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Rod Woodson?!?!?!?!?!?


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Sal Pal is a total Philly homer.

This guy hates the Skins.

He is a frequent guest on 610 WIP, often commenting on the Eagles and the state of affairs for the NFC East. He never pulls a punch when the Skins come up. He loves to talk nasty about the Skins to the Philly crowd, and does so often.

Why he reports on the Skins, with his attitude, is beyond me.

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Originally posted by Art

Woodson, I'd heard, wanted to play for the Steelers or retire as a Steeler. He'd be a nice add though to be sure.

Actually, he's said that he wanted one of two teams. The Steelers, obviously, were one choice, and we were the other. This is a match made in heaven, I just hope he doesn't "go Deion" on us, especially if we over-pay him.

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well, since the draft didn't deliver any saviors, we are going to have to take a close look at guys like Woodson and Ray Brown who may be 38 or 39 but good enough to get us through the 2002 season.

we also will be in the market for a veteran defensive tackle for what, the third year in a row?

this is getting old. :hammer:

I thought after signing Dorian Boose and Michael Bankston last year that the team would learn its lesson and make an investment in a DT in the draft where you get talent cheaply.

Instead, we are back to square one looking for someone 'serviceable'.

Maybe someone has to explain it to me, but I don't see Betts coming in and being much of a changeup for Davis the way Carter was.

Davis is actually quicker to the hole and faster in the open than Betts. Betts supposedly has good hands, but only had 15 receptions.

Hardly enough to make a judgment in my opinion.

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