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  1. This is legitimately the most excited I’ve been all offseason and season (ok, outside of the 1st half against Philly)... how lame is that?
  2. Oh, I think I get the confusion. My post above saying “wow, that’s sad” was meant for @volsmet showing Trent’s “like” on his twitter account but @ConnSKINS26 had to insert himself and ruin it (that guy, always ruining everything, even trying to ruin the trade right now). Now I can’t edit it and actually quote volsmet’s post because the quote feature here is a massive pain so it looks like I was directing it at Conn. So, yeah. I’m happy about the trade rumors, lol.
  3. I think you guys are misunderstanding me. I am happy about the trade and it’s something I’ve been talking about for years philosophically. My sadness is about the fact that a guy like Trent views our organization in this way. It breaks my heart. And there’s no doubt in my mind many other players do, as well, he’s just the one who did something about it. He’s too influential within that locker room to think otherwise. Dan and Bruce are a complete disaster. And I’d add Larry Hess to that. I think you have to.
  4. Totally agree. I would’ve been down to trade him for the above even if he wasn’t angry and holding out. It’s a smart move and what I’ve been screaming about for years regarding how far behind we are in terms of implementing basic economic principles. I would unload Kerrigan now, too. But he might not get much.
  5. The deal is definitely lopsided, I agree. And I want it to happen. Doesn’t change the optics of the situation, though. It’s ugly. Like many things are here. I think Trent has more than three years. Olinemen, especially ones with the outrageous athleticism Trent has, have better longevity than most positions. Worst case, he’ll move inside and be an elite Guard for a few more years when he’s done at Tackle, too. And I bet he’ll just magically stay healthier with a better Training Staff than ours.
  6. Shut up man, Dorsey is going to change his mind.
  7. @volsmet ^^Wow. That’s just sad to see, honestly. In the end, our best player for a decade who was a leader in the locker room and constantly put his body on the line views this organization as a dumpster fire. That’s where we are now. It’s heart breaking.
  8. I would be ecstatic if we pulled that off. Come on Bruce, get it done!
  9. Man, that Rams trade though. I don’t want to bet against Les Snead because he’s simply been on fire (while McVay gets all the credit of course, because football media and fans)... but that’s one heck of a load he just gave up to the Jags. Oof. But Ramsey’s talent is transcendent. Fascinating. I think it’ll be more effective if we threaten them with your nakedness.
  10. Totally. I’m leaning towards bs. Even the whole “we’re working for the Redskins now” stuff. What’s weird is they tagged the Redskins twitter account so they were willing to put themselves out there. Could’ve easily been put on blast for it, but no one disputed it. They either got away with it luckily or they’re telling the truth. It’s, wait for it, intriguing.
  11. Yeah, probably bs, which is why I also posted the tweet from jsteelz right beside it while just saying “intrigue galore”. Because that’s all it is. Intriguing. I will say this, though. Just because they got one thing wrong doesn’t mean they’ll get everything wrong. They claimed to have been hired by the Redskins recently: No one disputed it, but it could all be bs. Who knows.
  12. Elite LTs are ridiculously valuable, even older ones. The Tunsil trade should've affirmed this reality even though he's younger because he's not on Trent's level. Browns have extra draft capital with the Duke Johnson trade (so long as Texans have him activated for at least 10 games, they'll get a 3rd and 4th from them). They should be willing to part with their 1st rounder as they'll have 5 picks remaining in the top 130 even without it. It's going to be very disappointing if we don't get a 1st for Trent. He's the only player on our team worth that right now. Njoku would be nice, but not if it costs us a 1st.
  13. This guy supposedly called the OBJ trade to the Browns a few days before it was official. So take it for what it’s worth: @Skinsinparadise Damnit, SIP, why do I even bother?