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O-Line concerns


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With Jansen out, Randy Thomas with a quasi-serious neck injury, and Samuels' ankle - our O line could all of the sudden go from very promising to dismal. I know we have some people ready to step up, but was wondering if the Skins FO should be scouring the waiver wire looking for O line depth before the season starts. What do you all think?

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Originally posted by jrfriedm

First of all, I have been really busy the last few days and haven't heard anything about Randy Thomas, when did he get hurt and how bad is it?

He hurt his neck lifting wieghts and the MRI is reportedly normal. He will prob see limited action against the Falcons this weekend at best. Buges was concerned.

How is Samuels doing? Has anyone heard how is anckle is progressing?

His sprained ankle, I think, is better although he is not full speed and I don't think he is even practicing

How is Rock doing?

On the bubble. Good chance he could get cut if he doesn't wow 'em against Atlanta.

I'm really concerned about the O Line and don't think blind faith in either Gibbs or Buges is going to help without sufficient health of the front 5. I'll eat my words if the crew looks tight this weekend, but thusfar, the Cowboys look lightyears ahead of us from an offensive standpoint and vanilla offence or no, that bothers me.

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To add on, Thomas reinjured his neck hitting a sled. He mentioned that it's just a pulled muscle, and it could dissappear instantly. Samuels has a sprain, but nothing that will keep him out of a regular season game.

From what I understand, Gibbs' practices are extremely intense, w/ near full-speed hitting. You would run into some injuries, as we have, but IMO, none of these injuries would keep these players out of a regualr season game, minus Jansen's freak occurance, of course. These are precautionary holdouts. W/ guys like Barrow, and Daniels, for instance, GW does not feel as if they need any preseason play, as intelligent veterans of the game. Sure, Barrow has tendonitis, but my money is on him starting the Tampa game. These injuries are nothing a shot of cortizone can't fix, come regular season.

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Originally posted by nace14

all i can say about our o-line concerns is that we have a smart coach who drafted depth at oline and not receiver this year. if injuries pop up at least will some some depth.

Uh ... didn't we cut some of that depth on the Oline last week (read: Molinaro)?

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