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  1. Add one more to the list of guys you thought were good but turned out to be creeps:
  2. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Wow, I've never seen it so empty. Unbelievable.
  3. Glad to see that **** **** **** **** are all still allowed
  4. It absolutely has everything to do with winning and losing football games. This isn't an issue when the Skins suck (which is usually pretty often). Yes, this story pops up from time to time but it didn't hit a fever pitch until RG3 had the hottest jersey in the league and then in his 2nd year the Redskins had more prime time games than anyone. IIRC, the time where it was also a hot button topic was when the team went to the Superbowl in 91. Suddenly, the Redskins were everywhere and this became a hot take debate. As you can see, with the Skins back to playing mostly ****ty football, the debate has gone away. No one said anything about this last year, or the year before. No ones talking about it this year. Yet when the team was in the national spotlight, this was a huge issue.
  5. Net Neutrality 2017

    Yup. They're pieces of ****.
  6. Net Neutrality 2017

    My name was used (not that common, but there's a few of us) in Brooklyn, far from the DMV. Doubt it was real, no one really writes that way. My Dad's was used, back in August. I showed it to him and he said "I didn't even know what net neutrality was back in August!" Someone used my Aunt's, too. Unbelievable. Yet, totally believable.
  7. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Dunno, I've always bought women dildos. Haven't had any complaints yet.
  8. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Yeah, no big deal right?
  9. ***2017-18 NBA Season Thread***

    Vince dragging his nuts on the Frenchman's head? Maybe not humiliating in the terms of Pippen on Ewing in terms of sheer power and knocking someone back, you're 7 feet tall. Get your arms up, take a charge.
  10. ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    Wait, I just got to the track where he samples Joan Jett. This is terrible.
  11. ***The All-Encompassing ES Hip Hop Thread***

    Listening to the new Eminem, not bad. I will say - and I'm probably in the minority on this- I largely hate features. I'm not listneing to an Eminem album to hear songs featuring Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Pink or Beyonce. I don't want to hear them. I don't like them.
  12. Net Neutrality 2017

    Arrogant douche. Not saying he's a bad writer, he's a great one. He's just a pompous douche.
  13. 2017 MLB Thread

    Hersh, I've got a good feeling we wouldn't care about this nearly as much if our favorite team wasn't in the Yankees division. I agree that having an even amount to spend highlights the best offices, but a way to highlight a good FO is to have to have teams be creative, make smart moves, keep good young players under cost control no matter the sport. And it's not even like the Orioles are like the Marlins, they can afford plenty of payroll and have been for years. The frustration for you and me isn't just with the fact that the Yankees can outspend their problems, the frustration is that they can outspend their problems AND our team is pretty pathetic when it comes to figuring out ways to compete. Had Manny been locked up three years ago, had they negotiated a long term deal for Schoop before 2017, we'd be pretty happy.
  14. 2017 MLB Thread

    Right, well to think that all teams in every sport are on a level playing field is incorrect. Salary cap makes people feel that way but It's not true. You mean the Jacksonville Jaguars are on the same level as the Patriots?
  15. Harvey Weinstein, Fired Amongst Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Jeez, Morgan Spurlock.
  16. 2017 MLB Thread

    I actually agree with Benning. WTF. 2017 Opening day payrolls, the Giants were 4th with 181 million. Rangers were 7th with 173 million. Cardinals, Mariners, Mets, Angels, Orioles all above 150 million, none made the playoffs (though some of those teams had some injury issues to key players). Spending a **** ton of money doesn't guarantee anything. The Orioles could have kept Manny if they were smart, if they'd chosen to lock him up earlier in his career. If they'd chosen not to give Chris Davis 161 million. It's their fault they didn't have the foresight to get something done. Mid market teams can still compete, they just need to do a better job of spending money, locking up young talent before they can hit the FA market and overall just doing it smarter. The Marlins are an embarrassment, but everyone knew that Stanton would finish his contract out elsewhere as soon as he signed it. IMO, a salary cap isn't the answer, a salary floor might be better. I don't think that's necessarily realistic, but neither is a cap. Round and round we go.
  17. Net Neutrality 2017

    This guy is a ****ing chairman of a federal office.
  18. Net Neutrality 2017

    It'd be cool if, you know, 83% of the American population would be considered in this. Again, they don't give a single, solitary **** about us.
  19. 2017 Baltimore Orioles Thread - We suck again!

    Looking like a deal could be done by the end of the week. Saw that the ChiSox could flip him to the Yankees. Would make sense, Sox don't seem to have a chance to compete anytime soon, Manny doesn't make sense.
  20. Net Neutrality 2017

    **** the government.
  21. 2017 Baltimore Orioles Thread - We suck again!

    Well, yeah. Middle of the pack is way better They graduated Mancini this year, I don't know if anyone expected a season like that. It's interesting, I've seen people saying that he'll crash next year, I've seen people say that he'll repeat or even be a little better. I have no idea what to think. But he was arguably our most consistent hitter last year. They do have some good guys, I believe Hays is the OD right fielder. I think if Mullins has a great spring and kills it in the minors they trade Jones at the break to a contender. I love Jones and what he's done for the franchise but if they're not contending it doesn't make sense to keep him and he deserves a shot on a winning team. Suddenly your outfield is Mancini, Mullins and Hays. Not bad. Cisco behind the plate, Schoop at 2nd. Most of the team is now homegrown, which is pretty amazing. I'm assuming Manny is gone sooner or later. You've still got to find room for Mountcastle. I'm not sure where his glove will play. I don't think highly of DJ Stewart but he's shown some progress for sure. They might have to find a way to get him in the mix, too. The arms, for me, I just don't have much hope. They've been able to prove that they can develop some position players, can't say much for the rotation. I'd like to see us get arms back for Machado and anyone else they can trade. If they can do that, I'll like where we're at. There's a lot to look forward to, definitely. I just came across this page, liked it a lot, figured you would too:
  22. 2017 Baltimore Orioles Thread - We suck again!

    I've always admired your optimism. But I can't rely on any of them. Especially Harvey. Our farm system is better because Hays, Mullins, Mountcastle had some good seasons. Sisco could still be good. I still don't trust anyone. As it stands, I think most publications would have our system in the middle of the pack.
  23. Net Neutrality 2017

    Not sure what I'm more pissed about, the end of net neutrality or the assholes that made millions of fake comments on net neutrality, thus making the powers that be more likely to want to end it.
  24. 2017 Baltimore Orioles Thread - We suck again!

    I was excited that day. I'm pretty pissed about it now.