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  1. @Thinking Skins I don’t know, brother... I could easily see it as having “broken down” once Snyder got involved (as legitimately everything does when he’s involved), but I can’t just go off of that speculation, as valid as your line of thinking may be. For me, the bigger problem is with the core issue I’ve focused on here where you give someone who has spent his entire career coaching total power over aspects of the organization he’s simply not an expert at. Now, Ron recognized immediately he needed help on the business side and brought in Wright, which was very good, and he quickly
  2. This is a great point, BFS, but that’s not even it for me. What’s done is done... I’m just concerned about the optics of all this. If Ron actually believes what he’s saying, that’s a big problem. If he doesn’t and is actively lying or reshaping a narrative publicly, that still is quite concerning. There are many layers of issues that arise from the above that I’ve spent most of my time on this board talking about, at least on a surface-level, so I’d rather not go in depth again for what seemingly results in a fruitless endeavor anyway, but yeah... there’s no way I can sit t
  3. To add to this, I think the Doug move was simply to remove him from anything to do with football operations and keep him on the business side. I mean, in his last position he was essentially in charge of keeping players in check off the field, and yet not only did he fail that during the season with Haskins, he was actively involved in pushing Ron to make one of the worst “culture-building” decisions I’ve ever seen where Haskins was still entrusted as the starter after breaking COVID protocols for the second time, immediately after a friggin loss! I think Ron was probably l
  4. (This isn’t directed at you, SIP) I’m going to just let go of how moronic this tweet is, how much misinformation continues to get perpetuated by fans and media about the importance of proper organizational structure, how Dan influencing the process with his “...why not both?” suggestion is indicative of yet another failure on his end to implement said structure, and how what Mayhew said about ours being “loosely defined” is the same crap we’ve been eating for decades under Dan.... Let’s skip all that because I know it’s simply not going to matter to most and I’m just
  5. Lol, I just posted the above without seeing the news. So, yeah, Mayhew at GM is better and a step in the right direction. Let’s see if we hear anything regarding the authority that’ll come with the title. We’re inching closer to an optimal structure, but not exactly there yet. And we can certainly question if Mayhew’s resumé is better than someone like Cowden or Schoen, and/or whether guys like that wouldn’t come here because of the lack of final say... but let’s see how this goes.
  6. Man, I just want to say thank you for this. This is where these discussions should go and not the usual where people get all defensive and pissed that it’s not just what they want to hear. So, again, thank you for this. You’ve got some great questions here that are hard to answer, really. It’s mostly opinion-based, but I can try to give you a portion of what I’ve learned researching the topic. First, I think it’s important we separate “Coach-centric” models into two categories, which is what I’ve been trying to get across here lately. The first is the old “Football Emperor”
  7. Welp, might as well try again. For the 8 millionth time, “Coach-centric” does not, and has not, only meant that the Coach is the top executive and reports directly to the owner. In fact, that “Football Emperor” model is actually quite different than the recent successful ones that have been termed “Coach-centric”. As is the case with the 49ers, Bills and Chiefs, Coach-centric only meant that the Coach was hired first and either lead or had a major say in the hiring process of the GM. But once the GM was hired HE WAS NOT MADE INTO A LESSER RANK NOR DOES HE REPORT TO THE COA
  8. I’ll get into the other parts of your post another time as I feel there’s some nuance there regarding my positions you’re missing (and that’s ok, it’s a lot to take in and I totally expect that because it’s just not what we as fans are accustomed to), but I wanted to focus on this part here. Not that you care, or anyone else does, but I’m proud of you for this. I’ve come to the same realization in that we can’t get lost in this stuff, it’s just not worth it, and we’ve got to prioritize our lives better. That’s why I barely post anymore. The other part of my lack of posting is I know
  9. Never claimed to be an expert and never aspired to be anything more than a fan on a friggin message board, so that has nothing to do with anything. All I’ve always claimed was that I’ve researched the various organizational structures around the league and have presented it here multiple times. I get that it’s boring and annoying, and I’ve spoken about how the media plays a major role in perpetuating the ignorance about those things, which is why fans over-emphasize coaching at the pro level... but your response is why I largely stay quiet and avoid saying anything the last few years. It seems
  10. You know I’m 100% with you in terms of the prospects of all this (and, man, I feel for you trying to explain it here, lol)... but I will say this. I don’t blame Ron. Like, at all. This has been my position with every coach hired here. It’s not their fault Dan can’t set up a decent organizational structure to save his life. I don’t blame Ron for accepting the “Football Emperor” position... I mean, why not? It sounds great. And any concerns you have about the idiot owner sabotaging you, well, you can try (key word: try) to mitigate yourself if you’re at the top of the totem pole.
  11. So I see the disconnect here. That’s not what would happen and that’s not what I’m advocating. The GM wouldn’t be his boss, he’d be his equal. This is what the Bills, Niners and Chiefs have going on. It would actually be a “Coach-centric” model that has proven to be successful multiple times if that happens and we still get the proper authority given to each side to fulfill their roles without unwarranted interference. We’d have the delicious simplicity of qualified hires having autonomy over their respective departments. Imagine that!
  12. This is what I’ve been trying to correct, actually. You’re fault, you said to correct you if you’re wrong so now I have to, lol. The majority of “Coach-centric” models around the league and, in fact, the recent successful ones that have essentially created that buzz word in the Niners, Bills, and Chiefs are NOT ones in which the Head Coach ends up with final say over the roster. This is arguably the largest point I’m trying to make. So many people make this mistake. Dan tried to hijack that buzz word and claim he’s implementing that model, but he only implemented his “HC as Foot
  13. Look, I think Kyle absolutely has the potential to be a great GM in this league and I’ve been a fan of his work for some time now, so I get the general consternation that exists among us about him being looked over and/or not given a shot at the position, but we have to understand that an equally important aspect of this hire is that there’s synergy between the head personnel exec and the head coach. As fans of this team we should know this better than anyone else, as there hasn’t been a coach here that has had real support and a synergistic relationship with their personnel departme
  14. This is, like, literally the main point I’ve been making regarding your leanings that “HC as Football Emperor” is not really the best model but is the best model only to keep crazy Dan at bay... and then you just drop this like it’s nothing? I’m just playing, but I think you do mistake (not purposely or in a sinister manner) one of the key points I’m making about this, so forgive me if I sound like a broken record but it’s worth repeating just based off what I’m reading here. I have a problem calling the current organizational model we have “coach-centric”. As origina
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