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  1. I've never bought a lottery ticket and I never will.
  2. I just don't see Trump's ego letting him resign.
  3. The lineup this inning is Andrew Stevenson, Alejandro De Aza, Howie Kendrick, and Wilmer Difo. Definitely how we drew it up in April. Yet, its pooring in the runs. LOL. Player development and a good FO matter.
  4. I met mine playing pick up volleyball
  5. Yeah I ran into a spoiler too. Sucks but I kind of expected it to happen anyway. I'm still hyped for the episode. Its all about the journey, not the destination. With that said, whoever was responsible for these leaks should be fired ASAP.
  6. Fellas get yourselves a girl that'll cook for you, drink with you, and play/watch sports with you.
  7. Can we just bubble wrap everyone until October?
  8. Meh, whatever. We've beaten him the last two times we played him in actual meaningful football. Let him have his August wins. If Flacco is out for long, they might get surpassed by the BROWNS in their division.
  9. McGee is the definition of a JAG. I don't expect much from him anyway. We'll need to keep drafting DL high in future drafts. Bree needs to step up. He's got the talent, its all in his head right now.
  10. Jackson stunk in Baltimore. He comes to DC and thrives. Hell the way he's pitching he'd be the Orioles best P LOL. Tells you the state of the two teams and their player development/coaching staffs.
  11. The GOP control Congress and the Presidency and still can't get anything of note accomplished. Tells you the state of dysfunction in their party right now. But to their credit, they do seem to regularly manipulate the moronic masses to vote against their own interests and vote R on the ballot.
  12. Leaving work. Happy Hour time boys!
  13. An Obi Wan prequel could be pretty cool. Did they ever really talk about what he did before joining up with Qui Gonn?
  14. Kendrick is earning the right to start, but I'd like to see Werth with some ABs when he returns. Werth is the type of guy that always excels in October and IIRC Kendrick's postseason track record is quite poor.