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Times-Dispatch : "One Line Here"


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This has to be one of the strangest titles I've ever seen for an article, but the content gets better.


One line here



ASHBURN - Strangers surround Dan Wilkinson, a situation he does not particularly enjoy. But it is a situation he understands all too well.

Wilkinson, a defensive tackle, is here for the Washington Redskins "voluntary" coaching sessions. Wilkinson, 29, has been around the NFL long enough to know that very little is optional when it comes to practice sessions.

"We all know this is supposed to be voluntary but they [the coaches] take this very seriously," Wilkinson said. "They do hold a grudge if you're not here."

Among the missing yesterday were defensive ends Bruce Smith and Marco Coleman. Smith ostensibly is recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his knee. But he never has been a huge fan of voluntary workouts.

Coleman rarely misses any workouts, optional or otherwise. But he expects to be cut in a salary cap move on June 1. Coleman doesn't appear to be interested in practicing for a team he does not anticipate playing for next season. Coleman is neither naive nor blind. He sees defensive lineman Renaldo Wynn, knows Wynn received a large signing bonus from the Redskins and understands that the Redskins want Wynn to start at left defensive end.

Kenard Lang, who started last season at defensive tackle, signed with Cleveland as a free agent. Smith is facing the prospect of being put in the role of pass-rush specialist. That means Wilkinson, 6-4 353, is the only returning starter on the defensive line from last season.

"If they do release Marco, I'll miss him as a player, but even more as a friend," Wilkinson said. "But we're all adults. We'll take it in stride and keep moving forward. That's the nature of the business. You get cut or traded for one reason or another. It's going to happen to us all.

"I take a lot of responsibility for holding down the middle, regardless of who's in there. If I do that, the linebackers will take up the rest. We can go to war right now, and we're going to be successful."

When the season begins in September, the Redskins defense will have a few new things in store for opponents. Marvin Lewis is the new defensive coordinator, and he has one of the more creative defensive minds in the NFL.

"We'll be doing a lot more movement, schemes and stunts and a lot of creative stuff, which is going to be very nice," Wilkinson said. "We're not going to be sitting in one place the whole game, being a target. We're going to be moving and shaking and the linebackers are going to be rolling behind us. It's going to be nice.

"I like it that way very much. When you're just sitting in one spot, that allows the blockers to tee off on you. When you're moving, that slows down the offensive linemen. In their minds, when they get in their stance, they're thinking, 'I can't fire off on this guy because he may not be there when I fire off.' So they've got to slow down coming off the line of scrimmage. They have to wait to see where we're at, so we have all the momentum coming at them. I'm not going to say we're going to do that the whole game, but it's nice to have that mix."

Truth be told, Wilkinson probably would prefer not to be on the field in May, mixing it up with offensive linemen. But he feels an obligation to be here, as well as a need to get into shape. Wilkinson suffered through a bout of pneumonia earlier this spring that was severe enough to put him in the hospital for four days.

"That's done, and I'm fine now," he said. "Other than needing to lose a good 20 pounds to be in fighting shape, I feel real good."

Wilkinson hopes he can say the same about the Redskins defensive line before too long.

AND FURTHERMORE: Cornerback Champ Bailey is on his honeymoon and is missing this week's workouts. . . . Quarterback Danny Wuerffel has thrown well this week, putting plenty of zip on the ball and fitting several passes into fairly tight spaces.

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That still doesn't answer the question of who will be playing to his immediate left. If we don't find a worthwhile answer to that question, we could be in for some long days when we play the cowgirls.

Deep down, I know Emmitt is going to get Payton's record. However, I'll take it darn personally if he gets it while playing against us. :mad:

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Well, what I liked about the article is it shows the difference between 2 of our veteran D-lineman : Bruce Smith and Dan Wilkinson ; Smith will skip every possible mini-camp that he can, whereas Big Daddy is eager to attend all the voluntary mini-camps and stay caught up with the new schemes.

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Well, I don't want to spill that info, as I post mainly at work and, well, you never know who's reading these things.

I've done layout and design work for several papers and magazines in the DC area. I'm the guy who actually physically types in the headlines and flows in the text, and 'hedline goes here' is the dummy text I use. I wouldn't be suprised if the production manager of the Time-Dispatch got an earful today. :)

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So my suspicions were right about the strange title. The only sense I could make out of it was that "line" was referring to the defensive line.

But if it was an editing typo, why havnt they corrected it yet ? It's still showing the same title on the website. Forget the earful, someone should be fired, if it hasnt been fixed in 3 or 4 days.

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