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  1. 3 homers and a walk off Grand Slam...not much can top that. As much as I don't like Hunter, that was a great call. He absolutely lost it.
  2. Looks like he's comfortable going to the opposite field, which is great. Santander had a big hit that inning too, his first ML hit.
  3. He had 3 homers and 7 RBI tonight. If I'm correct, he's just vaulted himself into the top 10 for both categories in the AL.
  4. He's made up for the ****ty first half. Wow.
  5. HOLY ****ING ****!! HOLY **** WHAT A WIN
  6. Manny AGAIN!
  7. Wow, Manny!! Up under the scoreboard!
  8. So it's gonna be one of THOSE nights....
  9. These are usually really good but I've always thought that they go harder on the Skins than other teams, partially because he lives in the DMV and...well, I think he just straight up hates the organization. Some of...ok, well, a lot of it is funny, but there's a lot of rage, especially in this one. Just read the "What has alway sucked" portion of the article. That's just pure hatred.
  10. How long is the game delayed for?
  11. Looking forward to tonite. At this point I'm residing that they'll be lucky to finish at .500 or so. I'm thinking anywhere from 78 to 83 wins. So I'm rooting for personal performances. I'd like to see Manny keep knocking the **** out of the ball until the very end. I'd love to see Schoop finish in the top 10 in batting average and somehow wrestle the RBI crown away from Nelson Cruz but I doubt that's possible. I want to see Mancini finish with the Orioles rookie record for homers and finish at .300+. Strong finishes from Beckham, Trumbo and Davis would be nice, though I think the only one you can bank on is Beckham. I'd love to see Gausman and Bundy finish strong, too. The rest of the rotation is whatever.
  12. Punisher came out today? My desk just moved.
  13. No, he's proven to show who he is, and a cheetah doesn't change his stripes. The White House is looking like the WWE right now. Is Bannon gonna go hard at Trump?
  14. Yep. Quite a purge to get rid of arguably his best general.
  15. But involved enough in the plot that Hitler pretty much forced him into committing suicide.
  16. Hate to break it to you, but he's been crawling around for years.
  17. Pretty sure Rommel was part of an assassination attempt on Hitler. IIRC, as he learned about Nazi atrocities he started to turn against them, culminating in the assassination attempt. Not sure what that has to do with Lee but do what you do, Geraldo.
  18. So you don't discriminate against gays, straights, light and dark skin, religions, etc...but you're perfectly happy to discriminate against someones political differences? Obviously, political parties aren't a protected class. As stated in this very thread (and others) there are plenty of people out there who voted for Trump for various reasons. Of course there are the alt-righters who would identify with the people in Charlottesville last weekend, but there's also people who...just didn't like Hillary? Dyed in the wool GOPers who'd never vote Dem? Thought Trump would be good for the economy and small businesses? Who knows. Maybe I'm a bit of an idealist when it comes to this but I'd prefer to overlook someones political leanings when it comes to performing their daily job functions. So you mean to tell me that if the most brilliant and requested contractor who had fair and equal pricing had a Trump sticker on the back of his car, you wouldn't use him? I find that hard to believe. Maybe even cutting your nose to spite your face (****, I sound like my dad...)
  19. Well I'm sure if they had Hillary stickers they'd have gotten it right
  20. I'd prefer to have a strong economy no matter who's in office. A bad one doesn't do anyone any good. ASF, I love ya man but those contractors probably have kids to feed and people that need their support. I understand how much you hate Trump but don't you think this is a bit shortsighted?
  21. I'm starting to give my parents a lot of **** for it. Got into an email debate with my mom today about Charlottesville. Every time I send something to my dad, he replies with an article about how well the GDP is doing. That's all he cares about, the economy. Well, I haven't talked to him about Charlottesville but he being Jewish, I can't imagine he'll have much to defend. I don't know anyone else who voted for him, nor do I really care. I think we're living in a weird/dangerous time where people just automatically assume things about people that vote a certain way. Like some in this thread, they have friends that voted for Trump and they can get along with them just fine. I'm not sure when someones voting record became the biggest ****ing deal in the world, but it's like people that voted for Trump are wearing a scarlet letter these days. Then there are the people who love to brag about cutting off people who voted for Trump, which I don't's like they can't bother to associate with anyone who has a different viewpoint or one that they might not like. I get on facebook once every few days but there's almost ALWAYS this guy on my feed who I used to hang with at a bar in Fairfax 8-10 years ago. He's since moved from the area, we used to talk trash about sports and stuff. Good guy, I liked him...but is anti-Trump. They used to be funny, they used to be amusing but now it's just ravenous anger and aggression. I'm not sure if he's stable, honestly. I get the hate for Trump but I think people get too wrapped up in it and consumed with it.
  22. Yikes, even Bannon is distancing himself from Trump.
  23. Well I was gonna dress like a Juggalo. And make @BornaSkinsFan83 dress like one too and come with me.