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  1. Time to be responsible

    Well at least give him your 2 cents so he pay the debt off! spjunkies, people have covered it pretty well. Most importantly, you got this. You can totally do it. For what it's worth I use a basic Google Sheet to keep track of our family budget.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    Glad to hear it Taze. I'm a parent and a teacher, so I'm always sympathetic to both sides. I never want to place unfair blame on the teacher or make assumptions, but you also have to make sure your own kids feel safe.
  3. Random Thought Thread

    Chiming in as a teacher for a second. It is hard to see all the interactions between kids, but at this point the two girls should already have been separated. It's not acceptable to chalk it up to an accident now. I think you've done all the right things so far. I would make it clear to the teacher it has gone on for too long and you want the girls separated completely now. Not near each other in line, not in the same work group, nothing. Reiterate that you have taught her everything you can about being patient and peaceful, but that she has a right to feel safe at school and that's long since been violated. The next step would be go to over the teacher's head to the principal. All of that said, it can be problematic when kids get labeled as bullies early. That other girl is doing what she is for a reason and needs help. If the school has a guidance counselor or social worker, hopefully he or she can pull both girls for some mediation at some point.
  4. Random Thought Thread

    They're literally chicken nuggets.
  5. I love the paradoxical idea that exercising basic constitutional rights (or even simply freedom of thought) is somehow disrespecting our country. Some people will never be able to embrace the fact that our country was founded by a bunch of renegades who were willing to go to war because they believed their government was failing them, regardless what their friends and neighbors thought. That idea is simply too scary for some I guess.
  6. Kaspersky used to routinely go on sale with a 100% rebate (essentially making it free as long as you did the paperwork). Can't help but wonder if that was part of a long con.
  7. It's like the final scene of My Fellow Americans.
  8. Well, my thinking was that in the late 1800s and early 1900s there were at least a few scientists and thinkers aware of the possibility of transmitting information by electromagnetic waves. The cell phone was obviously way off the horizon for a number of reasons, but I was afraid if I said "100 years ago..." someone would pop up with a technicality.
  9. Never is a big word. 200 years ago everybody could have reasonably said we'd never have a device in our pocket that would let us instantly communicate with someone literally on the other side of the planet. And that such devices would be commonplace.
  10. I can see the campaign ads now... "Republicans put forth legislation to revamp the flawed Obamacare system. At every turn they were roadblocked and sandbagged by Democrats who were still bitter over President Trump's stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton." The sad part is they'll work.
  11. Neil DeGrasse Tyson gives an explanation in a reply to the guy's Twitter post. Supposedly it was specifically so that people wouldn't take them seriously. I'm not 100% sure of the evidence for that.
  12. Sure, I know what you mean. I would say unwise, rather than idiot.
  13. The interesting thing is, he's clearly not an idiot. I think he's the kind of person who is so convinced of (and so dependent on as a part of his identity) his powerful intellect he assumes he has hit on some clever insights that others are unable or unwilling to see. The problem is he's wrong. Fun fact: My brother works at Google, although in a different department. When the original post came out, my brother was like, "James Damore...I'm sure I know that guy..." Turns out my brother bought some used board games off of him at some point a few weeks before the rant.
  14. Great article about Sanders and how we have Trump

    I wish the reaction system would let me leave laughing and crying emojis on the same post.