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  1. I'm so terrifical I even got my own 1-800 number. 1-800-UNBELIEVABLE!
  2. Why aren't people talking about how Sheppard was like their 3rd choice for GM and now we're supposed to believe he's the guy for this search?
  3. Did we just because best friends? I almost posted that exactly quote.
  4. Right. If they think the name is going to get people to believe they are headed in the right direction. Nope. The expectations would only be bigger for him. Talk to all the top candidates. Cassell, Hammons, whoever. The good ones are going to be honest with Sheppard and Ted that without embracing a longer term plan and being open to moving pieces you might love right now for assets late. They aren't interested.
  5. I have a copy of Ford Fairlane on Bluray. I'm not kidding. Zuzu Petals ROCKS
  6. I was looking for Will Misselbrook's email/social media trying to tell him earlier. For the audio book of your tell all, I request Morgan Freeman or Bobcat Goldthwait.
  7. that's what I did also. Scanned the site and then tweeted at the team that the it was down. Maybe it was something the new digital staff missed.
  8. It is. The museum of Jewish History in Berlin is even heavier.... if that's possible As far as her actually getting it. She's almost 50 years old. Even if she did, not good enough Also, I don't believe she got anything. You don't go from Jewish Space Lasers to a half-assed statement.
  9. Mandatory Minimums that are a lot more than 18 months or even 5 years would be a good start.
  10. Reminds me to get on alibaba to order some "Trump 2022" hats/shirts made in china to sell on Amazon. If Crazy sells, I might as well help these suckers and their money go down different paths
  11. as stupid as Lindell sounds. Why is Rolling Stone giving him a platform? As much as I think it's stupid for CNN to have John Bolton on, this is 10x worse. edit: I get they want to cover these rallies because it's a trainwreck of lies. Still, this isn't breaking some news that nobody knows about yet. "Diamond and Sulk: A Weekend With Mike Lindell and the MAGA Zombies -In a small Wisconsin town, the gang reunited to keep the MAGA 2020 dream alive. There were … some hiccups" while a funny title. Even giving them the publicity to rip of them is played out.
  12. No. It was down for what looks like around 36 hours or so.
  13. Everyday we are getting news about other franchises talking to coaches and scouts, working on what's next. This franchise? They are going so slow that they will only be left with Brooks even if they don't want him.
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