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I don't know if you guys care or not


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Actually, that guy is much less militant than Kefka was. He doesn't say the existance of Israel is a crime, just that the settlements are. While I don't agree with most of his arguements, I do think he puts forth a much better voice of the opposition than Kefka ever could.

It's an interesting board though.

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I don't know you and you don't know me. Please do not assume to know my heart. I have no hatred for the Palestinian people. I support their right to their own state, free of occupation. HOWEVER Suicide attacks on innocent civilians will never win that freedom.

BOTH SIDES are guilty in my eyes. Don't expect sympathy for Sabra and Shatilla when Palestinians massacre innocent civilians. Stop the suicide bombs and if the Israelis keep killing Palestinians I will devote the rest of my life to the peacefull promotion of a free Palestinian state. I swear this to God.

As for history, only a fool lets it rule the present. Here in the present both of your people can ether live together in peace or suffer together in war. Your choice.

But if you only take one thing away from my words, understand this. The Palestinian people will NEVER get the sypathy and support of the American people by killing innocent civilians. STOP THE BOMBING and the American people will go to the wall for you. I say this out of concern for Palestinians as well as Jews because I believe we are ALL gods children and we are ALL brothers.


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Mad Mike, here is some recent material by kefka, before he was banned.


It's a bit of a read, but that onw and this one are good examples of kefka's posts here in Tailgate. This one is shorter.


Spirited debates at the least. :shootinth

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Banned huh?

He didn't seem too banned to me.

I suppose he could have created a new profile but his poping up at the first mention of his name is disturbing.

Man I would love a crack at him. Logic vs logic at 20 paces. Maybe I have too much faith in my abilitys but I just want a CHANCE to see if I could get through to him. Even If I can't get through to him, what an oprtunity to try to understand a radical mind.

Oh well

Thanks for the links Park City.

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