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QB to WR timing

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Who do you think will have an advantage in QB to WR timing?

Wurfuell-Anthony, Doring, Green

Rosenfels- Thompson, Skaggs, Lockett, and Gardner

I think Rosenfels may have been a little sharper than Wurfuell because he and the leftover recivers have spent a season together. I would think Rosenfels, McCants, Thompson and Skaggs are pretty much on the same page since they practice on the same team.

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In Spurrier's offense, I'd say Wuerffel to Anthony, Green and Doering will be more efficient. These guys know where to be on any given play based on any given defensive look. The returning players don't so even if they have a good feel for each other and the speed at which they will be moving, it won't show as much until they are on the same page in this offense, which will take a while I'd guess.

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I'm with smoot, not about the timing thing, but about the QB situation. Thats why i'd like harrington so much. I'd love to have a young fresh QB who has talent and can start in this league. If we can get a harrington/ramsey, i'd like to see them get a shot at it. Matthews....egh, he'd be okay. Right now, im not too comfortable with rosenfels/weurffel. Not that I dont support them or love them 100%, just that, I dont think they present the best talent that we can have at QB.

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Question for Navy Dave:

I know you've been the most vocal on this board for a defensive tackle or an offensive guard at the 18th pick, and you've made some decent arguements.

But exactly what is it that scares you so much about Joey Harrington?

You say you see a potential bust. But I, and a lot of other folks, see the most NFL-ready college quarterback since Peyton Manning.

What gives?

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I think there is a 25% chance that Danny Wuerffel starts and finishes the season as the Redskins #1 quarterback:

1. There is a 25% chance the Skins will acquire Matthews and install him as the #1 for 2002.

2. There is a 25% chance that the Skins will acquire a veteran free agent quarterback other than Matthews or move up to draft Harrington and he starts almost right away (say midseason).

3. There is a 25% chance that Sage Rosenfels beats Wuerffel out and starts if there is no other veteran competition.

I still believe that Wuerffel is here to act as an unofficial coach on the field to help Spurrier integrate his system. I don't think he is a viable starting quarterback in the NFL.

Certainly the Redskins attempts to sign Jeff Blake for a season or two mitigates against the idea that Wuerffel is a legitimate option.

If that were the case then why go after Blake at all?

Why not just draft a qb in round #2 to act as an understudy and name Danny your starter?

Yes, I believe Spurrier when he says he will give Wuerffel a shot at the job.

No, I don't believe Spurrier expects Wuerffel to win the job.

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