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  1. FB got me laid, after a really bad health issue and a long, long dry spell. That's the only good thing it ever did for me...it was a pretty good thing though. The extent of my social media participation beyond that is ES (the first place I ever talked to a stranger online all those years ago) and one other anonymous forum where I can vent politically without repercussion. The generational attacks are cringe worthy for sure. There is not much I consider to be more vapid than those stupid memes about millennials. Do these jackwagons not realize that the boomers made the same stupid generalizations about us gen Xers? Is it a strange offshoot of tribalism? In your face examples of people who you like being unashamed jerks (to put it mildly) proved to be it's undoing for me. I don't want to know their views. The idea that politics and religion should not be discussed at the dinner table definitely needs to be expanded to social media. People feel amazingly free to be complete jerks in a way they never do in person. FB has been off my phone for more than a year and I don't check it that much lately at home.
  2. KAOSkins


    Merry Christmas ES!
  3. I was listening to some show on Sirius on the highway friday and they were talking about the botched up seriously dishonest application that caused Sinclair to recently lose a merger case with the FCC (so badly that even Ajit couldn't see fit to approve it). They are a reprehensible bunch.
  4. KAOSkins

    Cutting the Cable cord

    Seems like they have some sort of dual-network flex in the schedule this year. This is the second all nfc game I've seen on CBS so far. Nothing like taking the already confusing, plan wrecking flex nonsense and making it even more so. Thanks NFL!
  5. KAOSkins

    **** the Cowboys

    **** the Cowboys like they did the sheep they rode in on.
  6. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    They're pepper berries before they are ripe and turn black and hard. Has a more peppery flavor but not quite as sharp. If that makes any sense. I also use white pepper in dishes where I don't want the black specks but I want some of the flavor. Like risotto for instance.
  7. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    This is from Chef Paul's book. Although it's meant specifically for the etouffee recipe I really like it as a catch all cajun seasoning. It's excellent as a blackening spice mix.
  8. Do you think the guys that work for you could wring a little more out of you if they organized? Maybe you're really fair, I'd like to think so. See, I just can't understand how Republicans can (middle class or lower ones anyway) justify in their head that labor shouldn't use the only power they have, organizing, to maximize their share of the pie. Seems common sense to me.
  9. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    If you ever make it as far west as El Paso, try them at the State Line. Never had 'em anywhere else to compare honestly, but they are better than the brisket. Which is very, very good.
  10. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Spoken like a true Texan. Shiner Brewing Co and BBQ brisket (and better yet beef ribs) are the two things I'm forced to respect about that place.
  11. Let's see guys, how about we plant it in the deepest part of the ice on their world. When they are developed and, ironically, stupid enough to change their climate sufficiently the ice will melt and....blammo!
  12. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Yeah, I don't make soup that often either. That minestrone recipe is money though, use a nice piece of parmesano reggiano rind in the pot with the veggies and it makes something special. So good for you too, hardly any fat and everything from spinach to squash. Plus beans for protein. The arborio gave it a nice smooth texture as well. If you take it off before the veggies are all the way done and freeze it you can add the beans and a dollop of pesto when you heat it up and it's good stuff.
  13. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Homemade minestrone today with some garlic bread. Been rainy but of course since I decided to make soup it's sunny today. Still, it's a light meal full of vitamins. I put a little arborio rice in it along with half a garden full of veggies.
  14. I drive by sunspot pretty regularly. Its about 70 miles east of me. There really is not very much there. Local talk is about the post office and suspicions of a white powder insident, with a unibomber type person being responsible. Thin line between genius and insanity. Just talk.
  15. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    So the version of lasagna from Cook's Illustrated-italian classics. Calls for those noodles and it is lights out. Think I recall you mentioning them before ASF. Cook's Illustrated that is.