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  1. They are? Learn something new every day. clearly I meant a starting LB. I'm not mad that Carter got signed. I'm disappointed in how we've addressed ilb
  2. I wanted a linebacker. i got one. only issue is that I had to look up Chris Carter to figure out he was a linebacker. And I watch a lot of football. *sigh
  3. I coached Jarron in a few camps and watched many of his games as he attended a local high school. Big, strong, athletic kid that has a ton of potential.
  4. I'll chime in on Patterson while I'm here... Not that anyone asked... and I apologize for the length of this analysis. Try to bear with me. No. In case that was too many words... TL;DR: No.
  5. Hmmm... I think we have an issue here... absolutely none of these names play a position called ILB. Last I knew, the ILB position and the DL positions are what make up something called the "defensive front". Without guys on said defensive front that fill your defense suffers. Therefore, in conclusion I say, "where in the hell are the inside backers at!?!?"
  6. I'm not entirely sure why... But I read this in Foghorn Leghorn's voice. And it was beautiful.
  7. I like Mayock. I refuse to say he can't do the job. But it's slightly troubling that all of the current candidates that we know of are tv personalities. I mean... there HAS to be SOMEONE in a front office that deserves a nod and mention as a candidate... so why are we only looking at TV guys? And being a TV guy doesn't mean you can't be successful. Like I said, I like Mayock and I do think he could be viable if not very very good... But it seems so... For lack of a better term... Redskins.
  8. At this point who gets the blame and credit is sort of irrelevant. It's how it's been handled that's the most troubling. And the timing suggests disagreement/problems with the process with Cousins specifically. But who knows? Just very, very poorly handled.
  9. There's so much to this. I could honestly see either side being the true story. But again... does it matter? Seriously... does it? Our GM wasn't at the combine. This "absence" has lasted for over a week, closer to two and who knows how long before that. Why in the hell did we take our sweet time with this? Talk about putting us behind the eight ball.
  10. IF he fell off the wagon... and I stress "if" then they shouldn't discuss it one bit. That's the appropriate way to handle it. Problem is the cynic in me also says that's the ultimate excuse to use if you were going to BS everyone.
  11. Maybe he fell off the wagon. Msybe others were jealous. But in either case has anyone ever seen a franchise that's considered average or better handle a situation with a GM or... well... anyone quite like this? Regardless of reason, they should have taken care of this at the combine or earlier. They let it get this far and it has effected our plan... I know they say it hasn't... But we didn't have a GM to start FA.
  12. I mean... Be real. How many of us could actually stop cheering for the Skins and actually cheer for another football team? I'll tell you what I'd do... Casually follow the team. Don't go out of my way to watch. Don't research the team or the players and just kind of... you know... be casual as hell. At some point, the fever would hit again, and when it did I'd be back. But until that time, I could save myself a heck of a lot of frustration from how this organization is run... Just simply not care.