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Honestly how far are we from the Superbowl?


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Well last year we were three flags (cowgirls 14 point swing with the most terrible call and non-call from the same ref I have ever seen, and a mystery motion call in the GB game) and a hailmary pass on 4th down and miles from Vinny. Otherwize we would have been in the playoffs with huge momentum and who the hell knows where we would have ended up. We had a shot at it since we proved we can play the Eagles.

So with a much better OL than last year as Jansen and our new Center promise, a QB that is miles ahead from Brunell and a D that has its second year with all the same coaches I say again we have a shot.

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How close??...I'll go ahead and say it: this upcoming season. :thumbsup:

That's obviously partially a joke, partially just optimistic homerism, partially due to the faith I have in Gibbs and Williams as coaches (and the fact that there's continuity in the systems on both sides of the ball, players and coaches alike)...but also partially fact-based.

If the Skins avoid having too many serious injuries, keep the turnovers down and ESPECIALLY cut down on penalties, they should make the playoffs. Those three things will have as much an effect on their success as Santana Moss or LaVar Arrington will. And once in the playoffs, anything's possible...and the teams which have shown all season that they create turnovers and avoid horribly-timed drive-killing penalties will have a realistic shot of advancing each weekend. Why can't that be the Redskins?

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Originally posted by techiecool

the superbowl isn't even in the cards for at least 2 years. they won't be able to beat philly or atlanta, or heck minnesota now.

Btw, they beat Minnesota last season and if you find a way to stop Ron Mexico, you normaly win against the Herpettes. :D

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