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  1. Good stuff. I too think we're going DL or ILB with our 1st rounder. Manusky said something similar earlier. But if Cook or McCaffery are at 17, you have to think about it. The offense would be explosive with one of those two at RB and Kelley would make the perfect backup RB.
  2. Every local team has one. For the Caps its score 4 goals and win. Wiz its score 100 and win. For Nats its I believe score 7 and win. The Redskins one is a bit different, free topping for every TD and double when they win. I remember a couple years ago when the Wiz and Caps were both making playoff runs, that the Wiz Caps and Nats all reached the Papa Johns trifecta. Unfortunately you don't get multiple 50% discounts. No $2 pizzas "lolol."
  3. Go up three posts. I put up my review. TL;DR version: its really good and the people who gave it crappy reviews are morons.
  4. Cavs in a series is tough because of Lebron. He'll get every call in the book and then some. We can push them to 6, MAYBE 7, but a game 7 in Cleveland? There is no chance the league lets us win that game. Celtics I'm not worried about at all. I think in a series we'd beat them. No way Thomas checks Wall at all. Wall always shows up against other team's big time PGs in the playoffs. Remember when he dominated Lowry two years ago? And he abused Irving offensively and defensively last night.
  5. Routing Brooklyn last night was huge. Allowed Wall and Beal to play a ton of minutes and play them at a high level.
  8. LOL another joke call
  9. Lebron pushes Beal. Beal called for travel. The NBA is a joke.
  10. Ok these late whistles are ridiculous. On BOTH sides.
  11. Whelp, got ourselves a ball game. Time to sack up. Can Oubre play FS for the Skins "lolol"
  12. Four hours of sand volleyball and then stuffed my face with take out from an Italian joint. Now time to kick back relax watch some Wizards/Caps and then play some PS4. Good Saturday.
  13. Not one Final Four team. My bracket sucks, as usual.
  14. The team that actually scares me is Indiana. Paul George can win games by himself. Miami actually scares me the least. Brooks neutralizes the Spo coaching advantage and I think we have significantly more talent. Milwaukee could be worrisome with Giannis, but I don't think he's good enough to win a series on his own(maybe a game or two).
  15. I actually think now that there could legit be impeachment but it won't be until after the midterm elections in 2018. Stay strong till then America.