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  1. ok. respect.
  2. cool. wondering are you a undercover skins fan.
  3. hoping for the best for you. ES doesn't allow for us to leave under any circumstances therefore we'll be with you while you dream good brother.
  4. the giants schedule is set up perfectly when it comes to being on the road.
  5. last year the 3rd game was on nbc as a Sunday night special.
  6. thanks. but they won't let me continue reading past the first paragraph.
  7. come on es nation. i need more leaks.
  8. I'm kinda miffed there hasn't been any leaks thus far.
  9. its hard to take a person with drinking issues very serious. one thing you can't tell a hard drinker that he/she is messing up.
  10. i honestly thought blondie was a guy only because we on a message board. and when i think football its males only. no pun intended as for baker, the hit on eli had me believing he arrived. but i didn't see the consistency and he and rjf sour for me after the first eagles win when they were preaching "we run the east". so all in all. count me as we improved our D with the new signings.
  11. @Dont Taze Me Bro I'm with you on shutting down this thread. like you said, the CBA is the cause of this. its all parties exercising there rights and its nothing wrong with that.
  12. i don't care who win in these championship games as long as the AMERICAN FOOTBALL CONFERENCE WINS THE SUPER BOWL. i just can't root for the nfc if our skins are not the representative. oh and thanks to green bay packers for beating the hated giants and cowboys