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This stroy is actually a few months old, but I forgot to post is when it came out

Tourist Jailed for Oral Sex

LUSAKA (Reuters) - A German tourist who pleaded guilty to having oral sex in Zambia was sentenced on Thursday to six years in jail with hard labor, court officials said.

Wolfgang Seifarth, 65, was expected to appeal the sentence handed down in the southern Zambian town of Mazabuka, 60 miles from the capital Lusaka.

Magistrate Aloysius Mapate said in his ruling that oral sex was ``a gross abomination against Zambian laws.''

``This has to stop. You are now sentenced to six years (in jail) with labor,'' Mapate said, adding that he had been lenient because Seifarth was a first offender.

``Customs of other countries, which are an abomination here, must not be allowed to be practiced by tourists or anybody,'' Mapate added.

A 22-year-old Zambian woman, Pumulo Mbangweta, who performed the sex act on him in a bush near Mazabuka, was not charged, according to court records.

The date of the incident was not given.

Seifarth was convicted under a Zambian morality law which outlaws ``unnatural'' sex acts and provides for a maximum jail term of 14 years.

Seifarth, who conducted his own defense, had told the court that he was not aware that oral sex was illegal in Zambia. But the magistrate ruled that ignorance of the law was no defense.

Zambian magistrates and community courts hear thousands of sex-related offences and marital disputes every year.

Zambia is by law a Christian nation, and frowns on any form of unconventional sex or sexual relationships. Last year a German citizen was deported after being found guilty of sodomy, police spokesman Lemmy Kajoba said on Thursday.

Erich Kristos, the German ambassador in Lusaka, said the embassy had offered Seifarth assistance ``as we would do to any German in trouble.'' He declined to comment on the court ruling

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Poor stiff. He ventures into the bush, finds her instead, asks for directions to the local bingo parlor ... but she just gives him lip service. Now he's the one in a sticky situation, and has to do hard time. What a load. Kinda hard to swallow, really.

Oh well, easy come ... off you go.

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:lol: :rotflmao:

That's some hillarious stuff people!

Poor guy though...

Some vacation.

I know he's bent out of shape...

Maybe he should have had a better lawyer, one better at oral arguments.

It seems the woman got off easy.

Maybe the Judge just gave her a mouth full then let her go.

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r skin when it comes to controversial sex women always get off, well they did when they had encounters with moi. :laugh:

I wonder after this became public, did the girl take a Pounding from the media. :rolleyes:

You know they can be real hard on girls of ill repute

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Does kind of make you wonder. What if the roles had been reversed, and it was some young tourist on his/her knees snarling a local. Would the local man then be the one in trouble, and the tourist with the sore jaw the one walking away?

Perhaps the idea of equal justice under the law in Zambia is indeed a phallucy.

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Virginia still has sodomy laws on the books which are enforced in the bible belt portion of the state.

If I were to return the favor to a local it wouldnt be behind a bush.

Why not just give the maid at the hotel a "tip" to handle a swollen apendage?

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