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  1. @SkinsGoldPants

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    CBA says when they have to be there and when they don't. Not being around most offseasons, coming back, getting hurt. Doesn't scream "veteran leader" to me. But what do I know? The players I think vote who the Captains are. Personally, I'd want the HC to choose them as guys who are leading by example of what they want from guys who are there throughout the offseason working with their teammates who stick around town. Look, Trent can't be trusted. Suspended a few times. Blamed his lawyer on the 2nd one for whatever was agreed on. Still, it was because he did something stupid. They still paid him. Missed plenty of time. They didn't complain to the public that he can't stay healthy. The cancer thing has so many questions. Sure as **** seems he doesn't take ownership in his life. Says he missed an appointment on this by "one day"? what does that mean? Says the doctor told him the cancer was weeks from moving into his brain. What doctor really told him this? Sounds shady. The stuff with his dogs and his neighbors. Then his quotes. He seems like a dick. time to move on. Even if Rivera is amazing and can rebuild things quickly AND they pay Trent more now. He'll be 2-3 years older when they are ready for a real run.
  2. @SkinsGoldPants

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    That's why I said "culture rebuild" and not just talent.
  3. @SkinsGoldPants

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    What? You mean it NOT being about money.... or it NOT mostly being about money was bull****? We've already gone through the pieces of his story which are shady. We know about the suspensions and how he didn't take responsibility. We know about his dog breeding and his comments about a neighbors dog being torn in half by his. Get this guy out of here. Let me deal with a team that isn't cool with his Hogs 2.0 style nonsense.
  4. I'm with you. The Dems have done a woeful job preparing their next generation of leaders. Maybe even worse than the GOP. For this I do blame the current leadership who refuse to hand off control to the generation who will be alive to see their decisions have longer term impacts on the country. ****, you can't be President unless you're 35 or 40. Right? Well, even if it means you are disqualifying somebody who would be good at it and is healthy. I think 65 is a nice ceiling when taking office.
  5. @SkinsGoldPants

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I'm still in the "trade him" group. If Rivera is going to keep some older veterans around for this roster and culture rebuild, you want the Kerrigan types who are "here" and not the Williams types who haven't been for years now AND have baggage. It's still BS that he gets credit for last season because he showed up that one day No clue his value vs what you could really get. There should be teams looking to make a final run at a title like New Orleans and New England where Williams would be an upgrade over their current LT and it's worth a higher pick to protect Brady (if he's there) or Brees.
  6. My family is full of guys that look and act like him. Slouched over. Rarely speaking in a calm voice. Looks like he just woke up and didn't comb his hair. Always smart but not someone we'd go to for advice or even leadership. Uncle Bernie.... that cat is a trip. Glad I didn't have to sit next to him at Passover last year.
  7. I'm missing the appeal of Bernie to his supporters as well.
  8. @SkinsGoldPants

    2019 MLB Thread (Trout re-signs with Angels, 12yr, 430m)

    This guy has been hurt a lot recently.
  9. @SkinsGoldPants

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Salute the Girdle. Holding 300lbs+ in day after day. He should upgrade to one with the fake abs defined on it.
  10. @SkinsGoldPants

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I think games like yesterday are why Brooks could be gone next year. Wall coming back will get some fan interested up. But not as much as a new coach with a new system AND Wall coming back AND maybe they add someone in the summer. ****, watch them change the name to something like "The Washington Monuments". You know it's in the works.
  11. @SkinsGoldPants

    2020 Washington Nationals Thread ***WORLD SERIES CHAMPION***

    after the Nats won the WS I messaged the folks who made that t-shirt to see if they were still available. They didn't reply.