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  1. Marc Gasol the king of "what the **** are you doing nooooo don't shooooo................YEAA!!!!!" shots.
  2. Holy. ****. So much composure.. Just an easy 2 man game as if they were at practice..
  3. Instant classic..
  4. Milsap made contact with the ball with a foot out of bounds. Right in front of the ref.. Jason smith gets pee wee league fouls called on him. Holy ****
  5. Flagrant foul.. He caressed his cheek. What a joke.
  6. Now Jennings and Sato? Who is supposed to score. Bogie the only scorer on the floor and thats a stretch
  7. Im with this. Cant risk any injury..
  8. What was that stat FP just said? 9 scoreless innings from the bullpen the last 3 games?
  9. Ugh. Just leave him in Dusty. Finally seeing what we saw in WBC. Pretty much unhittable
  10. Koda time. Leggo! Or let Enny keep painting 99!!! Woo
  11. Beal starts to get on track, annnnnd then airballs a 15 footer.
  12. At least Wall showed up..
  13. Good damage control by Gio!!
  14. Refs......