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  1. Triggered a Pour Some Sugar On Me flashback
  2. Yeah, the kid part is getting very long in the tooth. And I never thought much of the rock part to begin with.
  3. The guy said, "this doesn't represent the Republican party I've been a member of the last 20 years". His admirable parenting choices aside, he's a liar or a nincompoop.
  4. Just sad that I ain't gettin' me none of that. Looks spectacular
  5. That's not ridiculously far. Might have to purchase a carton of expired eggs and make a roadtrip out of it.
  6. A clear case for enacting the Defense Production Act. Instruct those chickens and roosters to get busy Mr. President!
  7. https://www.lcsun-news.com/story/news/crime/2021/05/26/las-cruces-man-accused-plotting-to-kill-president-joe-biden/7448404002/ -more at the link Have here a home grown douchebag. We're a LONG way from the Jersey shore, but he sure has the look down.
  8. Chevy Chase was doing befuddled for laughs when Tucker was still sucking on his Mama's bow tie. Poor little fella developed poorly, not much nutrition outside of that one chicken soup stain.
  9. For people that exist with the highest standard of living, pretty much ever, they sure find a lot to whine, complain and be fearful about. This goes for the large number of Righties I know IRL in spades.
  10. Do you imagine the people flying that flag are doing so because it really wasn't a confederate national flag?
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