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  1. Thats amazing. So what teams won Super Bowls the other 26 years? STOP CHASING QB they are just one part of the team.
  2. I'm confused, the picture I saw was Haskins on TV with some woman kissing the screen. You saw Haskins with the woman watching himself on TV? Explain it to me.
  3. I don't even think it looks like him. Truth, did you see him there? No, so why are you putting his name on this? These times we live in ,so much fake stuff, how can you absolutly know what the truth is. All I saying is ,you don't know and you're gossiping like a 14yo girl.
  4. That still doesn't mean that Haskins attended. Unless you have a newspaper with the date, your just posting hearsay.
  5. You even said it, "added 23 hr ago" . That doesn't say when they were taken. If they were last year and added 23 hrs ago ,would they be relevant today? They seem to be leaked to just stir a pot.
  6. These pictures prove nothing. Just enough to get you to look. This isn't evidence of anything, the times wrong, saying 23 hours and staring at a picture on he TV isn't proof.
  7. It was Saturday night? Not yesterday after the game? Ok, how sure are you that's Haskins in the pictures? The 2 i've seen ,Haskins wasn't in one and the other might be ,could be him. You have better pictures?
  8. I'm asking how do you know it was last night? They were posted last night isn't the same as THIS IS LAST NIGHT.
  9. Nope , I was at work. The author on SB Nation was doing the write up so, that's good enough for me.
  10. So were the pictures from last night or were they posted last night? Can you tell?
  11. Hurts barley completed 52% and if I read the outcome from the Philly board he got lucky that the Cards dropped a couple of interceptions. Yeah, he's great. What is Hurts 25? 26?
  12. 1 score game! You’re just making stuff up. Just because you didn’t think we could win , you call it garbage time. Is that all teams or is this just for QB you don’t like?
  13. What's garbage time in a one score game? Doesn't fit your narrative right.
  14. That pass was on point. This offense is crazy! I’ve never seen so many receivers in the same area except from Turner’s offense. The pass was to Sims, Thomas knocked it into the air, it was behind him, he twisted back to try to catch it.
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