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Campbell/Rogers/McCune Profiles "On Demand"


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Originally posted by Charlie Murphaaay

He's better than Pierce!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly at muscle building! Pierce is a very smart Mike and if McCune has 75% of the brain he will be fine; however, to label him better at this point is preposterous.

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Originally posted by NavyDave

He looks like he could rule the WWF err WWE or do a remake of comic book hero Steel.

^^^ or luke cage. heh

I saw the campbell on demand clip but didn't seen McCune's...wonder if different counties,or states, etc carry different ones?

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I love the way we forget we are talking about football. Sure you have to have a reasonable amount of smarts but let's not pretend we are talking Mensa hear. McCune is plenty smart enough. It's FOOTBALL people. If I'm choosing up sides, I'm taking Hammer over Pierce every time.

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