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It's interesting that a thread like this would come out not the day after Spurrier leaves, but 3 months later.

Perhaps the most poignant post of all was the one by the lone TN fan who bothered to chime in.

Just another sign of what an interesting character we have on our hands.

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Nice to know our team is in good hands.

I know that was college and that these sometimes money grubbin pros can be alot different, but I have full confidence that he will bring success back where it belongs...here with the Washington Redskins. :yes:

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It is amazing you'd see such complete adoration for him. No detractors at all, unless you count the media :). I think Spurrier probably knows a bit about what he's doing on the offensive side of the football, so, I'm still going to try to pay attention to that, rather than to what the media's best guess is. Good post here PediGator.

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look at Spurrier's record. Heisman winning quarterback at Florida who comes back to lead the team to the NCAA championship.

that kind of thing doesn't happen very often. :)

I would be surprised if you would find many detractors among fans and alums of the school. How can you ask for a better decade than Spurrier gave them in the 1990's?

I think the same mythology is developing around Gary Williams at Maryland. The Terps were a program on suspension and in the toilet when he came there. Nobody was going to Maryland to play basketball and the program looked destitute.

Once again, a former Maryland player takes the team back from the brink and to the top of the heap. :D

Williams now has a job for life. Not that the school was planning on replacing him anytime soon BEFORE they won the title.

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