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  1. Hate to bust up the Tailgate with all the talks of Trump, package bombs in Austin and whether it should be deemed terrorism, Trump, social agendas, Trump, school shootings/gun control, Trump, Russia and Trump... But baseball season starts on March 29th. Twins at Orioles. 3:05 start. I don't feel good about this season, but the Orioles did sign Alex Cobb today. Cashner/Cobb should be an upgrade over Miley/Ubaldo. Still, the rotation is full of guys that are anywhere between #2s and #5s, depending on the day. The offense is still a high strikeout, low OBP, station to station plodding type with guys that need to have hyooooooge seasons if we want to compete. I think this is a 75 win team. Anyway, this is what we've been waiting for. Get your asses in here @Bang @Hersh @DM72 @TheDoyler23 @DCSaints_fan @ixcuincle @RonArtest15 @justice98 @KingGibbs @pjfootballer @GOSKINS_08 @capcrunch98 @abdcskins @SkinFanInMinn LETS GO BIRDS!
  2. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    I'd like to see those guys in Baltimore soon. Specifically Mullins and Harvey. If some of the kids don't come up and get some seasoning this year, it's truly a waste of a season.
  3. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Any chance Rockets win tomorrow night? Probably not from what I can tell but I can hope.
  4. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    Ugh, nevermind.
  5. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Predicting LKB acting like a know-it-all? What are you gonna predict next, the sun rising?
  6. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    "They were beaten by a great player..." Announcers don't even try to hide it.
  7. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    That's game. Maybe LeBron's most impressive feat yet. I dunno, I can't hate on that guy. Like I know I should because I pull for the Wizards (not like I used to when I watched a ton of NBA) but LeBron is incredible. Gotta give credit when it's due. Class act, has a social conscious, amazing basketball player.
  8. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Rozier doesn't look to pass that trip down the floor? Terrible.
  9. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Tatum isn't backing down at all.
  10. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    That replay wasn't that great, I want to see the whole thing from floor level.
  11. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Tatum throwing that down hard as **** and then talking **** to
  12. Random Thought Thread

    It's garbage, but good tasting garbage. That said, homemade tacos done right are where it's at.
  13. Favorite Artist/Band in Favorite Genre???

    I got my first Hendrix album when I was 13, and it was Band of Gypsys which is an odd place to start if you're getting into his music. I'm not sure why I picked it but I loved it and wanted to hear more. So I snatched up every Hendrix CD I could and became obsessed. I think the part that grabbed me the most was that there was always something new I heard in the songs, a guitar part, bass line (that's him playing on All Along The Watchtower). You know how it is, some days depending on on your mood certain songs strike you in certain ways. This first one is one that sounds amazing to me no matter what day it is. I remember getting this album in high school right before a family vacation to the beach. I distinctly remember having fallen asleep with my headphones on and waking up to the 2nd half of this song and having no earthly idea what the **** was going on and being completely blown away. If you go to the link, the first comment is "2:47 onwards and upwards, with ear goggles!", which is where the best part starts....and how it should be listened to, with headphones. How the sound moves around, forwards, backwards, it just didn't make any sense to me. I played it over and over and over again. Sometimes I still do. But through Hendrix, I learned about the blues because that's what he was at his core, a true blues master. All that psychedelic, freak out, feedback and backwards guitars is awesome but at the core there's a lot of blues. In researching him I learned a lot about his influences and started listening to them, too...BB King, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, all that stuff. Hendrix definitely had his own sound and was doing his own thing but learning about what influenced him certainly opened me up to a whole new genre of music that I'd never really listened to before.
  14. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    I hate myself pulling for Cleveland here but...**** Boston.
  15. Vaya Con Dios, Manny! The plight of the 2018 Orioles

    9-7 over the last 16. Cherrypicking stats is fun.
  16. Random Thought Thread

    Welcome to the party. TGB is a perfect gentleman.
  17. Random Thought Thread I ****ing knew it. @Renegade7 don't remember the thread we were in discussing this
  18. I felt bad for the kids, like they were in a perpetually awkward situation that they'll never be able to escape.
  19. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    How do those three co-exist with each other? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm genuinely curious. Like I can't imagine LeBron having patience through Harden chucking up shots and missing like he did last night. I think CP3 and LeBron could co-exist on a team but I am not sure how Harden fits in.
  20. I tried watching the documentary about her that's on Netflix and just couldn't make it through. She's ****ing weird.
  21. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Yep, that's what I was going for.
  22. Add one more to the list of guys you thought were good but turned out to be creeps:
  23. Random Thought Thread

    By the time the last season comes up on Amazon I'll be ready to watch from start to finish all over again. I thought I saw that Keri Russell was up for an award for that role, as she should be. She's fantastic.
  24. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    He was never America's dad but he did donate a lot to causes and stuff. He was viewed as a philanthropist of sorts. Cosby had a different platform being able to be in America's living room. But if either one of them serve time, I wonder if it's going to be in federal pound me in the ass prison or white collar resort prison. Either way, I hope both of them serve time.
  25. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    That's true. I'm not saying he's a terrible ballhandler, he's pretty adept but I'd have rather seen Klay in that spot with Draymond further down the court. But you're right, catch it, hand it off or pass it backwards to Curry who's got a full head of steam and can get past someone. So do you guys think Houston can win one more with CP3 out?