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Pasquarelli has an article on Lelie saying that he had a graet work out yesterday in front of 15 NFL clubs, our own Vinny Cerrato being present. Said he was less than 100% but still impessive. Quoted vinny as aying that even not being totally fit that he was still a first rounder. Its gonna get interesting this week to say the least.:drool:

OOOps heres the link


Lelie excels even at 75 percent

By Len Pasquarelli



In front of a rapt audience comprised of representatives from 16 teams, wide receiver prospect Ashley Lelie staged his final pre-draft audition at less than 100 percent physical condition Friday afternoon. But he still caught the ball well enough to ensure a spot in the first round of the draft.

Still recovering from a hamstring injury, Lelie did not run a 40-yard dash at the workout held in Beaufort, S.C., but ran pass routes and caught the ball while going at what agent Ray Anderson termed "about 75 percent" speed.

"I thought things went pretty good," Lelie said. "I was just trying to show them that my hammy is coming along good, and I'll be ready to go for mini-camp in a couple weeks."

The workout was significant because only the Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens had seen the former University of Hawaii wide receiver catch the ball or run patterns.

"He was fluid and showed good change of direction," said personnel director Vinny Cerrato, one of several Washington Redskins officials in attendance. "He solidified his (first-round) status."

Besides the Redskins, representatives of the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Giants attended the workout.

One scout from an AFC team said that Lelie caught the ball "more than well enough," and that he ran "fairly sharp" patterns.

But an assistant coach from an NFC team said he felt the workout was "a disservice" to the player, because he obviously isn't healthy yet and still figured to be a first-round choice even had he not auditioned again for scouts. The coach said Lelie definitely favored his left hamstring and had some trouble getting separation.

With New York Giants offensive coordinator Sean Payton doing the throwing, Lelie displayed good hands.

Lelie, who did not run at the combine because of the hamstring and then re-injured it last month during an audition in Santa Monica, Calif., is generally regarded as the second best wide receiver prospect in the draft, behind only Donte Stallworth of Tennessee. Even at the workout last month, Lelie was clocked at 4.31 seconds in the 40, despite injuring his leg during the sprint.

"I don't know if it really helped my stock, but it didn't hurt it," Lelie said of Friday's workout. "It just answered a lot of questions for some teams. It helped ease their minds after what happened in Santa Monica."

Stallworth and Lelie are both expected to be chosen about the middle of the first round.

"This absolutely gives his stock a boost," said Doug Hendrickson, who works with Anderson in representing Lelie. "I'd love to say now that I think he can go as high as No. 5. I mean, why would Detroit be here today, if they weren't at least thinking about trading down and taking him? When you get down to first round picks, it all comes down to who's the best athlete out there."

Lelie's case is not dissimilar to that of Koren Robinson, a former North Carolina State wide receiver, in last year's draft. Robinson also suffered from a hamstring problem, had trouble in his workouts, but was still chosen by Seattle with the ninth overall pick in the draft.

Anderson said Lelie will continue to rehabilitate the hamstring injury for a few more weeks and hopes to be ready for the mini-camp most teams convene about a week after the draft.

Len Pasquarelli is a senior writer for ESPN.com. Staff writer Wayne Drehs contributed to this report.

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I'd probably be upset if we went WR if a DT like henderson was on the board.

I still have that glue nduced fantasy of Henderson falling to us we draft a Kendall type OG in the 2nd.

Then in June after releasing Coleman we sign Sammie to a cap friendly contract while moving Henderson to LDE and Wynn to RDE

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LDE- Henderson

DT- Adams

DT- Wilkinson

RDE- Wynn

I doubt we'd have a significantly better pass rush with this line-up. Bruce could be a situational pass rusher, and that could help. But it's also possible he could lose another step and the limited snaps wouldn't matter.

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