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This morning, I went to get some work done on my car and I began talking to a fellow Redskins fan. I was telling him how good the Redskins were going to be this year, and he was a bit more cautious. I didn't care cause thats how I felt earlier this offseason. But his reason for caution was much MUCH different.

He said that he doesn't think that Gibbs is coming back because he loves football and he just missed it. He said that he was coming back because Gibbs wanted the money.

His argument?

Every time Gibbs has been asked about returning to football he has spoken down on the issue not giving it much thought. Then all of a sudden, SS gets 5 mil per year from Danny Boy, and all of a sudden Gibbs starts to do more football stuff. SS resigns, and suddenly Gibbs gets a similar contract.

He was saying that Gibbs would probably do better than Spurrier cause he is Gibbs, and it doesn't take much to be better than SS. But he was saying that he doesn't expect what we got the first time around cause he says that Gibbs doesn't want that. What he says that Gibbs wants is to get this job, keep it for a few years making 4.5 mil, and then just retire.

I tried to convince him otherwise, but he was pretty convinced in it. So we left it off there. I was just wondering what you all think about that?

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Actually, the deal that I've heard of is that he wanted to come back so that Coy could get a break into coaching.

His reasoning was that he had helped JD get into a career through NASCAR, but Coy really wanted to become a football coach. He thought long and hard, and decided that he needed to help out his sons equally.

So, given that perspective, he needs to stick around long enough for Coy to establish himself- at least 3 years, more likely 5. And really, is there anyone who really expects that he was going to be back for much more than 5 years anyhow?

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Your friend is clueless.

First of all, I'm sure Gibbs has more money than he knows what to do with due to his NASCAR success. Secondly, anyone looking at Gibbs, the intensity on his face, the involvement he clearly has at every level, knows its not about the money. He clearly did it because it was another mountain to climb, and because he couldn't stand seeing his beloved franchise turned into a laughing stock and the fans humiliated every Sunday.

Gibbs is the real deal. He's genuine. And your friend ought to know better.

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