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  1. If we get Bowman to compliment Brown with Foster/Compton as backups I'll feel pretty good about the LB corps.
  2. I think a lot of people are overestimating Pryor (not to say he can't be very good for us) and underestimating Brian Quick (and maybe to some extent, Crowder). Quick played on a Rams team from 2012-2016... His quarterbacks? Sam Bradford Kellen Clemens Austin Davis Shaun Hill Nick Foles Case Keenum Jared Goff I'm not trying to come here and pretend that Brian Quick is going to be a top NFL WR... But I really do think people are underestimating him. To be fair, though, I also think people are underestimating the impact that the loss of Pierre Garcon as a sure-handed "possession" guy is going to have on this team. Although, I hope that Reed can continue doing what he was doing on third downs and Harris can step up in that role a bit.
  3. If I were to ask you all what kind of content you'd be interested in reading on a week to week basis in season, what kind of feature would you all enjoy and participate in? Game coverage is a small part of the ES experience, and the old school ES vibe had threads on top of threads where the content creator would post something and the discussion raged on for pages and pages and pages. Obviously, we're in a different era of the internet than we were in 2003... but that doesn't mean we can't come up with some features that would lend themselves to learning and conversation. So... what would you like to see as weekly content?
  4. I hope his touchdown celebration is the Sprinkler dance.
  5. Did the point of the post really go that far over your head?
  6. Good or bad the answer is, "yes." They used Mac's board, Allen was in charge, and Campbell was the guy in charge of college personnel. But in general, I think Scott Campbell needs to be credited with more than he does.
  7. This dude has no wiggle. In Madden, if you try to juke stick with him, the game will stop, he'll walk as close to the screen as he can get. He'll remove his helmet and stare you dead in your little gaming eyes and tell you, "the **** is wrong with you?" He seems to have just one direction after hitting the hole. Forward. I have to go take a cold shower.
  8. I think you missed my point. We don't run a 3-4. We run an even front with the occasional odd front alignment. so why do people want a 0-technique defender for a defense we barely run? Doesnt make any sense to me.
  9. One thing I don't quite understand... why do we keep talking about needing a nose (in the context that everyone is talking about a 0-technique, odd front, anchor type)? I dont have the numbers, which would be helpful, but the eyeball test tells me we were in an even front more than we were an odd front last season. I dont advocate drafting for need only at any point in the draft, though I would weight guys with more emphasis on need the later I go in the draft. So having said that, I wouldn't really even begin looking at need until round 3. so at our next pick, we take the BPA. Whoever that is on the board.
  10. It's never not a scary prospect to draft a guy this high with spotty shoulders. But I am happy with the pick. His talent is very good.
  11. The injury thing does scare me. A lot. But talented DL is rare for us. I think Kenard Lang is the highest drafted DL we had in the last few decades before tonight (not counting guys who played OLB for us)
  12. I'm good with it. I will never be mad at drafting a talented player at one of the positions we've completely neglected, oh and by the way it's one of the most important positions on the entire football field.
  13. Definitely don't disagree with this assessment. But I still like him @ 17. Right now I like Peppers, Allen and Foster. Likely in that order. I can understand taking Allen or Foster over Peppers because of positional need weights. Foster + Brown is tough to argue against.
  14. I for one welcome our new Overlord.
  15. Watson was taken right around the time he should have been. Problem is that he should have been the first off the board.