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  1. Sure it does. How often did the defense put the offense in better positions last year compared to this year? And the running game certainly has been a bigger impact than last season.
  2. Last year's defensive PPG ranking: 27 Last year's defensive YPG ranking: 21 Last year's rushing offense ranking: 28 This year's defensive PPG ranking: 4 This year's defensive YPG ranking: 14 This year's rushing offense ranking: 11 Yeah no wonder "all he does is win".
  3. 1 and done in every one of those years except for 2. One of which they did not make the playoffs.
  4. DJHJR86

    The Offensive Line Thread

    I'll wait to see how they do against the Texans, but I was really impressed (and shocked) at how well the line protected Smith.
  5. Is it really that much of a difference from this year to his other years in KC (in the first 9 games)? 2014: 182/275, 66.18%, 11 TD, 4 INT, 92.8 Rating, 6.94 AY/A, 1 Rushing TD 2015: 187/299, 62.54%. 10 TD, 3 INT, 91.5 Rating, 7.48 AY/A, 1 Rushing TD 2016: 203/302, 67.22%, 9 TD, 4 INT, 91.2 Rating, 6.88 AY/A, 2 Rushing TD 2017 was his breakout career year. Now compare what he's done this year: 2018: 193/301, 64.12%, 10 TD, 3 INT, 90.7 Rating, 7.01 AY/A, 1 Rushing TD So either he takes 4 years to get comfortable in a new offense, or it's just simply the reality (based on his entire career) that 2017 was the outlier and that this is who he is and who he will always be. It ain't getting any better.
  6. DJHJR86

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    The Texans are a legit playoff contender while we are not. We scored a measly 16 points against the Bucs. I suspect a similar output against the Texans. Texans win 24-15
  7. DJHJR86

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith? Prescott: 175/273, 64.1%, 1930 Yards, 11 TD, 5 INT, 90.8 Rating, 7.05 AY/A, 3 Rushing TD Smith: 193/301, 64.12%, 2045 Yards, 10 TD, 3 INT, 90.7 Rating, 7.01 AY/A, 1 Rushing TD
  8. DJHJR86

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Alex Smith and Dak Prescott's numbers this year are near identical. I find that amazing and sad at the same time because I view Dak's ceiling as average game manager.
  9. DJHJR86

    What is Wrong with Alex Smith?

    Any comparisons being drawn between Cousins last year to Smith this year need to take into consideration the injuries, putrid defense, and lack of a running game. Just throwing records out there does absolutely nothing.
  10. Is it really fans booing when they're home, or is it just the fact that the opposing team has fans that seem to outnumber the Skins fans?
  11. DJHJR86

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    ^ Jay's basically admitting he's not good enough without a solid running game.
  12. DJHJR86

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    If they fall in love with a QB prospect and draft him and he shows flashes of being competent, (similar to the Cowboys with Dak) I would not mind at all if they outright released him and absorbed the hit. Need to find a QB first though.