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  1. When the Red Sox won their first World Series, they had to rally from 3-0 down against their hated rival Yankees. Manning's first Super Bowl win, he was down 21-3 to the Pats in the AFC Title game. Cleveland's first title, they had to rally from 3-1 down in the Finals. Ditto the Cubs in the World Series. Is this the Caps storybook moment? Is this what we talk about 30 years from now? Is this the ESPN 30 for 30 moment? If anyone's due, its us right?
  2. While I agree with your general premise, to be fair basketball is a lot easier for an individual to dominate in and one individual makes more of an impact on the game than an individual can make in any other sport, just due to the nature of the sport. But you're right. Wall has that "it" factor. He's even better in the biggest of games. You don't see that from the other athletes in town. Max Scherzer went 0-2 in the NLDS last year. Holtby got benched. Cousins throws backbreaking picks. But Wall puts up Michael Jordan-esque statlines.
  3. Eaton will be our Kyle Schwarber, who tore his ACL for the Cubs last April but returned in the World Series and helped them win. Calling my shot.
  4. I don't have too much of a problem with this pick, just think we could have waited till round 5 or maybe even 6. The talent is there though. Lets see if we can coach him up and if he can grow a pair.
  5. I actually think this kid might be the best player from this class. He looks like a natural. I get an Alfred Morris vibe from him(not in terms of style of play, but rookie impact). He's got power, quickness, and better speed than people give him credit for.
  6. He's a Capital. If he were in Pittsburgh or New York he'd be Scott Stevens 2.0.
  7. Its not about talent. Its about mental fortitude and toughness. This team doesn't have it. Talent doesn't mean as much in the playoffs when the overall talent levels tend to be more even. Sure in the regular season it does because the games largely don't matter and you can feast on garbage teams for 75% of your games.
  8. You can just tell by looking at their faces and body language. Wall comes in late in games with a strut. He knows he's going to win the game. He's got that athletic arrogance. He's not afraid of the moment. He's going to shove his nuts in your mouth and you'll like it. You look at Ovie, Backstrom, etc. on the Caps. They look like nervous nellies. Wall has that champion's attitude. The only thing going against him is that its tough for a PG to be the superstar player on a championship team. It can be done(see Curry, and going back to original Isiah Thomas on the 80s PIstons)but its rare. That and he still has to deal with Lebron in his conference who is a superfreak.
  9. I dont know if Wall is the best athlete in town but hes got the biggest pair
  10. For sure. They have a ruthlessness, a drive to win, a killer instinct. When it ABSOLUTELY matters theyre at their best, were at our worse.
  11. I dont really even get mad anymore. Theres just a silliness and ridiculousness to this sport that cant be explained.
  12. 22-6 shots in favor of the Caps This sport is dumb
  13. Played so well and it literally means nothing. Utterly remarkable.