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Redskins work out RB Stacey Mack


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didn't sign him right away but this could be a sign Gibbs want a big RB (6'1" 241 lbs.) for certain situations and isn't confident w/ the smaller RB group he has now..

Note — Washington worked out running back Stacey Mack, who started five games for the Houston Texans last season. Mack's best year came in 2001 with the Jacksonville Jaguars, when he started 11 games and rushed for 877 yards. No signing was imminent, and the Redskins already have a crowded backfield with Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright, Sultan McCullough and John Simon vying for two roster spots.

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This is an interesting development.

It may mean that Coach Gibbs and the Redskins are not comfortable with the RB situation behind Portis and Betts.

Yes, I'm A$$-U-ME_ING Betts will make the team. :) But even he may be one of the reasons that they took a look at Mack. They may be worried about how healthy he can stay.

Even if they don't sign Mack, this possibly doesn't bode well for the other backs trying to make the team. They must not be satisfied with what they have behind Portis and Betts.

Skins Guy

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I think Mike Sellers would be an effective short yardage back, if that is what they are looking for. Also, I don't think Portis would have a problem getting a yard in short yardage. The guy seems to be able to fit through the smallest holes.

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I think Mike Sellers would be an effective short yardage back, if that is what they are looking for.

That's a great point. I wonder why this hasn't been considered.

Of course, maybe they have considered it and realized that Sellers is a terrible runner? He's obviously big enough, and I believe he has decent speed as well.

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posted on August-29th-2004 06:57 PM by Spanishomellete

"Where the hell is inmate with Stacey Mack's stats and injury status? Huh?"

Here I am Omellete. At least someone besides Jboomer, appreciates my football analysis. :laugh:


Well I got news for you guys. Assuming that Stacey Mack is healthy, he is not just a big, short-yardage back. He was actually a decent starter back in 2001 after Fred Taylor got injured.

He started and had THREE STRAIGHT 100-yard games and an overall 4.4 yard rushing average. Which is very good. He is also younger (29) then I thought he was. As a big tough guy, he would definitely be an asset, if he is healthy and in shape.

If so, I would like to see the Skins sign him. I've been disappointed with ALL the Skins backs in preseason, except Portis and of course Betts we haven't seen much of.

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Never disappoints does he? :laugh:...I thought I read from the Giants workout blurbs that he wasn't in football shape...

edit: I did read it in this thread:

Originally posted by Runs with Scissors


"The Giants have put their pursuit of signing Stacey Mack (RB) Hou. on hold for now, according to the New York Daily News. He worked out for the team but apparently wasn't in football shape." Aug 5

When can we expect an article on the impending Douglas acquisiton?:rolleyes:

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