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  1. Paul is probably throwing this **** out there in hope that whatever Don has on him. He won't drop it after inauguration. "I had your back, Man. See? You don't need to release that information."
  2. Guessing they are trying to both find a new location to play AND convince that county for some kind of waiver.
  3. Can't imagine Turner getting HC interviews. Now, Bieniemy. Overdue for a gig. Hope he gets options that aren't NYJ or Det.
  4. I don't know Sheppard from Adam. But he's been in a losing situation since before he was promoted. Ernie left a Dumpster Fire and Ted refuses a restart. Add in sign-off from players who aren't of that stature. You get whatever this is.
  5. The Drug Addict analogy is very fitting here. Foxnews has been their dealer for so long. Now their customers want something stronger with other options out there. This could also go in the "I don't understand Trump Supporters" thread. These people aren't going to join reality today, tomorrow, next year, maybe ever. If they read a press release off of Reuters or the AP, they'd scream fake news and believe it. Thankfully, they aren't shy online and the dumbest of them use their real names.
  6. I think at some point it's going to happen unless he's so broken down, nobody will trade for him.
  7. at some point he's going to start pocketing more of the money donated to fight the count and pay off campaign debts. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of those debts are never paid. But putting money into filing fees/etc. will end as soon as they figure out a way to say it was stolen and they can't do anything about it..... yet.
  8. Of course nobody believes Sheppard or the Org on this. But what else could they say if something isn't happening? "We tried but they wanted too much from us?". Maybe Wall got smart and realized his best chance at being moved is to come into camp and work hard. Then play and work hard on the things other teams want to see before trading for him. Defense, Distribution, Burst, Decision Making, Etc.
  9. It will always be amazing that the fat guy with fake hair and fake skin is unable to see himself in all these people he criticizes. Mother ****er, Rudy doesn't look that much worst that you. You both look terrible.
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