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  1. I can't wait to see Kerrigan and Anderson lined up over top of Allen and go on an all-out blitz. I know that's something you can't do every down but my God it'd be amazing to see those three kill the side of an offensive line.
  2. I'm gonna go with GMSM...because there were reports that his draft board was still up. How much of a departure this draft was from that board remains to be seen and will never be known for sure. This offseason and draft has a chance to be outstanding. The stench of the GMSM dismissal and the drama that surrounded it was the only prototypical Redskin thing that has happened so far.
  3. I also think it's hilarious that you guys are talking like Steve Nash played in the 60s. He's not that far removed from the game. And I agree with Destino, anyone that's a 50-40-90 guy will be able to play anytime, anywhere. Dude could pass, too. Would he be the best PG in the game right now? Not sure. Probably not with the lack of defense, but what he meant to a team was incredible. No love for my man Gary Payton in here. I'd love to see GP get in Steph Curry's soft ass self and lock him down for a playoff series. Different rules back then but I think GP would still be a great defender.
  4. Russell, with his height and leanness would fit right in. He'd have to do more on offense but I always got the impression that Russell was more about defense, rebounds and overall team ball and really only scored when he had to. Robert Parrish was pretty mean, IIRC. No one would **** with him. Anyway, excited for this matchup. I don't think any other sport out there right now is like this, where you can ignore a good chunk of the regular season only because the playoffs elevate everyone and are WAY more exciting than anything the regular season has to offer. I think this series goes 6 or 7. Wizards eek it out, but I am biased. Go WIZ!
  5. I found the OP interesting, if not a bit naive. Both of these parties are the party of the 1%, both try to act like they're not. They both pander to the middle class every 4 years in the interest of retaining votes and retaining power. Obama, even before his election, was absolutely a member of the 1%. He was probably a member of the .25%. Maybe I'm a bid jaded but I certainly don't believe that Obama is willing to get taxed like anyone else in his bracket. I certainly believe he's doing anything and everything he can to lessen his burden just like anyone else who makes the money he does. Who else is going to these $5,000 dollar a plate fundraisers? It's not the people they claim they're trying to help out. The limousine liberals out there who're acting like they're really interested in the middle class...not buying it. Maybe liberal on social issues and causes, that's fine, there's certainly a divide there. But when it comes to money, the Democrats are just as rich and elite as the Republicans. They just try to package it a little bit better for digestion. Maybe except Bernie, who I can't stand but have to tip my hat to. That guy actually walks the talk.
  6. Well Caleb Joseph is a backup catcher. I wouldn't gauge what we do as far as developing players by holding him up as an example. Looks like the Yankees have developed some good players on their own but they got a really good influx of young talent last year when they made some trades. But Judge, Sanchez, Bird...I think they're all homegrown, IIRC. Our scouting and development department is largely crap. We've got Machado, but I'd argue he was such a no-brainer, he'd have been a stud anywhere he went. Brach, Britton, homegrown, too. But by and large it just hasn't been good. Our system is hardly ever ranked high. If I owned the Orioles, my first item of business would be to funnel so much money into scouting, drafting and then the international south american markets it wouldn't be funny. Probably easier said than done but it'd be my focus for sure.
  7. The Yankees are legit, I fear. And will be for quite some time.
  8. Curious to see what the weapons are. I think that has a lot to do with it, too. Gotta enjoy the tools that you have to get the job done. That's one of the reasons I like Modern Warfare, I like most of the guns and am pretty proficient with most of them.
  9.’reilly-has-to-go/ar-BBA2NoR?OCID=ansmsnnews11 Too bad he wasn't cut for being an aggressive blowhard but we'll take what we can get. One less zit on the landscape.
  10. I play it once. Maybe twice, just to get a feel for the controls, the weapons and how spot things. That said, this trailer looks awesome despite the fact that it's cut scenes. Doesn't look like they're gonna mess this up. And I agree. Boots on the ground, real weapons. Some decent perks but nothing too ridiculous.
  11. Tired of their human interest stories. Tired of seeing Sportscenter being interrupted with some heartbreaking story about some kid with a life threatening disease who gets to tag along with a big league ballplayer for a day. Sorry to sound callous, but show me some highlights, provide some analysis and shut up. And what the **** is up with the 6pm sportscenter? Stop mixing pop culture with sports! Like yesterday, I don't give a **** about Charlamange Tha God's new book or what his thoughts are on sports. Just go back to your roots and what made you great in the first place. It's gotten way outta hand.
  12. Part of me agrees with Earl Weaver. Firmly against beanballs and throwing at other players. I forget the anecdote, but one of his pitchers started something and he said something like "Look at Eddie Murray. Do they have anyone as good as Eddie Murray?" The pitcher said no... So Weaver said something like "Then don't throw at their guys because they're gonna throw at Eddie!" But then another part of me thinks that Don Drysdale had it right. Hit one of my guys, I'm hitting two of yours. I guess I'm trying to say I don't want anyone on the Orioles starting anything, but man if anyone starts some **** I don't want anyone on this team sitting back and not doing anything. And I don't even mind head hunting and knockdowns if that's what it takes for us to retaliate. Hopefully this doesn't go all season.
  13. Gausman sucked today...for the first half inning. Regained some composure. I don't think he's terrible, I also don't think he's that special. At this point, he is what he is, which is a #3 starter with electric stuff. He'll dazzle some nights, once in awhile he'll provide a **** start but mostly it'll be 6 innings of 4 runs, not throwing a lot of strikes and having a high pitch count so he can't work deeper.
  14. Hey, I said it was my guess That was pathetic.
  15. Gausman is getting worse, not better. Gentry's a better defender, is my guess.
  16. The Founder. Michael Keaton playing Ray Kroc. Nick Offerman is great as one of the McDonald's brothers, the other guy that plays his brother is great, too. From what I can tell, historically accurate movie. Everything I've read on Wiki and other sites has it all going down the same way. Keaton is great as Kroc, and if you're a sucker for period pieces like I am, you'll love the 50s feel. Great job on explaining how McDonald's came to be.
  17. Charles Barkley, making it awkward for everyone. Hilarious.
  18. I did literally laugh out loud at this. Well done.
  19. Well on their best day the defense is average. If the offense sucks like it does today, there's no hope.
  20. Whenever I hear the name Millsap I think of that soft band leader from Chappelle's Block Party. Anyone else?
  21. Get it to 10 or under by the half and there might be a chance. And find a way to fix Beal.
  22. That ****ing asshole Schoeder just walks up and hits a three? Come on.
  23. Stop shooting, Beal. Just stop.
  24. I don't disagree with that. the other post is right, it's pretty much Wall vs. the Hawks.
  25. Wall hasn't been the issue, Beal was looking like hot garbage.