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  1. The State of the Roster

    On our roster, currently, that I feel are pieces worth moving forward with: QB - Cousins, McCoy as backup RB - Thompson/Perine (If for no other reason than to see if he improves in year 2) Athlete - Bibbs or Marshall (would have to function in the slot, no room for both) WR - Grant, Doctson, Crowder, Harris. Need a #1... bad. TE - Davis/Sprinkle (see Perine) OL - Williams, Scherff, Roullier, Moses, Nsekhe, Long DL - Lanier, Ion, Allen, Hood OLB - Kerrigan, Smith, Gallette, Anderson. ILB - Brown, Vigil, Foster CB - Fuller, Moreau, Norman, Breeland, Dunbar S - Swearinger, Nicholson (reserve) Of these guys, some are obviously just depth. Given this list, I see that we need: Bellcow Running Back #1 Receiver Tight End Depth Left Guard (although I like Lauvao more than most, he's getting older and beat up) G depth T depth Nose Tackle (Phil Taylor?) DL depth Starting ILB (maybe two if Brown walks, although Foster showed potential prior to injury) ILB Depth Starting FS/Safety Depth **Depending on Cousins situation, you could add starting QB to the list General Manager Where we could improve but don't NEED anything: OLB (Galette could fill this gap a bit if he takes another leap forward. Murphy may not make the team. Anderson needs to take a considerable forward step) Best position group on team: CB
  2. Redskins Cardinals Post Game Assessments

    Game was on. Watched it while wrapping Christmas gifts. Wasn’t really all that invested given our lack of relevance. Being irrelevant isn’t a good feeling and there needs to be some changes to ensure this happens as little as possible. There’s my assessment.
  3. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Stop me if you’ve seen a similar story to the one playing out on the field right now
  4. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Full disclosure... I like Crowder as a slot receiver. A lot. But if he doesn’t return punts anymore the next few seasons, or ever, I can’t honestly say I’d be mad.
  5. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Swearinger is a good option at SS, not so much at FS. Our safety rotation isn’t good all in all. It’s better than it has been, but safety in general is a significant weak point.
  6. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    I like Bibbs in a Thompson type role. Curious if he could play a wing/slot role (same with Thompson). They’re weapons. Same with Marshall. Problem is still we don’t have a bellcow. Can’t carry 5 backs unless they double as pure receivers (they don’t. A couple + two every down guys make sense).
  7. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Nsekhe on right side = total liability Nsekhe on left side = brick wall not surprising. Just reiterating.
  8. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Norman needs to keep the edge. Attacked the inside shoulder on the tackle, but needs to attack outside in order to maintain outside leverage. If that tackle gets broken there’s a lot of daylight.
  9. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Look at the play Ben Kotwicka made in coverage! (coordinators should get all the hate and blame, right?) Not trying to be condescending with that post, by the way. Just trying to make a point. Sometimes the coordinators are at fault. Sometimes they aren’t. But the players have to execute, so it’s always a combination of factors.
  10. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Why have people been ****ting on Manusky? I’m not sure that I understand it at this point. The Defensive “play calling” has been okay. The problem, all season, has been a lack of execution. ILBs struggling to get into drops is a big issue. Passing lanes open inside all day. That’s the downside of going with a 2 ILB set up. Puts guys in coverage more often than their skill set typically allows. So if thats the primary criticism, I get it. But im not sure half the people ****ting on him even know why they are.
  11. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Bite your tongues! This team has blown great starts multiple times this year. Don’t kick the bear, damnit.
  12. Game Day Thread - Cards at Skins

    Well... that was an interesting start. But for once it was interesting in a positive way.
  13. The State of the Roster

    I think we tend to overrate our roster. our top 5 players, in my opinion: Trent Williams Kirk Cousins Josh Norman Zach Brown Ryan Kerrigan An argument for Scherff and Thompson can be made to include them in that top 5. But who’s next? Who’s in that next group? Morgan Moses, Vernon Davis, Preston Smith, Jordan Reed (if he’s even here... his health makes it tough to place him this high). I tend to disagree with the assessment we don’t have top end talent. I believe we do. I also believe we have decent depth. Our biggest problem is we don’t have much of that second tier of talent. Now, can guys like Io and Allen and Doctson move into these tiers? Absolutely. But it’s too early to really tell at this point. So there is some promise of some solid tier 2 or above talent on the roster, but right now we don’t have much at all. We need to round out the roster. If we assigned a percentage grade across the roster and we found the average of the team, it would probably be right around 70-75%. An average team without any real glaring, terrible spots on the field. But not a whole lot that stands out to you, either.
  14. The announcers yesterday eluded to a conversation with Gruden and asked if injuries come into play when it comes to evaluating Cousins. His answer was no. Something along the lines of all the top quarterbacks have to deal with injuries, so the evaluation will be based on his play. If Kirk is being evaluated that way, right or wrong, doesn’t that also mean Gruden and Allen/Williams should be evaluated that way as well? If so, Kirk is not a franchise QB and will be leaving. But it also should mean Jay and Bruce aren’t head coach and GM material and they should be exiting as well. But I think it’s painfully obvious that Allen won’t be held accountable.
  15. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    I think we completely agree. I’m just surprised it took you this long to get there haha