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  1. Really well said, El.
  2. I think part of the problem is that telling people what they want to hear passes for being in touch with them.
  3. That dog is awesome. He looks like he went swimming in cookies and cream.
  4. I think hands down the card will mean more to her than anything else. In fact, if you have a way to keep in touch, sending her another card later to let her know you're still thinking of her will probably really boost her spirits. She's probably going to be spending a fair amount of time in bed, so something like a fuzzy blanket or comfy socks might be nice, especially if he has some idea what she might like. Something like Coldstone isn't a bad idea either. You might also want to contact the school secretary. She may be aware of what others are doing to support the teacher, or be able to put you in touch with the teacher's family to ask them for suggestions.
  5. My dad was 60 when I graduated high school. (Actually 59 about to turn 60.) My sister's a year younger though, so 60 for real when she graduated. I'll be 48 when my youngest graduates.
  6. It's more like 3 percent, not that that changes your point. Edit: Sorry, 3 percent from 61 to 63 is what I meant.
  7. You can look at Cassini's official Twitter feed to see video of it flying between Saturn and its rings.
  8. The wife has has drains for surgery more than once. A hassle and a half.
  9. Why not? Have some fun with it.
  10. Go into every political thread. Make one post that is clearly biased towards liberals, one towards conservatives, and one nuanced, middle of the road one. Then post a dank meme for good measure and watch the likes come rolling in from every which way.
  11. Oreo burger?
  12. Never had it. Maybe some day...
  13. What does the Twelver/Fiver/Seven part mean?
  14. Never been to Disney and I have no desire to. I don't mean that in a stick in the mud way, it's just not how I'd spend my money.
  15. A new gaming computer, or play make believe in a hotel for 2 days? Hmmm....