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  1. Nobody wants Mahimi. He represents negative value. I could see someone wanting Gortat but I don't think he's that bad. I know he was poor in the playoffs but he's still a double double per game and he's great in the pick and roll with Wall. I wouldn't just give him away.
  2. Roark needs to be DL'd
  3. In fairness to Grunfeld, he did do what most of us wanted in setting us up with cap space in the Durant FA year. Unfortunately the team dropped off too much and he and Leonsis just aren't good enough salesmen to bring in someone of that caliber. Then of course he messed it all up by blowing all the money on Ian freaking Mahimi.
  4. DC Improv Comedy Club. It was great. We sat in the front so he roasted us all pretty good. I'd say at least half of what he did was straight improv killing audience members.
  5. Gotta love these stat padding games. And Ross went 7 IP with only 1 ER too, which is great to see.
  6. 5 years from now he'll be 35 and still be under contract for 3 more years. Now if he helps us win a Cup or two, I'm okay with it and will just accept it as the cost of doing business. But I mean, this is the Caps we're talking about...
  7. Maybe. I still don't think either are alpha male carry a team superstar types. And Embid is already showing injury problems.
  8. I mean its just the way the NBA salary structure is right now. Its a bit of a broken system. If we don't pay Porter someone else will. We have no choice but to resign him because the alternative is significantly worse. I do think there is still room for internal growth. Wall and Beal will both get better as well. Hopefully Mahimi can stay healthy and Satoranski will be better, and hopefully Frazier is an upgrade over Burke/Jennings. Lot of hoping but, that's kind of what being a DC sports fan is.
  9. LIstening to Brooks interview with Sheehan the other day, its a mortal lock that Porter gets resigned. I'm okay with it, I think he'll continue to develop and be a damn good #3 player.
  10. I've flip flopped on Ball. I love that guy and think he's great for the league. Everyone loves a good villain.
  11. I like Oshie but that's a big contract for a guy already 30.
  12. Can we just pay Harper for the love of God...
  13. I'm still not sold at all on the 76ers. My concern is with Simmons and Faultz, they're so great yet neither of them won jack in college. You look at the great players, they win in college. Melo carried his team to a national title in Syracuse. Davis won at UK(granted that team was stacked). Wade carried Marquette to a Final Four. Wall made an Elite 8. Curry carried Davidson to the Elite 8. List goes on and on. I'm not saying they won't be good players but I don't think either are slam dunk superstars. We shall see. TWolves on the other hand are going to be really good. I've already got them pegged in the top 4 in the West. I see them giving the Warriors a legit scare in the Western Conference semifinals next year.
  14. Went to see Russell Peters stand up last night in DC. Funny stuff. The jewish chick who was right before him was funnier though.
  15. Oh wow just now reading that Jimmy Butler got traded to Minnesota. That's a real solid roster they got there. Rubio/Butler/KAT/Wiggins. They could be top 4 in the West already.