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  1. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Yeah I don't get that either. We couldn't beat the soft ass Raptors. Lebron would have bent us over and spanked us like he always does in the playoffs.
  2. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Lebron is the GOAT.
  3. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    College Basketball is unwatchable and so is this game.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    How does anyone eat Taco Bell? Its absolute garbage.
  5. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    I'm not worried about his swing, but how does he look running the basepaths?
  6. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Neither of these teams will win a game in the Finals
  7. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Yeah I predicted so. Looks like I might be about a game off. Still, pretty close. We'll be at least 3 games up going into the ASB.
  8. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    This is my thing too. How does them kneeling affect you? It doesn't. It doesn't affect the NFL game itself either. Anyone who actually boycotts the NFL because of anthem protests was never a real fan to begin with. I mean, you're okay with teams signing spousal abusers and other criminal deviants, but a guy taking a knee during pre game makes you quit? GTFO.
  9. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I don't play shooters but if the gameplay is good, who the hell cares? I mean, its an FPS, you don't even see your character.
  10. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    I've seen American flag doorags and thongs, but kneeling for the anthem is disrespectful? Spare me.
  11. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Why would you patronize Peter Angelos?
  12. 2018 Washington Nationals - High Cheese

    Would love to see Stras dominate again starting today. He hasn't been bad or anything this year but hasn't been GREAT either. But he's been owning the Fish lately.
  13. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Get ready to witness Lebron's last game as a Cavalier tonight
  14. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    I'm the same way. Celebrate it sure, but buying conference champion merch? Kinda lame.
  15. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    Rockets are dunzo