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A great way to make a lot of niose


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Originally posted by Sea Bass

When you are done take some of the pennies and flick them at Keyshawn.

Thats only gonna feed Tuna..He'll probably end up picking them up and eating a million dollars worth of coins..and still have space left for a couple of Cheesteaks, burgers, and a large pizza. Dont Fill the beast..I repeat, dont fill the beast.

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that would be awesome if you all did that....we really need to make some noise tomorrow....unfortunately i dont have any tix so i cant do it....but seriously, us redskins fans have to make FDX the scariest place for teams to come and play...we even have to scare our own skins....they really wont want to mess up cause we would let them know they messed up....seriously, make tomorrow night the loudest in the history of the NFL (we should be able to since we have the biggest stadium)

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