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  1. The Tackle market is terrible in free agency. Need to upgrade that spot for whoever is QB. Draft seems best option and as unexciting as it would be. One drafted at 19 would be a day 1 starter.
  2. Let them try it. Dems shouldn't waste oxygen on whatever they say beyond saying they were never serious about anything that wasn't Wealthcare for their richest donors. Move on to topics that are simpler to lay out. Getting vaccinated. Getting schools open. Massive hiring for rebuilding roads, bridges, power grids. Tax breaks for those who hired and made things in America, and not those who just promise to do it after a break.
  3. exactly. Don't slow down. Don't look back. Don't worry about what Tucker and Hannity are going to say.
  4. Right. I want to know what is next on their list that they can get 50 Dems to vote yes on. Don't worry about the "haters and losers". Don't even respond to their little gifs on social media. Nothing to gain by dunking on them now. Move on to the next thing.
  5. I imagine he can change what he looks like now that he has those memories. Like when Vision was "born" and he just created his outfit with cape.
  6. He voted yes in the end. True this, the alternative option to him isn't a more progressive Dem or liberal Dem. They'd lose that seat in WV right now.
  7. If they take control of congress they can try, and Biden can Veto for a bit. That's a bridge you cross when you arrive there. Right now you do as much as possible without dragging your feet or being fooled into faux calls for unity and compromise.
  8. Murkowski can pound sand. They'd be cuck rino traitors. This could be the Reagan Bill to provide Oxygen for Republican Babies and if the Dems proposed it, they'd reject it.
  9. I feel like if Frese wanted, she could take Turg's lunch money every day. We know Women's NCAA is a different thing with how many teams do really compete. But she doesn't care. Wants all the titles. No sharing. Be Greedy.
  10. Keeping him fresh to PH late in games and play 1st every few days could be big for him being available.
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