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Let's talk X's and O's and the Spurrier Offense


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Ok. It's the offseason. To be more specific, it's a Saturday early may, during the offseason. The Skins have an offense that's still in need of an interior lineman and maybe a receiver, maybe not. The defense is being discussed in other threads, so let's talk S.S. offense. The first link is an Adobe pdf. It is an article called "Chuck it deep" by S.S.'s asst. offensive coordinator Buddy Stevens. This is much more in depth than what the post has put up before. It could very well shed some more light on the Fun and Gun.


The second is an an HTML version of the same story. The diagrams do not show up but it is still imformative. I'll see what I can do with that or someone else may have an idea.

It's Saturday and if you have the time and enjoy this aspect of the game, like I do, it's a good read.

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:D 2 things, of many that got my attention, is the apparent use of the 3 step drop as a fake to go deep, and the relatively short distance the ball is supposed to be in the air. The strong armed Q.B. isn't completely necessary and these guys must love yacs. This could also help explain past, or future player signings on the offensive side of the ball.
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Reading this really makes me look forward to our matchup with the Eagles. It's going to be interesting to see how the "ball coach" will attack Jim Johnson's defense.

One thing I noticed is how important it is for a "chuck it deep" QB to make the necessary reads. Is anyone still wondering why Tony Banks was never given any serious consideration?

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See the 'My Analysis of Spurrier' thread for some of my thoughts on his offense. Many Gator fans were quite disturbed when we discovered that article was posted on the 'Net, but it's probably nothing a good DC wouldn't know anyway. We were hoping Teevins stayed on at UF, but unfortunately he left to become head coach at Stanford. It will be interesting to track his progress and see if in can implement SOS's offense out there.

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Outstanding find, PCS. :)

Several things kept running through my mind while reading:

1) having this available is, no doubt, interesting for opposing D coordinator's. On the one hand, they have a nice instruction sheet on what SS tries to do (not that they couldn't see much of this on film for themselves), the better to prepare for him ... and on the other hand, you just KNOW they'll be pining for the days of Jimmy and Marty, when all they really had to do is put 8 in the box, double cover the QB's first read, and pop the champagne.

2) It is going to be simply fascinating to watch the better D coordinators around the league scheme against this thing. You always hear about how masterful they are at disguising coverages pre-snap, and even immediately post-snap ... and then you also hear just how adaptable SS is.

Can't you just see it? ... SS feints one way with his formation, the D counters with a vanilla look to force Shane to make the audible ... or not. The play clock is ticking down. We send someone in motion ... the D sends someone to shadow him, giving the appearance of man-to-man, but wait – is it really man to man, or a disguised zone? Shane, anticipating this, decides it is NOT, and reads a slant to the slot guy to beat the spot where he anticipates the LB will blitz from. The slot guy, meanwhile, is watching all this, and making up his mind as to whether he's going slant or quick out. The defense, just as the ball is snapped ... breaks into it's true coverage. Shane drops back ... the LB comes ... the WR breaks off the line, and ...

God I love this game. :)

3) The keys to seeing this system succeed any time soon with the personnel we have now? Practicing against our defense and Marvin Lewis between now and September, and watching how long it's going to take for Shane and the WR's to get on the same page. And just how long it takes the league to get a "book" both on the system and our players.

4) Heath Shuler could NEVER have run this offense. I think it's no coincidence Pat Ramsey is a smart guy.

5) It's a sunny Saturday in May. I'm sitting inside, sober, looking at a computer screen. What the hell is wrong with me?

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By the way.... I know this is a bit of a tangent, but it keeps popping into my head, and did so when considering how defensive coordinators are going to react to this offense. Not only do we have Marvin on our side, possessing him means we don't have to deal with him on any other teams. Ahhh... so sweet.

Hell, even if we don't turn into the 2k2 version of the Rams, we'll have people spread out enough to let Stephen cause MAJOR damage.

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Well, as much as I'd like too, I can't take full credit for the find. It was a team effort really. I came across this site with the help of another poster,(utah), on this board. We both lost it and then I went out and found it again. That was a search and a half. :) I'm in the process of moving, again, and looking forward to some talk on this. I actually wouldn't have posted this but since it was already on the net, and i have read at least 2-3 other articles by S.S. in a couple of coaching books.

