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  1. Any other sources saying this as well? Don't know anything about that guy so idk, could be legit. Maybe it's something that's been happening behind the scenes that will be a surprise signing?
  2. Well, if it doesn't work out with signing Kirk here, we can always draft his son in 20 years?
  3. Don't worry guys!! It's been found!! We can sleep peacefully now
  4. My parents still have a home phone. We usually only get telemarketers, but I call home sometimes, as well as my brother and sister, and my grandparents call my house on Saturday mornings to chat with my dad. Haven't had to dial 9-1-1 though. Apparently on iphones you can ask Siri to dial 1-0-8 or something like that, which is a number that dials the cops. It's been a joke going around Facebook to tell someone to have Siri call that.
  5. so...JPP didn't sign a long term contract yet? It's Twitter 😂😂 I'm pretty sure in real life he knows the proper way to say it.
  6. I believe we've won our past two "homecoming" alumni games. Actually, maybe the past 3 or 4....going back to 2013, we beat the chargers in that game. 2014 we beat the Titans. 2015 we beat the Bucs (the you like that game), and this past season we beat the Vikings. So if we did anything with that game, have the homecoming game be the day before the 10 year anniversary (Sunday the 26th I think?) as a 1 PM game.
  7. This storm really isn't turning out to be that bad for NYC and CT. There were blizzard warnings for lots of areas and estimating 12-24 inches of snow before it's over but now it's only a winter weather advisory for everyone, and only 3-7 inches of snow expected for most areas now. Weak.
  8. How many people showed up yesterday? I'm guessing not too many?
  9. HA!!! Where have you been getting your news?? Obviously RedskinsOne is in Minnesota signing a huge contract with McNabb as we speak.
  10. A day without movie watchers. Good idea
  11. And two daughters. I think both in college actually...very attractive too
  12. Yeah, cause Bruce is surely going to listen to you guys...