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  1. KAOSkins


    There is a family of kestrels that lives in my neighborhood and hunts the field behind my house for lizards and grasshoppers and such. Ours are much plainer being desert birds. Got this shot of one hovering over my backyard in the wind.
  2. KAOSkins


    I like growing parsley both because it's nice to have it to cook with and it attracts beaucoup black swallowtail butterflies. After watching the wasps suck the caterpillars down like Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti, I saved one and have been raising it in a terrarium. Henry (soon to be Henrietta) started his chrysalis last night. Very cool endeavor. Video of the butterflies https://drive.google.com/open?id=11REurfa-2wEd2wS8WIrgCWcjDMIpU4O1
  3. The life cycle of certain fish lends itself to farming or hatcheries, like salmon. Cod don't.
  4. KAOSkins

    Do we have any ES dentists?

    Last tooth I had pulled was a doozy. If the hammer and chisel come out you should be put under for it. Give in to the vickies. My sockets have always remained moist, just the way I like em, thank heaven.
  5. KAOSkins

    Buying First Car for Teen Driver

    That's funny! We used to do that water skiing in the irrigation ditches around here. I had a '73 land cruiser. I still miss that vehicle (best one I ever had) and I'd love to get another one but they are incredibly expensive now. As for first time cars, much as I hated it the big, ugly, bad gas mileage getting nova that was my first car was a very good choice by my pops. Making it expensive for me to go too far was a good check on me.
  6. KAOSkins

    Subscription services that are worth it

    Out in the sticks Sirius XM radio is the best $5 a month I spend. I'll do HBO or Starz etc for a month here and there and it's great we can get them without a long-term subscription.
  7. Name change to Church of the Celestial Second to be announced shortly.
  8. License, registration and insurance. Take them away ,over time, from the people who aren't willing to cooperate. Slow but any improvement is improvement. No magic fix without a constitutional convention.
  9. My dad, a far left leftists, told me when he was teaching me to shoot, we have guns because they have guns.
  10. Weird when it's a place you've been. I've shopped at Cielo Vista Mall dozens of times over the years. Crazy ****.
  11. KAOSkins

    Go forth and get your free money from Equifax!

    https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/02/tech/equifax-check-claim-change/index.html Appears it isn't going to be $125.00 anyway. Silly consumers, trixs are for rabbits.
  12. Kinda like pity sex.
  13. Brain damage can often mimic the effects of alcohol. I like to imagine when he was a Richie Rich boy his pony kicked him in the head.
  14. He's a teetotaler.
  15. KAOSkins

    Neighbor sucks balls..thread for this?

    The old lady next door told the other neighbors that I was a peeping Tom. Hell, if I was so inclined it sure as **** wouldn't be to look at that old hag. Luckily I know the other neighbors well enough that they told me and they didn't buy it. Only neighbor in 30 + years I haven't gotten along with. Can't win em all.