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  1. Spearmint Rhino?
  2. Trump has no desire to actually be President, but he also has no desire to be seen as weak. He'd gladly be impeached and decry the whole process as a witch hunt before he'd ever step down voluntarily. That was obvious from the moment he started claiming the election was rigged before it even happened. He was setting up a storyline to coddle his own ego wherein he could only lose to a cheater, and therefore he could remain a winner in his mind without having to actually take responsibility for anything.
  3. Yeah Springles, there's limits. I'd say I drink twice a month or so if that, and it's almost never more than 3 drinks.
  4. I would keep CNN up on your phone. Just literally read him a headline verbatim each time he asks what's new. Scratch that, make it some crappy local affiliate. "What's new?" "Boy, 3, accidentally swallows father's LEGO Han Solo." "What else is new?" "Escaped llama surprises churchgoers."
  5. I wish we could like the same post more than once. That was awesome!
  6. To be fair, the amendment grants Congress the power to levy an income tax. I don't think it specifies that there must be one. Anyway, I doubt there will be an amendment passed requiring that disclosure. I could see individual states passing laws that state you have to disclose your tax returns in order to be eligible to be on the ballot in that state. I would bet we see something related to campaign finance and/or entanglement with private interests at least introduced in Congress. My faith in our legislative system to put any kind of teeth behind that is pretty low.
  7. Trying to understand what point you're making in terms of Elway.
  8. Funny, but sadly I think he makes it a bare minimum of a year. The **** would have to really hit the fan before impeachment proceedings began. However we think things look, the rank and file GOP aren't even close to thinking the **** has hit the fan. I do wonder if this will be the first time we see an assassination attempt since the attempted shoe-ting on Dubya.
  9. Man, thoughts and prayers to all of those popping in the thread lately. georgiaredskin just had a 6 month checkup and so far so good!
  10. If you literally mean for a newborn, so you're looking at board books, Mouse Paint is a classic. For a book that ages well as kids get older, Dragons Love Tacos is a lot of fun, and you can't go wrong with Dr. Seuss.
  11. Side note, the "I learned to disarm bombs from my boyfriend" was pretty weak. Also, if they want a strong female character, why did she have to learn everything she knows from men?
  12. I think it could go either way. He could be trying to play the really long game and knows that his disappearance would cause more problems than it solves unless Negan actually does die. (Which clearly he won't.) Or he could feel like this is the first place he's been important ever in his life. Either way Sasha and Rosita's plan is frustratingly arrogant and selfish.
  13. I have this awful feeling that this still won't be enough to change the way people vote in 2018. (Granted there's 18 months until then, but just assuming things stay on roughly this course.)
  14. In regard to the Alabama cop above, I actually see a split-second where I understand the cop's actions. Not that I think they were correct, but I think I can see what he thought he saw. The driver doesn't actually get out with his hands up, he has both of them on a black object when he opens the car door. It seems pretty obvious in retrospect that it isn't a gun, but I can imagine that not being clear in the heat of the moment. Dude seems drunk or something, and I'm not sure how to factor that into everything. Once the guy has been shot and is rolling in pain, the cop's commands to put his hands in the air are just nonsensical.
  15. I like to think of it as a train wreck, but every car on the train was carrying dumpsters, and now they're all in flames.