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  1. thesubmittedone

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Their argument is that improvisational plays or plays outside of the confines of the offense are so unpredictable and unlike each other, that you just don’t know how they’ll project to the future. So plays from a clean pocket are better indicators because they tell you if the QB is doing his job in identifying the defense, throwing accurately and on time, and showing good mechanics in general. I can get what they’re saying there, as that’s one of my annoyances with how people judge QB play, though I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying what they did about it being the best predictor or whatever. Let me put it this way; there are two plays that result equally in a 15 yard completion: 1) One consists of the QB operating efficiently from the pocket, correctly identifying the defense while having a mastery of the offense to know where to go with the ball based on whatever concept they’re running. Post snap he even identifies any change in the coverage, makes a subtle move he needs to within the pocket, and then hits the right guy with anticipation and accuracy. 2) The other play has the QB fail at correctly diagnosing the defense, or he doesn’t have the mastery over the offense to know where to go with the ball even if he does, but post snap he eludes one or two rushers behind the LOS, keeps his eyes downfield and finds his man who was effective getting open for his QB in a scramble drill by improvising... Again, result is the same in this scenario, a 15 yard completion. Which play has fans lose their minds over and which one has fans not viewing as anything special? I think we can all agree the majority of media, fans, and general viewers will automatically love the second play and will view that QB as having done something “better” than the other. The reality is, the first one is more sustainable and a better indicator of good QB play. The second is just more exciting, but can lead to more potential for injuries among a myriad of other issues. But that’s just one case. One can argue that the QB improvising more has a better chance of getting even bigger plays as it stresses the defensive coverage for longer. So it’s certainly not that simple to apply it in a generalized manner. Of course, a QB that can do both consistently is what we’re all looking for, but those QBs themselves try to accomplish play number one more often than play number two for a reason. There’s a lot more nuance to it and evaluating it is extremely difficult for us as fans considering we don’t have access to every play call or route concept and how it’s being taught against various coverages, but yeah, that’s why I can get with what they’re saying about it to some degree. Again, I’m not sure though that I agree it’s the “best indicator” or “most stable way” to predict success... but it makes some sense.
  2. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You are a gentleman and a scholar kind sir. But too late.
  3. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We never stopped anyone from making a thread. If something is too similar or too problematic and would take up the entire board, that’s when we merge or lock threads. And that’s really all we do, it’s rare for someone to actually get penalized for it, so it’s not the end of the world. Something like that Trent interview would’ve likely stayed open if someone felt it deserved its own thread. If they had any doubt, they could start with, “I think this deserves its own thread, but if the Mods think otherwise, I understand...” Threads like that are almost never shut down. Ever. It’s probably like 95% survival rate or something, lol. We’re just not in the business of constantly dictating whether the users want mega threads or not. Some people love them and don’t want to scour the board for multiple threads while others hate them and bring up points like the one you just did. We went through all this with the twitter thread before. People legitimately got hurt when we tried to stop the “mega thread”, lol.
  4. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lol, good stuff... but, on a serious note, that is why I started my post with “I have way too high a standard now, especially for someone like Dan”... It is what it is. That’s all for me to not remain pessimistic and buy into it while remaining skeptical Dan won’t ruin it at a moment’s notice. If only some part of what I wrote occurs, I’ll like what I can, dislike what should be disliked, but overall remain more pessimistic that the organization is structured properly enough to set anyone up for success. So, yeah, just kind of detailing what my emotional state would be dependent on what occurs. Not what I think will happen, just what needs to happen for it to be affected significantly. Dan has done too much damage at this point for anything else.
  5. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    My problem with Louis Riddick is that he’s been out of the league for quite some time now, doesn’t have anyone in the NFL knocking on his door, and failed at his last stint with the Eagles. Remember, he was a big part of that “Dream Team” they assembled that eventually lead to Andy Reid’s downfall. As if that weren’t enough, he threw Jay under the bus earlier in the year for putting Haskins in during the Giants game after Keemun got hurt. There is an underlying organizational issue with that, regardless of whether or not it’s the correct position. He’s a media head, so maybe he was just attention grabbing, but dude has been angling for a Front Office position for a long time. Add in that he was a part of the operation before under Dan, so it said to me that he felt that’s what Dan would like to hear. Perhaps the biggest issue with the way Dan has structured this organization is that people can thrive not based off of results, but off of creating factions that get him on their side. Riddick seems like he’d fit perfectly with that. I want people here who feel tied to the hip with each other and have no other choice but to be loyal. People who don’t point fingers but instead support each other at all costs. So too many flags there for me. That’s the inherent problem with even elevating say, Schaffer, like @ConnSKINS26 pointed out. Why should Schaffer feel any loyalty to anyone other than Dan? He’s been able to survive there for a long, long time. I feel the same way about Larry Hess, the head of the Athletic Training Staff. There’s just too much there where they can skirt accountability or are too comfortable with Dan to where he can undermine them whenever he wants with ease (granted, he’ll do it either way, he’s the owner, but I think the more he’s surrounded by competent people he’s not comfortable with the harder it becomes to undermine). So, yeah, Riddick will be a very, very disappointing hire to me. That’s simply how I view it, doesn’t mean he’d fail. And maybe he’s learned enough and has changed some things for the better... but that’s tough to put much hope in. This hasn’t been an organization where people come from previous failures and improve.
  6. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, like I said at the end there, nothing wrong with that, I’m with you. We have every reason to be excited with this first step. But that’s all it is, a first step in a series of many that need to occur. Btw, the tone I read “stupid face” with still has me cracking up. I felt it.
  7. thesubmittedone

