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  1. Yeah. It's not like he'd ever win me over with his sarcastic comments.
  2. If you insist. Maybe I just don't like people who whine all the ****ing time about things they don't like.
  3. I just don't think baseball needs a world tournament. there's no good time of year to do it that doesn't do potential damage to the MLB season. Again, the Yankees have lost Didi for quite some time. While I'm not too upset about it because he's a Yankee, he might still be healthy and able to help his team. I would be apoplectic if any Oriole lost time because of an injury sustained in the WBC.
  4. Kinda bums me out that the thing that AJ will probably be most remembered for didn't happen in an Orioles uniform in a playoff game or World Series. While I'm happy the USA and AJ won the WBC, the whole tournament is still a joke. Not sad that the Yankees lost Didi for some time because it's the Yankees but if that happened to Jones, Machado or any other Oriole in the tournament I'd be ****ing livid.
  5. The examples aren't really the same. Sure, they have to do with the Broncos in the sense that colors and logos are a common theme here. BenningRoadSkin trying to stoke another race debate? Shocking.
  6. Beal already has 9.
  7. One of the greats.
  8. Outside of last year, I felt that Villanova is always a disappointment so I didn't have them going very far.
  9. Remember seeing it in the theatres, I had to be 8 or 9 years old and laughing my ass off.
  10. Everyone will probably hate on it, but I went with What About Bob
  11. ASF, how often are you having a cigar? Can't wait for it to get warm out.
  12. Is 20 assists the high for an NBA game this year?
  13. I've read time off a clock before. It's a vastly overrated experience.
  14. Wizards have always been ****ty at guarding the perimeter.
  15. Hope Wall is ok. Scary, he looks like he's in a lot of pain.
  16. More details about the sex parties. C'mon.
  17. One constant amongst fans that I've never understood is that "Dan just wants to make money, he's not interested in winning." Which is stupid and contradictory statement. If the Redskins were winning it'd stand to reason that he'd make more money. Right? Fed Ex would be sold out, they could raise prices because seats would be in demand. They could open up and sell out the seats they covered a couple years ago. They'd sell more concessions. They'd sell more parking. They'd sell more merchandise. They'd have more exposure on a national level. The value of the already valuable franchise would only stand to increase. It only behooves Dan to win because he stands to make more. I truly believe that Dan wants to win. I mean, what is this, Major League where the deadbeat owner wants to tank the team because he wants to move it to another city that'll build him a stadium? It's the ego that gets in the way. The fact that he continues to think he knows what's best and how to construct a franchise. Not a team, but a franchise. He needs his "yes men" like Vinny and Bruce. The fact that they never learn is so disheartening. It's like that Seinfeld episode where Costanza does the opposite of everything that he thinks he should do. Dan and Bruce should do the same.
  18. I understand this line of thinking. However, it's been documented that Bruce overrided some of the things that Scot wanted to do.
  19. Well then this makes more sense. This had to be the tipping point of what seemed to be a rocky relationship.
  20. He was doing a fine job. When you take into account that he wasn't able to bring in his scouts and that Bruce overrode some of the decisions that he made, he did about as well as anyone could have expected him to do. I don't know what people here were expecting. It's like they expected him to draft an all-pro every round from the first to the seventh. Look at his drafts in SF and Seattle, they weren't all amazing. He definitely had some misses but overall he did pretty well. The cavalier attitude that some posters (not necessarily you, SP4L) have about the job he was doing just doesn't make sense.
  21. It's not like McCloughan was operating heavy machinery. I don't care if our GM is a drunk. It's not like this wasn't news, either. I think the appropriate response would have been to let him know from Day 1 that if he relapses or has any issues that the team is there to help him in any way possible. Snyder and Allen did not do the right thing. They didn't try to help, as far as I can tell. There was a battle of egos that got in the way of what was looking to be a properly constructed football team. They let their egos and personal feelings get in the way of the greater good which is wins and continuity. It has been reported that the Skins have been shredded in league circles for what they've done. They've done nothing to distance themselves from the notion that they're buffoons and constantly screw up. That is why this wasn't a good move. The only way this could be a good move is if they somehow get a GM who can take what Scot had started and bring it to the next level. I doubt they can because they've shown time and time again that they'll boof the pooch whenever possible.
  22. That game last night was a great reminder as to how electrifying the NBA can be. I don't watch like I used to but I was glad I tuned in to see that game last night. Was at happy hour with a good friend the other night, he said that for the NBA you just need to tune in for the final few minutes. Which I kind of understand but you miss all the drama, the whole storyline of a teams go on runs and close gaps to get to that point where the final few minutes really do matter. Also, not sure of the Ernie hate 100%. He's had his ups and downs certainly but he's put this team in a great position to win right now.
  23. Still curious to see if he was outta bounds. I don't think so but I'd like to know. Hell of a game. Oh man, he was out. His foot clearly was on the line.
  24. This is bush league psych out stuff. Laughable, man.