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  1. Kind of gruesome how a thread to memorialize RGB has turned into what it has. But, 2020. I leaned towards the middle on a lot of issues. But right now after the past 4 years. If the D's take the WH and Senate. They should jam through everything they every wanted under the sun. Expand court sizes? ****... go for it. Get rid of life time appointments and make them like 16-20 year terms? Yes. Make election day a national holiday. Yup. Create laws that punish voter suppression with minimum long-term jail sentences. Agreed. Take money away from the wall and fat military budget and moder
  2. Without an OL that is even average along with the same issue at WR and TE.......AND we don't know about these RBs. Judging a QB as if that position is an island is hard. What is Thomas caught 2 of those 4+ that hit his fingers and then the ground? What if the OL didn't give up a strip sack in the redzone? What if Apkye wasn't struggling this much? I don't know. Maybe Haskins still misses guys or looks uneasy in the pocket. 2 weeks ago we talked about only a couple of wins and hoping to see guys improving over the year and finishing the season strong. That hasn't changed.
  3. Until the OL raise its game to "Average" you can only do so much. Now with losing a guy there. Its rough. Get rid of the formations that aren't taking advantage of the field width. Force the D to spread out of the box. On D. I don't get why the DBs didn't attempt to jam the WRs to give the DL an extra second to do something. 3 and short playing way off, confusing.
  4. I'm not making light of it, either. It's easy to make fun of him because he's turned himself what he probably hated when younger and grinding.
  5. He's mentally ill and being taken advantage of by people in politics and music. He's not going to have a happy ending. When was he hospitalized for mental stuff? Just a few years ago.
  6. Better late than never, but if he started earlier even if he spent less. You'd have Cheeto Jesus down there and not the rust belt our Nevada.
  7. Only so much you can do/say. What we've got here is... failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men.
  8. New coach. No real OTA or preseason. It will take time to implement a system. But fundamentals. Those are something everyone has been coached for years. Make you tackles. Don't freelance. Do you job and eventually that plus system and culture will win games.
  9. 1. No injuries 2. No easy mistakes or stupid penalties 3. Offense and defense lined up and ready quickly. Not confused or waiting for a play call 4. Finish plays/tackles 5. Match or beat the energy of your opponent
  10. Need a national Aqueduct system to move water around to areas in drought. Not to rush water to places on fires. But to avoid California or the Farmlands from drying out.
  11. We're reading about the new batch of ads coming out from Biden. We'll see if somebody from Don's side actually pumps in $100M now, or if that's just bull****. I want to see those polls after a few weeks of these ads.
  12. It would explain why he's trying to hold campaign events instead of press conferences. Costs them nothing.
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