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The news coming out now is exciting and worthy of our celebratory tone, for sure... but I just have way too high of a standard now, especially for someone like Dan. Bruce needs to be gone, of course, that’s the first big step. I then need to see a normal hiring process occur where multiple candidates from recently successful organizations are interviewed ending with one hired at GM. I don’t want a guy who has been out of the league for multiple years AND had failed at his last stint. Someone desperate who would be willing to take whatever job anyone in the NFL would give him. That is exactly the hiring process Dan had that lead to Vinny and then Bruce as his top exec. That removes someone like Louis Riddick for me. I then need to see that person able to make whatever changes he wants in the scouting department, Athletic Training Staff, and then of course being the guy who carries out the hiring process of a new coach. We need to get a constant stream of info coming out about just how much is changing in terms of the structure and hierarchy, how various roles are being empowered as opposed to before, along with the admission that they were wrong at a fundamental, organizational, structural level that belied basic established principles. If all of the above occurs, I still won’t really believe in Dan. Then, and only then, will I become skeptical over the current pessimistic attitude I have towards him and how he runs things. I will remain paranoid that Dan will ruin it all at some point with his unwarranted interference and destruction of hierarchy at a moment’s notice, but nonetheless, I would be rooting for the new hires to succeed while assuming their titles/roles are allowed to be fulfilled until ANY signs indicate otherwise. But that’d be a big step up from the apathy and total lack of hope I have right now in Dan and Bruce. The other problem is, regardless of how you feel about Haskins, it’s never a good thing to begin a total reset at GM and HC with a young QB who is, at best, a 50/50 boom/bust prospect in place they’re essentially forced to work with. They should be allowed to choose and Dan can’t make that a condition. He can’t even make that a reason to incline towards one GM over another during the process, it simply has to be the best and the brightest. If only some portion of the above occurs? I don’t think I’ll buy into it and I’ll be expecting the new guy/s to be set up for failure, per the norm. Just more eye rolling and frustration while so many target them wrongly as their strengths diminish and weaknesses get highlighted, instead of asking why we aren’t an organization that does the opposite and elevates its hires with any consistency. I know, I know... Debbie downer. I’m sorry guys. I am enjoying the hope that Bruce’s removal gives us for now that all the above occurs. Until it doesn’t, I’m going to hope it does.
  8. thesubmittedone

    Forfeiting a first round pick every 3 years

    I know, I was being facetious you silly goose.
  9. thesubmittedone

    Forfeiting a first round pick every 3 years

    So you’re saying we poorly manage our resources, it’s totally on the owner and his top exec in charge of that, and they set up every one else for failure in the process as they essentially have to coach, scout and play with that handicap against the rest of the league? No one has thought about this or discussed this the past how many years and you’re crazy for suggesting it!
  10. Man is he fun to watch. Oof. Even his carries for little to no gain... he’s just a straight up threat as soon as he touches the ball. Love it. What a massive difference having him back and in an increased role has made. Really hope he can stay healthy (and we can keep him healthy) for the duration of his career, because he’s a game changer in my mind. His style of angry running is more prone to injury, but AP has shown you CAN last with it. I’m glad he gets to learn from him. Hopefully that’s the biggest thing he takes away.
  11. thesubmittedone

    Next Coach?

