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  1. We should have traded back a little and taken the WR
  2. Why do people assume we get a pick? Trent signs a 1 year 10mil deal next year and we sign some random LB for 6mill and they cancel our compensation out. It's not written in stone we get a comp pick, certain things need to fall in place.
  3. Yeah it wasn’t close in my eyes.
  4. I think you need to add San Diego to that list. If they take a QB at 6 ,TW should be in play with their 2nd rounder. They also traded their LT to the Panthers earlier in the off season.
  5. How did you get there? Gronk 30yo TE missed all of last year, almost 20 something games over the last 3 "healthy" years, got a 4th . Trent plays LT, a premium position. He's worth a 2nd and change easily. Are we going to get that? Probably not and that I think is the games perception of the Redskins front office.
  6. 1. Draft Chase .1A. Trade back to 5 or 6 take a tackle ,Thomas is the best. If we trade back and Chase isn’t there sign Clownley.
  7. Winston is by far the best FA QB available. I’m torn on this , like Haskin and believe he will be a great player but, Winston is a better player TODAY. How about we sign Clownley and Winston. Trade our 1st for a haul of picks. Draft a starting tackle and guard . Fill in rest of roster with young players from this draft and next. Haskin sits and learns, maybe a valuable asset in later years.
  8. Sheff is a free agent THIS year, TW is a free agent next year. We control him for 2 or 3 years, he has no leverage at all. He plays or he doesn’t get paid or toll his contract.
  9. TW is under Skins control for (2) Two years, he has no leverage at all. Maybe we offer to not Franchise Tag him if he plays out his contract. If he plays like we know him to play he will get a great FA contract and we will be online to get a 3rd comp pick. It’s a make good deal that will get him to unfettered free agency.
  10. He didn’t have the talent it takes to win but, it looks like he knows what he’s doing. the other thing I took from that was we’re going to need bigger and more physical CB’s.
  11. He pulled off one of the greatest fake punts I have ever seen. Took a five yard delay of game penalty, then faked the punt. Did it to run up the score on , I think a Buddy Ryan team.
  12. I see why you didn't agree with me, your delusional. Case was bad but, he didn't lose the game by himself. If and when we could ever field a defense that could just do basic stuff , like cover RB, tackle , and get off the field on 3rd downs. Maybe we could win games when our QB is having a bad game. Check the tape of Scherff, he looked lost. missing multiple assignments.
  13. Good god why? He's terrible. I don't care what they say he grades out, my eyes tells me he sucks.
  14. This is complete BULL****! Nothing that our lineman do is out of the ordinary. Better hand placement is nothing but A REF DECIDING you held. Watch other teams line play, same as the Skins. The only difference is ,is it called a penalty.
  15. How do they grade guys? Is it a negative if they get penalties? If so I can see how our tackles are rated so low, they both got 2-3 penalties in this game. On the other hand Scherf didn't get called for any but I saw Cox blow him up a couple of times.
  16. Just watched the game and it continues. The refs perception of the Skins are "THEY SUCK". If they believe that ,that is why were the most penalized team week in week out. I don't believe it's a conscience choice by the refs, but I watch the other teams line play and they do the same thing. It's how its taught but, the Skins get a holding call and other teams just play on. When the Skins were great we didn't get called for this ticky tacky stuff every play.
  17. Last time I checked Trent wasn't on the Super Bowl winning team last year. There are better tackles in Pro Football.