of the Stadium. Read here for further details if you need any as to why this is being moved:
  2. Although I’m absolutely convinced there’s a lot more that can come out, so much of it (not all) is tied to what reporters themselves were doing to get access and how the atmosphere in the building was ripe for that. So the concern is that, for a lot of this to come out, it would mean reporters exposing their own and all the issues tied to that for their respective jobs and companies. It sucks to think about, but that alone could be a reason nothing else comes out. Hopefully more courage is shown and the light is shown on everything regardless of who might end up with egg on their face. There’s just too much importance in not allowing someone like Dan to win on this or else the cycle will continue even if there are momentary reliefs to it. Of course! Arguably the first hire he’s made where: 1) It’s a totally qualified expert with a solid resumé, who is; 2) Placed in a fitting role within the structure of the organization, and where; 3) They will likely be able to fulfill said role relative to their respective expertise without unwarranted interference or being overburdened... Of course that’d be a killer lawyer that will shield him from any potential liability! Of. Friggin. Course. Yup, as (likely) qualified and (probably) innocent as Schaefer was, that’s the reality of working within that environment. As stated many times, the level of toxicity there eventually wears people down, no matter how good they are, and they either become exhausted and discouraged, corrupted by it, or removed forcibly in the most unceremonious of ways. But don’t worry, we’ll always have plenty of people who will miss the forest for the trees; intensely focus on the people who eventually get consumed by said toxicity (some quicker than others) and not on its purveyors; constantly tell us how they know how to separate the jobs these people do from the toxic environment they’re in (lol) and can judge it properly (loool) and how the next sucker savior will be different (even though it follows almost to a tee another iteration of the Snyder Cycletm we’ve been in from the onset)! But hey, maybe Dan has changed for real, understands his role in all this and got it down this time. You never know. Maybe Ron is the lucky one. I guess we’re gonna watch, right?
  3. Another thread with a bunch of nuggets. Then this one alluding to the “racism“ part in “racism/sexism” we heard at first from that one tweet a few days ago:
  4. You’re not crazy, she even was featured on LL’s podcast a bunch of times if I recall correctly.
  5. Interesting thread here: Could also explain why a lot of reporters are silent themselves as he points the finger at them, too. Pretty wild.
  6. Reminder to everyone that posting memes or content from twitter with profanity is a rule 6 violation and WILL lead to penalties. When sharing twitter links that include profanity or anything graphic, you can paste the link and when it embeds you will see an option on the bottom that comes up asking “would you like to display as a link instead?” Click on that and it’ll show the link as is like I did above. Give people a heads up if it’s NSFW, as well.
  7. This is one of those rare trifectas that just exude magnificence in its artistic expression of suicide by mod. Truly beautiful. Guy first starts with a rule 11 violation by quoting a large section of text, then immediately follows it with a rule 18 violation going directly against a mod directive by posting in this thread in the first place, but wait, that’s not all! He makes sure the content of the post is filled with rule 5 violations.
  8. This thread is only for new name suggestions, the content of this post belongs in this thread in The Tailgate: Please remove this post from here immediately and place it there or else penalties will apply. Thanks. @ConnSKINS26 @VCDefectors These posts are also examples of what shouldn’t be in this thread. I know it’s a difficult line to walk right now, but don’t forget you can tag a poster you want to respond to elsewhere. Any further replies to each other on this matter or regarding any deep dives into history or politics needs to go into the thread in the Tailgate, no matter what name suggestion is made here.
  9. I’m so burnt out from this discussion, honestly. It’s exhausting explaining repeatedly why most successful franchises employ certain models and how that has contrasted, and continues to (albeit to a lesser degree than ever before, thankfully), to what Dan has done here. It’s exhausting because, let’s be honest, we’re speaking to an audience (including ourselves) that only has a genuine appetite for hope regarding the team, with only momentary lapses in that appetite, and that’s ok. We’re fans. But it means that any real or perceived obstruction of that hope, especially early on when new hires are made, is met with resistance that is more emotional than anything else, which doesn’t lend to an enjoyable atmosphere of discussion. So I’m just going to remain quiet about it (as hard as that can be sometimes with some who continue to regurgitate blatant falsehoods and/or believe the quantity of their arguments is indicative of their quality 🗣), hope for the best, and that this set up works as an exception to the general rule. Heck, maybe it changes for the better anyway, but as of now that’s not looking likely. Either way, we’ve got some good people in the building working together with solid pedigrees at their respective positions, and all I can hope for is that none are set up to fail via systemic issues; overburdened because of a lack of support or defined roles; or devalued because of a lack of understanding their importance to success emanating from the top.
  10. 1) It’s just the name of a football team for God’s sake, changing it isn’t a big deal. 2) It’s just the name of a football team for God’s sake, so I never gave much attention or legitimacy to the intense focus on it coming from those claiming it was offensive, nonetheless, see point 1. Mostly because; 3) Living in Albuquerque, NM for the last 9 years I’ve always been cognizant of the Natives here and their feelings towards the name. I have yet to encounter anyone from among their community who expressed offense, and in my business I have the pleasure of dealing with many on the daily. Maybe that’s because they know I’m a fan and don’t want me to feel bad (I don’t remember if, in every instance the topic was discussed, that was made clear beforehand or not, though I don’t think it was), but from what I’ve seen most are even completely unaware of the controversy. There are many who are fans here and it’s never a surprise to see Skins decals on cars or memorabilia in general, arguably more so than any other team outside of the Broncos and Cowboys. 4) At this point, none of that matters though. The climate on racism is what it is, rightfully so, and it’s reached a boiling point. Are some things getting caught in the crossfires unnecessarily? Sure, but we’ve got to have the wisdom to know which battles to pick. Again, refer to point 1. 5) My biggest concern if/when the name gets changed, and it’s a selfish one, is how it looks on myself that I’ve been a fan my entire life and used the term repeatedly with no issues. Because if/when it does change, isn’t that essentially an acknowledgement that there was something wrong all along? How do we hide from that? I’ve always actively tried to battle any hints of racism that may have occurred within me for whatever reason or was picked up from any external source without realizing it, and I believe myself to have done a good job on that front for my entire life, but it’ll be pretty embarrassing now with a name change. Can I just claim ignorance about it and leave it at that? I mean, I really never thought it was racist in any way and I always laughed at the notion that any team would actively label itself something derogatory since it’s the total antithesis to the pride one is attempting to generate for said team... but was I being insensitive this entire time? Heck, there’s going to be some level of difficulty not to use the term itself even with a change as it’s found a place on my tongue so often for 30 some years now. It’s still hard for me to accept it as having been racist, especially considering my engagement with Natives, but that question of insensitivity is something I have to carry with me now. So, yeah, selfishly... Many people I know and have done business with, including many Natives as mentioned above, know I’m a “Redskin” fan. I have to wonder if this is going to make them look down on me now whereas otherwise they weren’t? The ones who weren’t even aware of the controversy or just didn’t care, for instance, will that change now due to the acknowledgment of it being wrong? Do I have to apologize for not thinking it was an issue before? There’s certainly things to unpack here. And that’s a good thing as we always need to reflect on ourselves, but I just hate the idea that I may have contributed to perpetuating any form of injustice, even if it was a small one, on any one community. Part of me refuses to accept that, and the other part has to wonder if I’m appealing too much to good/innocent intentions and my own ego in that I refuse to see fault in myself in this regard.