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  1. Sounds like you're interested, I'll forward it to you.
  2. Looks really nice! How well are they adhering? Not that we were planning on doing any work any time soon, but the reviews scare me a bit. People saying the boards are starting to warp or come unstuck after as little as one night.
  3. Weird, I didn't think I was close to any kind of limit. I deleted a few, see if it works?
  4. Can't tell whether you're serious. If you are, the neighborly thing to do would be to point out to your neighbors the security issues. Dave, I have nothing but respect for you, but GACOLB is right. There's no real excuse for all this when you're an adult. (If you had a particular neighbor where you had the kind of relationship where you prank each other, I could see that. This doesn't sound like that.) Knowing how people have to stretch to make ends meet, the idea of purposefully wasting someone's else's money, I just...I'm not sure what to say. Grow the **** up. And if all of this was a joke, then shrug.
  5. I don't typically care to respond to your political posts, but I'll just point out I consider the four people you listed quite different.
  6. The department acknowledged that the officers had less lethal means available to them and chose not to deploy them. I'm interested to know why that was.
  7. I thought the dam villain tension was going to play out a bit longer, and then BLAM BLAM BLAM! Not bad so far this season.
  8. Honestly, who among us has not gotten drunk and tried to fight a pig?
  9. Setting aside who we think people should vote for, I think we're going to see this happen often, and probably in 2018 as well. In early polls in historically "red" areas people will report favoring the Democrat because they're unhappy with the current direction of things, don't like Trump, etc. But when push comes to shove and they're standing in the voting booth, I would bet a lot of them deep down have a hard time not pulling the lever for a Republican. It's very easy for people of any political stripe to rationalize whatever decision their gut leads them to.
  10. "Luke, you're going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."
  11. I choose to inhabit a reality where none of my favorite authors, comedians or artists have any flaws and the subpar elements of the Star Wars, Matrix and Indiana Jones franchises never happened.
  12. Too bad to see Travis go, he was my favorite. I didn't realize it was a bite on the stomach, I thought he just took multiple bullets. I'm not that invested in the show, but the wife loves it, so it's not a bad way to spend an hour together.
  13. Somebody's been watching Numberphile...
  14. One of my students invited me to his Eagle Scout ceremony a couple weeks ago. We were chatting at the fellowship hour afterwards and he said, "You're the reason I want to be an engineer." (I teach math and sometimes science and tech.) There's an episode of Band of Brothers titled "Why We Fight." Code, this is Why We Teach.
  15. Hang in there code. It was a really hard year for us too. Not as hard as yours sounds, but hard. I could type up a long post, and maybe I will later, but I have to go back into school today (yesterday was our last day) to participate in the interview for a new teacher. (Middle school social studies if you're interested...) Just know that, one teacher to another, I get it.