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  1. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    By half a game. Plus, they could either be starting Sam Bradford or a rookie QB. I’m not too worried @ Nashville would be the 22nd (if both us and titans are in playoff hunt) or 23rd. So, unless Christmas Eve changed to one of those two days, this game will NOT be on Christmas Eve 😂
  2. Press Release: #REDSKINS ANNOUNCE 2018 SCHEDULE

    Jeez some of you are negative, at least wait until preseason to think our season will be “over by November 12th” or whatever 😂 1, the draft hasn’t happened yet. 2, any team can have injuries between now and when our games are scheduled that can have an impact in some way. Waving the white flag now is silly I’m glad none of you are in charge of the team
  3. Press Release: #REDSKINS ANNOUNCE 2018 SCHEDULE

    New rule from last offseason i believe that CBS can do an NFC game as well
  4. Press Release: #REDSKINS ANNOUNCE 2018 SCHEDULE

    Barring a miraculous super bowl run, we won’t be playing there anytime soon 😂 But that’s probably what you were hinting at
  5. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Or it could be cause the nfl schedule got released tonight i checked the score at 9 and was happy to see a 2-0 lead win game 5 in DC Saturday and the series could be ours
  6. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    Yep. It was like week 2 or week 3 game. Went into overtime.
  7. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    It’s laughable to even make any serious record predictions right now. The draft hasn’t happened yet. Plus, who knows which teams will face tough injuries. August is when I’ll pay more attention to Record predictions and at least the league didn’t screw us with having a SNF game before our thanksgiving game 😂 at first glance it doesn’t look like we got too screwed with the schedule.
  8. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    This isn’t redskins schedule related, but on it shows for Saturday December 15th two games on NFL Network (no other channels) at 4:30. Am i the only one that is wondering how NFL Network will air TWO games at the same time? Surely one of those has to be an 8:30 PM game, right?
  9. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    Redskins @ titans to be the weekend before Christmas. Won’t be any trip to Nashville for me unfortunately
  10. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    Before this past season I think we’ve had a late bye week like 3 years in a row. Had to be given an early btw week at some point. It sucks if true but it is what it is
  11. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    Yep, so thanksgiving game might not be correct if that’s the case Interesting. If true, at least 1 prime time game.
  12. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    Rumor for 12:30 thanksgiving day game is jets @ lions. Could be a good one to watch, if the jets land their franchise QB in the draft (Baker Mayfield? Josh Rosen?)
  13. Josh Doctson the new 50/50?

    Lol josh dachshund 😂
  14. Redskins 2018 Schedule (Leaks)

    ^playing on thanksgiving for the 3rd year in a row? Wow. I’d be happy about that but also surprised.
  15. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    yessss thank you all that is holy!!!! there will be at least 2 more games. the wizards and capitals aren't scheduled to play game 4 (for wizards vs raptors) and game 5 (for capitals vs blue jackets) the same day, right? I'm sure there's a solution if that's the case just checked, looks like that problem won't come up. wizards play Friday night, we play Saturday night