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    Could the Best College Football Team Beat the Worst NFL Team?

    I don't think the Browns were as bad as that record last year indicates (laugh it up). Their defense, IIRC, was middle of the pack. The winless Lions team seemed to be more inept. Anyway, a better debate might be not Alabama vs. Browns/Lions but a hypothetical selected roster of college all-stars from the past 10-15 years. It'd be more fun to pick a roster of super talented players and debate whether or not they could take on a ****ty pro team.
  2. Shocking that the place with beautiful scenery and a laid back atmosphere is great for your mood.
  3. Hate to bust up the Tailgate with all the talks of Trump, package bombs in Austin and whether it should be deemed terrorism, Trump, social agendas, Trump, school shootings/gun control, Trump, Russia and Trump... But baseball season starts on March 29th. Twins at Orioles. 3:05 start. I don't feel good about this season, but the Orioles did sign Alex Cobb today. Cashner/Cobb should be an upgrade over Miley/Ubaldo. Still, the rotation is full of guys that are anywhere between #2s and #5s, depending on the day. The offense is still a high strikeout, low OBP, station to station plodding type with guys that need to have hyooooooge seasons if we want to compete. I think this is a 75 win team. Anyway, this is what we've been waiting for. Get your asses in here @Bang @Hersh @DM72 @TheDoyler23 @DCSaints_fan @ixcuincle @RonArtest15 @justice98 @KingGibbs @pjfootballer @GOSKINS_08 @capcrunch98 @abdcskins @SkinFanInMinn LETS GO BIRDS!
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    Booing - at the Stadium

    I feel bad that some of the guys hear it, like the aforementioned Chris Thompson and Kerrigan, too. Some of them, I don't feel bad for. Pernell McPhee seems like a jerk. 4th quarter, defense just got off the field and an NFL Films cameraman is standing next to the bench doing his job, filming, McPhee started laying into the guy, asking him what he was doing it for, etc. Guy stood his ground for a bit, McPhee kept laying into him. Finally the guy just picked up his camera and left. I don't feel bad for a guy like that. I've been super lucky to shoot games for ES for a number of years now but I've never seen a player go after a media member like that for just doing their job. (Other when Lichtensteiger told me to "Get the **** outta here with that ****," which made me laugh after he walked past me) But the fans on Sunday that booed have been seeing the same things for years now. They those same things on Sunday, just a flat football team that couldn't do anything on both sides of the ball. Attendance is down, opposing attendance is up, the fans have every right to let em know. I think it's one thing to boo a good team because they're not playing well....but if you're booing a team like this that has been largely incompetent for years and you've paid good money to come see them, it's understandable.
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    Random Thought Thread

    The first Rambo might be one of my all time favorite movies. Gritty, raw, not over the top like the following ones.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Nah, I've got it on the apple tv here while I'm doing some work. 80s action flicks with Arnold or Sylvester. Can't make em like that anymore.
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    Random Thought Thread

    No, I'm talking about the original. No chance I'm watching the new one. The new one doesn't have any star power, there's no one as good as Schwarzenegger. Even the others in the original like Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura are awesome. There's no one I'd pay to see in the new one.
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    Random Thought Thread

    Man, the end of Predator is awesome.
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    Was Letting DJax Leave via FA a Mistake???

    They should have kept Garcon or Djax. Garcon for his size, hands, intensity, blocking. Djax for being able to go off at any moment and keep defenses honest. Both brought things to the table that this current crop does not have.
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    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Colts

    I made a post yesterday about not making any decisions about this team after the 2nd week. But after letting yesterday sink in and reading columns today and re-watching some of the game, it's painfully obvious that this is the same pig with different lipstick.
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    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Slippin' Away

    Packers 35, Redskins 14.
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    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    More desperate than a fat kid on prom night.
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