Yeeeesh. I can see it now. Some D.C. and his defense actually manages to hold the 'Skins offense in a game this coming season and in his post game press conference; " I would like to thank PCS over at Extreme for the valuable information he provided that........." :doh: Hmmmmm, I hear they may need help in Antartica these days. :D

Hey Om, how's that new look feel? :) I think it looks pretty damn good.

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Thanks a million PCS!!!

I see where we have a home game against the the Cover 2 of the Indianapolis Colts and Tony Dungee. he is just implimenting it there, where we are just getting the Fun and Gun in place.

However, we do have key people in training spots and a huge SOS entourage that knows his system. That game will be very, very interesting on both sides on the ball. I am seeing all kinds of strange things from teams all of a sudden and I don't think it's a coincidence at all.

That cover 2 won't be enough from what I see. Also John Lynch allowed Dungee to make use of three of his overall skills.

1. Lynch was a former QB and his ability to read a QB was enhanced by this in the Safety position.

2. Lynch's pursuit was more enhanced by his foot speed, allowing him to be around the ball a lot. That's the reason for floating in soft spots for errant throws, trailing just behind a WR, even if he makes a good catch, Lynch is there. If a fumble occurs, he's around the ball. Whether anyone thinks he's good or not, doesn't matter, because the defensive scheme put him there.

3. Lynch was fast enough to cover the #4 or #3 receiver and fast TE's. He was strong enough, with his Tweener size to handle RB's. His reputation for hits isn't always against the more monumental RB's or TE's though. Nevertheless, Dungee squeezed what he could from the position in support of his cover 2.

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I think I'm digging it, PCS. I was pretty fond of that Marty pic, so the change will take some getting used to ... but, I think the shakes are subsiding already, and I always DID want to dunk ... so I'm pretty sure it's going to work out. :)

And speaking of working out, it looks like I'm going to have to lay off the Killian's for a while. Maybe hit the ab machine. Marvin clearly ain't starvin' ...

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"It's a sunny Saturday in May. I'm sitting inside, sober, looking at a computer screen. What the hell is wrong with me?" - Om

That's life in the 21st. Reminds me of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs:

"We rejoice at being connected

Without touching

thank God for the internet

We stare at our screens

All our lives

What a waste of eyes

Till the electrical storm blows our fuses

And we gaze


At the rain ... "

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Well, PCS said one of us should post this soon, we just wanted to wait till we see more of a final roster before we did it. A ton of information in that article but it means nothing to a coach. A good coach that is. :cool:

When I get a little bit more time, I'll add my 2 cents to this. If there are any questions though, I would be happy to get into a bit more detail on what things are happening on the field that would make this offense so good or how to defend it.

This is what coaching football is all about. Its the details that make most people shy away from being coaches and its why most administrative people should never think of sticking their heads in this arena.

uh, Jerry Jones. There really is a reason Jimmy was so good and your not. Its called understanding the game of football.

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This is a splendid read and seriously fine tool for understanding the offense we're likely to see this year. PCS and Utah, thanks a ton for finding it and giving it to us. This is why I love this board :).

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Incredibly informative find, aREDSKIN.

It took me a bit to visualize what the guy meant by focusing on the factor of whether the safeties are

A) Cheating in or out,

B) Flexing

C) Pressing

D) Floating

affecting the reads and throws and what not, but it made me feel good about SOS's system. I mean, this is just a taster, but I began to see why it's so effective. When you digest this article and then think back on the "Go/Curl/Hook/Slant/Post" simplicity of the routes traditionally run in the NFL, I got excited.

I even may have begun to think the pass could be a far better weapon - and by better I mean more effective - than I imagined.

I can understand why it would be a little daunting for QBs, though. Maybe if Wuerfful is familiar with the system's protocols, it would cover for his weaknesses as far as height and arm are concerned.

Again, great post. Hopefully some other guys will give it a read and have something to say, too.

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