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  1. In terms of winning/losing you're right. In terms of character, establishing a culture that could lead to winning, and being the top representative of my favorite team, I'm willing to bet that the odds are heavy in favor that we wouldn't find anyone worse.
  2. Did Hunter Biden's laptop ever show up?...With the evidence of corruption and the photos an videos of Hunter doing horrific things to underage girls? That doesn't suddenly become unimportant simply because Trump lost, right? And any follow-up on what was on the flash drive that FedEx or UPS lost in the mail that suddenly showed up?...What about the woman that said Biden suddenly out of the blue sexually assaulted her in the hallway?...Any investigations into the "Biden Crime Family"?... Is Hydroxychloroquine still a wildly effective drug to treat COVID patients with to
  3. Question because I really didn't hang on each and every pronouncement about stuff: When the Biden, Harris, Pelosi, or the two GA Dem senate candidates were talking about $2,000 stimulus from December 25th until January 5th...did they ever use the word "additional"? .
  4. "Congratulations, you have won a million dollars!" - "YEAH!!!" "You will receive 4 payments of $250,000 annually over the next 4 years."
  5. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that Sammy Davis, Jr-looking mf'er?...Did he go intro hiding?
  6. "It was not MAGA, it was Antifa members! They disguised themselves as Trump supporters. We don't do things like this, they do." Turned into... "Ok, it was some of us, but there were some Antifa dressed up as us, and THEY were the ones that started the destruction and violence." ...turned into... "Ok, maybe it was pretty much only us...but look what Pelosi and Kamala said once over the summer!" ...has turned into... "Big Tech is the real villain here! By not allowing us to tweet they are just like the Nazis! We are the true
  7. Soooo..... Eagles: fire their head coach, have to figure out what to do with their starting QB which may have played a role in their head coach being fired. Cowboys: fire their defensive coordinator and DL coach after one year, are paying their starting RB $100 gazilion dollars to rush for 46 yards per game and take himself out after three straight runs, and have to figure out what to do with their injured starting QB who may demand $40M/year or more. Giants: head coach goes on a public whining spree after not making the playoffs at 6-10, and whose starting QB just had 3
  8. There are actually people out there who think they can spin this?...
  9. Hate saying it, but this part of his game reminded me of Romo...who was frustratingly brilliant at elusiveness while still in the pocket. Better than the nickname someone gave him on twitter: "Heiney Hole" lol...
  10. I need alcohol...i should have gotten some alcohol while I was out lol...
  11. Um, maybe this> "the platform is basically the only way for someone to talk to everyone in the US. " Only the government can infringe on anyone's free speech. If Twitter were developed, run, and controlled by the government that perspective might have an argument. But it's not, so it doesn't. The right to free speech does NOT mean a right to an audience.
  12. You honestly think Twitter is the only way for the President to talk to everyone in the United States?
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