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The problem, and it's a big one: Portis isn't getting rock enough


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Originally posted by goldenster95

Sorry, but that isn't enough given his success early and the failure of the passing game.

Why go away from that when it's working? We did and we stalled.

passing game looks much improved today... Brunell is starting to get into a rhythym..... 11 carries for 56 yards is just fine by me... pass early, open up the field for Portis in the 2nd half.

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My point on this is something akin to what we did when we had Tony Banks as QB and Stephen Davis back there. We had zero passing and only Davis. Despite opposing defenses putting in eight men in the box, we kept giving it to Stephen. I think that should've kept happening, at least on first down. We cannot get into first and long situations.

Having said that, the passing game would've done better if some folks could catch the ball.

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Portis is a much more effective runner with a little bit of space. Obviously shear power isn't his forte, but when he has a small space, he shoots through and uses his vision and cutback ability.

I think the passing game opening up will REALLY open things up for Portis. With some lanes to run through and space to cut back, he can be amazing.

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