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  1. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    They all got purty mouths.
  2. KAOSkins

    Any actors or actresses you have met?

    Me and my buddy, and two guys that worked at the oil refinery nearby, sat at a table at a bar in the west part of St. Croix with Billy Murray and his wife drinking and watching the sunset. '96 I think it was. We saw the greenflash. Talked to his wife more than him, they were just building a house in Santa Fe (I'm from NM) but he was very nice. No one harassed him. Then I had to drive all the way back to Christiansted on the wrong side of the road with a buzz.
  3. KAOSkins

    The Random Politics Thread

    No Popeyes here so I stopped Wilcox AZ on my way home from Phoenix yesterday just to see what all the hubbub was about. That was the finest chicken sammich I ever had. Chick filet good but really no contest. Signed - fried chicken lovin white boy
  4. Right you are, but my name isn't Myra.
  5. It gets a rise out of people. Their base loves this sort of thing. Best ignored. But usually isn't.
  6. Compensation for his cowardice?
  7. KAOSkins

    Let's Talk about Pets

    Had to say goodbye to my pretty girl this morning. She was the craziest dog I ever had but a sweetheart.
  8. KAOSkins

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Day 8 of my day before Thanksgiving Pastrami. Into the smoker. So far I cured a brisket point for 5 days. Soaked it for another day to get the salt out. Coated it with corriandor, pepper and a few other spices and let it sit for 2 days in the fridge. I'll smoke it about 8 hours and then wrap it in foil. Finish by steaming for a couple hours prior to serving. My family goes nuts for it because we don't have any decent Jewish delis in these parts.
  9. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    The Pubs are coming on strong with the whole "year before an election" thing. I mean no offense, but this reeks of the sin all week and be forgiven Sunday type of Christians. Wait for another election and then everything is ok. The lack of accountability shouldn't surprise me but it does.
  10. The Witcher books are great. Written in a very off hand and irreverent style that is, at least it seemed to me, darker than the game. Geralt doesn't give a **** about much, excepting Ciri and his lady friends, and neither do most of the rest of the characters. I'm hoping for a kinda mix between the books and games. The books were great but I spent way, way more time with Wild Hunt Geralt than I did book Geralt.
  11. KAOSkins

    What's the best flavor of cheese?

    It's the presidential cheese. Bulgarian sheep's milk feta in the brine. Prolly my second favorite
  12. KAOSkins

    What's the best flavor of cheese?

    Parmesan of the reggiano variety
  13. KAOSkins

    Missing a Redskins' Game to Go to Paradise

    I've missed most games for the last couple seasons. It would take paying for the ticket or going to the bar lately anyhow because we don't much national exposure. I do watch when they're on broadcast tv (usually a monday or sunday night and both Cowboy games) but I long ago quit going out of my way. I remember how hard core I was 20 years ago and I do miss it. Every piece of news from every outlet I had to read every day. They could get me back too, but I don't hold out much hope. I hope the experience is a good one, Burgold. Sounds very cool!
  14. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    You're finally starting to get it.
  15. KAOSkins

    The Impeachment Thread

    If it were an election ploy it wouldn't necessarily involve impeachment, so to speak.