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I'd take a flyer on Wadsworth for the minimum as it would be, really, a no-risk investment since we could then cut him without a cap hit. But, counting on Wadsworth would be a problem because he is not likely to ever be much of a player, if he ever was.

The market is drying up some. I'd hate to go into the year with a capable starting group but as little known depth as we presently have.

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well, it took a year but Trent got paid and now he is on a much better offensive club in Seattle with Alexander, Robinson, etc....than he would have been in Baltimore.

The Ravens offense has been almost completely gutted, especially at receiver and Jamal Lewis is coming off ACL surgery.

Jeff Blake is amusing. So THIS was the great opportunity he was holding out for when the Redskins were talking to him? :laugh:

I think he will regret making that decision.

The party is over in Baltimore, the lights have been turned out and the front door has been locked.

Jeff arrived a year or two too late.

Now he gets to help out in the rebuilding process.

Sounds like fun. :)

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I'd pass on Wadsworth too. I think Eric Swann is still trying to find a home?

Have bad knees, will travel.

It'll be interesting to see if Big Daddy will stay in Spurrier's Dog House for any length of time. 'Bet he's first up in the Oklahoma Drill next month.:silly:

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Wilkinson was listed at 325 last year but some reports have him at 350 right now. Man, that's a lot of weight for a 30 year old DT who is counting on camp work to get him in shape.

this guy is soaking up a lot of money under the cap and the last thing we need is for him to get injured like Tre Johnson did.

I remember an interview with Bruce Smith where he indicated that despite being around 295 when he was a younger player, he realized to last in the NFL he had to slim down and get in real shape or else he wouldn't make it to the 10 year mark.

I think it is time he had that talk with Mr. Wilkinson. :)

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