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  1. I chuckled when Tara gave the little girl with the quick mouth the finger as they were leaving..
  2. #Rizzo
  3. That works multiple ways...
  4. Start the season....NOW!
  5. Thank goodness. Would never hear the end of it if Tebow barreled one up off Max.
  6. Taze gone crazy! Lol
  7. Down goes Kansas..
  8. Havent seen anything on Mahinmi yet. Hopefully that hip bruise tightened up, and thats all it is.
  9. Lue got his subs in. Oubre. Again.
  10. Couple more stops should seal this thing.
  11. Tristan thompson movin alllllllll over the place.. Im juuuust about done with this.. So crooked
  12. LeFlop out in full force tonight.... So gross. 185 pound Otto sends him flying. Suuuuuuuure
  13. What a joke this league is..