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  1. I'm speaking tongue in cheek to some degree, but Jon Stewart really bailed when we needed him most.
  2. Stella is a very good girl.
  3. You guys did a bang up job redesigning the site. Looks nice and easier to navigate.
  4. So, today at the gun range two youngish guys, vets we figured, with bugaloo bois bumper sticker shooting long range at human targets. One of them had the anarchy symbol tatted on his arm. Isn't that for antifa? Weird to see that here. Everyone else middle aged hunters sighting in for the coming hunts.
  5. I had to file my form to have extra withholding for this and next year after getting hit with a tax bill that was too much for me to handle easily. My Medicare went up and that's how they made my monthly payment not go down, by dropping my withholding amount without me asking. ****ed up.
  6. It's not those easily disproven little lies individually, it's the effect of dozens of them. Continually. Goebbels would be proud of them.
  7. Today I had the dubious pleasure of throwing two Trump doorknob flyers in the trash right in front of the inbred looking, five chin having, pants up to his belly button wearing vacant eyed moron who hung them there.
  8. Since joining this outfit fifteen years ago (prior to that talking with strangers online seemingly involved nothing but pedos and chatrooms) face book and one other anonymous site (WWE style political flame wars that is ashamedly fun) are all I've ever signed up for. No interest in Twitter or Instagram or what have you. Faceboom has definitely lost its appeal. The end is niegh.
  9. There are the few I wish to remain in touch with, at least in an ethereal basis. And family. It works with minimal fuss. If Trump wins, however, all bets are off.
  10. Awesome. Piling on the side is correct. Really appreciated!
  11. I have some chicken quarters marinating to cook on the grill this evening for the old ladies sister (not so thrilled about company from Texas but what am I gonna do, she's careful I'm told). Thinking to use my Weber kettle but I could use a quick pointer from the kettle guys here on how to regulate the temps using the ventilation holes. Top all the way open, bottom barely opened for an indirect cook?
  12. Facebooked? I have two thirds of my acquaintances unfollowed. Ignorance is bliss.
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