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  1. You guys are hilarious.
  2. That's my recollection. I think people got on him a little bit for that and then he made his exit.
  3. Gotta like Rickard bunting against that fat pitcher, lol
  4. Well, look at us. Couple of putzes talking bad about Bundy and he's gone into the 7th while allowing 3 runs. Hersh will be here shortly to scold us.
  5. Trumbo and Mancini. Quick strike offense! Starting to be a believer in Mancini..... I feel like I shouldn't be, but I can't help it.
  6. Inclined to agree. That said, he's still got room to improve, so we'll see.
  7. That slider/cutter thing is nice when it's on. The velocity is nothing special. I've said it before, I'll say it ace strikes out more guys. They just do. Bundy doesn't strike out enough guys. Porcello got lucky last year, he is getting absolutely torched this year. EDIT: It's not always true. A guy like Maddux or Glavine might not strike out a ton of guys but they had pinpoint control and exceptional movement. Bundy, from what I can tell, has neither.
  8. Just when you thought Bundy might be having a good start....
  9. Actually watching this show "Shooter" on Netflix. Based off the book and the movie. It's not bad, despite questionable acting. Ryan Phillippe is playing Bob Lee Swagger and he's alright. Perfect show for not having to pay too close attention if you've got other stuff to do. Random, Eddie George (the old running back) has a bit part.
  10. Got an afternoon with nothing to do. Think I'll check out Wentworth. Couldn't get into OITNB, didn't give a **** about any of the characters.
  11. Yeah, the Tailgate is still a really cool spot but was way more fun back in the day. Now it's bogged down with political and social issues, mostly. While those threads are fun in their own right and it's cool to hear differing viewpoints on serious can get to be too much.
  12. I've kinda flip flopped on LaVar, too. He and Stephen A are a good matchup for each other. I don't mind Stephen A in small doses.
  13. Well, Bundy today. Personally, I think he's slowly regressing...or not pitching as good as he was to start the year. 7.63 ERA over his last three starts with only 12 strikeouts. But he's our best hope for a QS.
  14. It's hard to believe that after all those years of losing...1998-2011 or whatever those years bad as those teams were... we are now watching the ****tiest pitching in ML history.
  15. Oh man, Tribal Wars. Whatever happened to Mickalino?
  16. Hey man, I never said I was a picture of perfect health.
  17. Never have. I just know that I'd probably like it, and like it a lot and don't want to go down that rabbit hole. Some people say that it's not addictive, some people say it is. I prefer not to find out. I can't even control myself around Taco Bell, I don't need anything that would make me feel really good and make me want MORE Taco Bell.
  18. That's pretty amazing. Perfect storm of skill and luck. Takes an incredible amount of skill to line up that shot but between the time he pulls the trigger to the time the bullet arrives, the target could have shifted in his chair, bent over to tie his shoe, taken a step...anything. I'm assuming that the chance of the target moving was taken into account by the shooter, but still. Awesome shot.
  19. They're gonna have that kid on the floor with the same time as Giannis and Brogdon? Jeez. Milwaukee is gonna be nasty in a year or two.
  20. I don't disagree with the logic, that's fine. Gonzaga players don't usually seem to pan out though, right? Olynyk is the only one I can think of in the NBA right now, he's pretty good. Dunno about you, but I miss Adam Morrison.
  21. Every year I watch the draft and try to figure out who the guys are that we'll have forgotten about in three years from now. Sometimes it's glaringly obvious, other times not so much. That kid from Gonzaga who didn't even start until his senior year of high school is gonna be in Europe in two years, easy.
  22. I like Chauncey Billups, smart dude, good analyst, was a great player....went from being a bit of a bust to being a really good PG, all star selections, all NBA teams, won a ring. I have no idea what makes him qualified to be the GM for a team.
  23. Bro, I hear ya. It's a tough decision for sure. I flip flop on the day. Sometimes I'm like, man, I really want to keep him here, it'd suck to see him go into the Hall of Fame with another teams logo on his hat.... Other days, it's like...we could get a really awesome package for him and plan for the future.
  24. He's amazing. The way Francona uses his is even better...coming in to snuff out any rally by the other team. It's a simple concept and it's surprising that it's taken someone that long to approach it that way...but it's awesome. You're right, it's not murderer's row but all one of those guys had to do is hit a sharp grounder or hit a flyball deep enough to do some damage and he just doesn't let them do anything.
  25. Yeah, but RBI's are a context dependent stat. RBI's can only happen if the guys ahead of him are getting on base. Not surprisingly, Manny has played most of his career with a team where the majority of players in the lineup don't have good on base skills. That year that Miguel Tejada had 150 RBI for us? Melvin Mora was hitting ahead of him and hit .340 with a .419 on base percentage. The next year his RBI total dipped to 98. The OPS was actually slightly better in the next year, .935 the year he had 98 RBI, .922 in the year he had 150. In the second season, Mora's on base percentage went from .419 to .348. Big difference. Not Miggy's fault, he was still just as productive, just didn't have the opportunities to drive in as many. So while Machado has never had a 100 RBI season, he does play amazing defense at a premium defensive position. I don't think you pay a ton of money for defense alone, but he's certainly no slouch with the bat. You can talk about batting average and RBI all you want, but he's finished top 5 in the MVP voting twice.