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  1. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    You're finally starting to get it.
  2. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    If it were an election ploy it wouldn't necessarily involve impeachment, so to speak.
  3. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    Sure seems to be effective sans the glass of Kool-Aid. His own people are saying some pretty damning things and the poll numbers are responding. They can't keep it up till election time but the longer it's drawn the more seems to come out, so far. You beat me to it, damn.
  4. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    You have to have to go full on Trump and say, so what if it's an election ploy? It's a good one.
  5. KAOSkins

    Racist costume?

    If I wore that around here (NM) to a party I'd wind up with black and blue face.
  6. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    Pelosi is actually handling this right. Do exactly the opposite of what Trump and his congressional stooges are trying to get you to do. She's got plenty of time. The more people read about the admin refusing to testify, changing their story and whining continually about it before the election, the better.
  7. I could see Moscow Mitch horse trading judges for having Trump's backside. They've been a particular interest of his for years.
  8. I have a retirement gig driving a tractor and singing to kids at a local corn maze/pumpkin patch. Last week the Mescalero Apaches came down off their mountain to pay us a visit. 3 Redskin shirts and 2 hats. I fist bumped all of them and we commiserated.
  9. KAOSkins

    The ES Heavy Metal Thread

    Shirt from the concert last week. Full size spitfire on stage. Awesomeness!
  10. Made me think of this
  11. Year after year. If losing was a functional motivator for improvement we'd be world class.
  12. I hope they include some plan for vocational, non college bound kids too.
  13. The Devil you know. He's really good to us on ocassion. But then he always leaves us hanging. Plenty of solar and wind out here too.
  14. For years there was a section in NM Magazine (the tourist board rag) called One of Our Fifty is Missing. Stories about shipping problems, driving license issues etc. I got told once I spoke good English.
  15. As usual, I'm a day late and several thousand dollars short. Actually, my degree from NMSU was some of the best money I ever invested in myself and it was very cheap.