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  1. wow!! would love to see a clip of that. might have to look for that on youtube.
  2. how does that apply to joe theisman??? he wasn't part of the offensive line, can he really be considered part of the hogs?
  3. What do Morgan Moses, Ryan Kerrigan, colt McCoy, Kirk Cousins, Vernon Davis, and DeAngelo Hall all have in common? ....I don't know actually. This game sounded like fun so I thought I'd join in 😂😂 be creative with your answers though!! It's the last stretch of the offseason, we all need a few laughs to get us by until training camp
  4. Or gives us a chance to sign Kirk to an even longer term deal after the 3 years is up
  5. I've been so blazed with my friends this year that we when to Taco Bell to get food and broke out in laughter while ordering. This happened on 3 separate occasions too 😂😂
  6. Nice 😂😂 I met my cousins girlfriend last summer for the first time at our family reunion, and she walks into one of our cousins houses and says "it smells like books in here". She's from South America. Didn't take long for us to figure out that was code for it smells like weed
  7. No. The ganja? What's that? Never heard of this loud before. Please. Enlighten me on what the "kush" is.
  8. Apparently not. I saw the link on about Jarvis Landrys agent setting a deadline on extension talks with the Dolphins and I figured that meant he set a deadline for extension talks before the July 17th deadline. Appears thats not the case.
  9. i read about that Dolphins players agent setting a deadline for extension think kirks agent should do that? Might give the front office a bit of an incentive to get a deal done?
  10. I told myself I'm not going to get a Cousins jersey until he signs a long term deal.
  11. **** this time of the offseason...literally the slowest news time of the football news at all, except for a few players getting arrested here and there. is it time for training camp yet???
  12. **** you twitter thread for making me think Kirk signed a one year deal! It was just a one year radio deal sadly 😕
  13. Oh wow yeah I didn't notice the 4 missing 😂😂 that changes the answer, but still not -1/12 🤔
  14. Is there something I'm missing here? I got 21 where'd you get -1/12 😂😂