    It’s harder to identify because scouts and personnel execs operate behind the scenes and aren’t forced to acquiesce to the media like coaches. But I’d imagine being within the inner circle of the NFL you’d have access to who is talked about as a potential GM and what they’ve done recently. Obviously, you’d start with the more consistently successful franchises and try to poach from there. See which area scouts have had the best results with draft picks that came from the area they scouted. Etc... The scary thing is, with Dan, there’s more talk than anything else that he’s considered an introvert, isolated even within the inner circle of the owners, so he’s likely behind even on that. There has been an instance where he was praised by other owners for his work in the entertainment/media field or something like that, I don’t remember. But mostly we hear the opposite. Btw, there was a thread recently on it. @Skinsinparadise put up some names, I believe, maybe he’ll post a link for you to it. But, like I said, we just don’t have much to go on because these guys simply aren’t in the spotlight, though that is slowly changing for the better.
  12. thesubmittedone

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    It’s not going to be Zimmer, necessarily, it’s all about Xavier Rhodes. Unless they manage to develop someone better to replace him. He’s been awful and teams are attacking him this year. He’s like their version of Norman, except he’s been elite for a long time with the Vikings. It’s a shame but it seems like he’s lost a big step. If he can get it together and they stay healthy, they’ll likely be a dominant force moving forward. All I care about when I look at the Vikings is that they’re paying Cousins and STILL have the better roster than us. They STILL have the better team. I don’t care about the “big game” talk or playoff wins or whatever. I’m not into those arguments because I’m not a Vikings’ fan or Kirk fan for that matter - outside of what he did as a Redskin that I’ll always appreciate (though I do believe he’s a very good QB and even think he still has a chance at becoming elite - QBs like him that operate within the pocket, are durable, and are all about the mastery of opposing defenses don’t really stop developing, Brady will tell you that). That’s all that matters to me as a Redskins’ fan. The Vikings managed their resources better than we did. They have the better roster and the better results. They have hope and they’re in contention. And that includes the Kirk contract. They win. We lose. The moment we become a better team than them, the moment our record reflects that (playoffs or no playoffs, winning “big games” or not), that’ll be the moment I’ll ease off of how Dan and Bruce handled that entire situation and how horrendously our resources were managed there. It won’t change the years that were wasted and the people they set up for failure in the process, but at least it’d be over. Until then, even if the Vikings win one more game than us, that’s all that matters to me as a Redskin fan. I don’t need to add all these weird, team-based, conditions for Kirk to prove before I can be disappointed about it. Bruce didn’t want to pay him his market value after procrastinating about it and then didn’t trade him when that was decided, and now we have another team who DID pay him and STILL built a better roster than us. Why should I give a damn about anything else?
  13. thesubmittedone

    Say it ain't so Montae...

    I’m glad you admitted it’s all the time, because I was going to tell you it’s gotten to the level of trolling behavior. You call people sheep in almost every post you make. It’s not going to fly here anymore. State your views and leave it at that. This isn’t an invitation to discuss here. Any questions or concerns you can PM me or take it to the Feedback Forum.
  14. You guys all have lost it. @86 Snyder, you had every right to be annoyed at @Gibbs Hog Heaven for insinuating some level of racism on your end, but it would’ve ironed itself out naturally (which it did). No one necessarily broke any rules since accusing someone wrongly on something isn’t automatically a violation unless it escalated throughout the board and turned into a trolling situation. I think that's enough talk about it on this thread. Let’s just move on from that everyone. That’s a Mod directive, not a suggestion.
  15. thesubmittedone

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    @skinny21 Again, you've earned a laugh and a like with that last post, so I'm going to split the difference.