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  1. That is some next level BS. Moses has issues with holding? Obviously you don’t watch NFL lineman block. They all hold! The only thing is will they call it or not. I believe Moses has the rep among Referees and they call it more on him. The truth is he isn’t doing anything differently than other lineman.
  2. Denver seems to be a fit. Not sure if they have the cap space but he would fill a need. With 2 years on his contract and showing last year he could play LT in a emergency, I’m thinking a 2nd and 5th.
  3. It’s a Washington Football Team rule. When Gibbs and Betheard ran the team we always had future players PRACTICING on injured reserve. They had to make a rule that if you went on IR, not only couldn’t you practice, you also couldn’t play that year. JEALOUS!
  4. Exactly.......definitely not trying to rain on the Reyes parade, but people keep saying "TG, Antonio Gates, & Jimmy Graham" were former basketball players. Yeah, they were, but they also were QUICK & explosive type players on the court. I dont see that from Reyes on the court. For more reasons than one I want him to make the team and contribute. But like someone else said, he's got a mountain to climb. I don’t think you realize how good an athlete he is. Maybe you don’t watch a lot of basketball, but basketball players are in another world when you’re comparing them to footba
  5. It looks like Scherff has turned down offers that would make him the highest paid guard in the NFL. Thank God he didn’t take it. We can get a good guard for half of that salary. It still looks like he wants to bet on himself and play out the one year deal.
  6. I’m saying we know what the top guards get paid. Scherff sees it too. He wants to either reset the top or play this out on the Franchise tag. There is absolutely no reason to bid against yourself. Age and durability matter. Scherff is lacking both.
  7. We're not signing Scherff to a long term deal. It just doesn't make any sense to give him MORE money and MORE years than Thunney got. Thunney is 2 years younger than Scherff so thats got to be the ceiling on our offer. He hasn't signed so why offer more than another younger pro bowl guard? Maybe Scherff has no intentions of playing football after this year, and he just set himself up for a pretty good pay day and he just walks away.
  8. Then Winston signed for backup money. Hill is getting 12 million. We should have made an offer, Fitzpatrick money and we have a young starter for cheap.
  9. Thuney got 5/80 million with 32 million guaranteed. And another 16 million partially guaranteed. He’s 2 years younger than Scherff. Scherff would have been hard press to get 15 million a year on the open market. We just bidding against ourselves.
  10. Thats amazing. So what teams won Super Bowls the other 26 years? STOP CHASING QB they are just one part of the team.
  11. I'm confused, the picture I saw was Haskins on TV with some woman kissing the screen. You saw Haskins with the woman watching himself on TV? Explain it to me.
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