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Who's for a trade down to between 12-15 if an opportunity presented itself?


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1- Carlos Rogers

2- Justin Tuck

3- Matt Jones ?

I know that some people have really been hyping Jones, but I still think he'll be a late 2nd or early 3rd round choice. If we could trade down and manage a draft like this in the first 3 rounds, I'd soil my pants.

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There's a real good chance two or maybe all three of the top corners are on the board when we pick:

SF: Rodgers

Mia: Ronnie Brown

Cle: Alex Smith

Chi- Edwards

Tampa: Cadillac

Tennessee: Mike Williams

Minnesota: Merriman

Arizona: Benson

All I'm saying is that there is a strong chance that some combination of all these players make up the top 8, leaving all 3 corners available when its time for us to pick...IF thats the case we have to trade down 5-7 spots and take whoever is left on the board at that point....

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I like the idea of trading down as well. However, I think we'd have to get a 2nd in return to make it worthwhile. The ideal scenario is that we'd trade down and still be able to pick either Rogers or Pacman. That would probably mean we don't trade down any lower than 12th.

Given our losses this offseason we're a bit more in need of quantity than quality. Some combo of two of either a CB/DE/WR in the first two rounds would go a long ways towards helping fill some holes.

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Spears doesn't excite me.... mainly because he's said to be more of a run defender on the edge than a pass rusher. His lack of speed means he's more of a pocket collapser and opportunists than a guy of the edge that can't be blocked.

I'd prefer to move down the board and choose from the following....

Pollack, Roth, Justin Miller, F. Washington, or Mark Clayton in the 1st.

Matt Jones, Vincent Jackson, J. Tuck, C. Spencer, D. Baas, or Ridgeway in the 2nd.

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Originally posted by [[ghost]]

i would, but only if rolle, williams, and jones are gone. one of those three would so help us. but if teh offer was tempting, i'd take it, but not if williams was availible.

The only reason why I don't want to get rolle, Pac, Rogers so early because they aren't historically 9 overall talent. With the 9th pick I want a pro-bowler. Rolle, Pac, Rogers. Well I think Roger is a star. Fabian Washington is similiar to Pac Man. Marlin Jackson, Webster, Miller, and Rolle aren't that different. We could get a good corner back if in the second if we tradedown and pick up a 12-15 pick and get a early second.

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