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  1. To be fair, that's pretty much the only face Lincoln ever made.
  2. Voted, you are ahead at the moment. Best of luck!
  3. Conservatism

    Somebody plug the twa-bot into the charger. It's operating in power saving mode right now.
  4. Cancer Sucks

    Glad to hear it, jschuck!
  5. I agree. There's a growing body of research that suggests that being "bad at x" is generally not a thing. Good teaching and consistent practice can let most people learn most things. (I could go into quite a rant about the state of math education, but this probably isn't the place.) One other point about women putting careers on hold - in most places in the US maternity leave policies are much more generous than paternity leave. Until that shifts you won't see nearly as many men staying home to care for the babies. There are obvious biological concerns like nursing as well, but right now it almost never makes financial sense for the man to take family leave unless the woman was already making more money.
  6. Conservatism

    Well then they wouldn't even need health care. What's the downside?
  7. Conservatism

    If you're just going to copy and paste from another website it's customary to provide a link or other citation. The funny part to me is that they have a citation generator to make it easy for you right above all the content you copied.
  8. I wonder if McCain was chuckling so much because he Collins/Murkowski were like, "Look, here comes this prick Pence again. He apparently actually thinks he can convince me to vote yes. Let's jerk him around a little bit before we vote."
  9. Never is a strong word. The idea of buying a computer for $100 would've been unfathomable not that long ago. I think there are all kinds of ethical questions around this, but our lifetimes are a blip on the radar in terms of humanity's actual history.
  10. 100% disagree. There are lots of people in public positions that make responsible use of them. It gives the average Joe a feeling of connectedness with those in power. It just so happens that our commander in chief is a moron. That's not Twitter's fault.
  11. Conservatism

    I think if Trump goes down and Pence takes over and does a decent job he'll slide into a second term. It won't be hard for Republicans to play that off to people who are already leaning conservative. Even with all the hand-wringing we're seeing, people have short memories and are willing to give extra weight to the positives for people who have the right letter next to their name. (That goes for everybody, not just the Fox News crowd.) All of that said, it's pretty tough to speculate that far into the future anyway, let alone when you consider that pretty much anything is in play in terms of what Mueller and company could discover. If there is hard evidence against everybody down to Ryan that changes everything. (Not likely I don't think.)
  12. Is that special or something? (Just kidding I love bourbon please don't kill me.)
  13. You didn't hear that the next G20 summit is going to be held online in the ES Tailgate?
  14. The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    To be fair, I'd be terrified too. 4,700 ft is a lot of ft.