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  1. Well ****....predicting a series sweep.....I hate Pittsburgh.
  2. What are everyone's thoughts about the Browns drafting kizer? Think he'll ne the franchise QB they need? I think he could be good one day. Also, looks like a great draft so far by the skins!! Improving the defense pretty well it seems.
  3. Yep. He can kiss his NFL career goodbye 😂😂
  4. How are you guys so ahead of espn?! Espn still hasn't announced buffalos pick yet.
  5. So, how many picks do the browns have next year in the 1st round? 3? Or 4? Just stockpiling picks 😂
  6. Well it seemed like the dude was confused about where the number 31 came from, figured I'd help out
  7. Minus the redskins, there's 31 other teams in the NFL, I think is what he's getting at. I doubt ALL of those teams will actually end up regretting it, but that can be decided in the future.
  8. Good thing we don't play them. He's going to be really good
  9. 2020? Wouldn't a 5 year deal be until 2022?
  10. I'm sticking with my prediction that we'll draft mccaffrey
  11. Well, they were playing at home so obviously they were going to win if we dont win Friday in at Atlanta, I think we win the series 4-3 in game 7 in D.C.
  12. It's Wednesday. If a wizards playoff game isn't enough to get people to leave work early halfway through the week, I don't know what is 😂
  13. You might be forgetting the drive after that, where the interception happened 🤔
  14. Detroit, wasn't that the game that Kirk got the (would have been) game winning touchdown ON HIS OWN? Yeah. He didn't lose that. That loss was on the defense. Kirk didn't let the lions offense drive down the field. And the game against the Bengals, technically he didn't lose that game, it was a tie