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CNN: Police: Girl shoots, kills father after abduction


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Strong girl :cheers:


SILVER SPRINGS, Nevada (AP) -- Authorities are investigating whether a man sexually abused his three daughters after he shot his estranged wife in the face and kidnapped the teenagers at gunpoint.

One of the girls fatally shot Walter N. Ball Wednesday night as he slept in his car, about 30 miles east of Carson City, police said. He apparently had been drinking heavily.

The girls, ages 13, 16 and 19, led officers to the body, Lyon County Sheriff's Capt. Jeff Page said. He declined to reveal which of them fired the fatal shot.

"These girls were scared to death. They believed they were going to die," he said, adding that no charges were pending against them.

The girls' mother, Cindy Ball, called police early Wednesday to say she had been shot and her children kidnapped by Ball, who was out on bail for charges of sexual assault and incest.

Ball had handcuffed a teenage son and another daughter before forcing the three other daughters at gunpoint to disrobe and leave with him, Page said.

"This is simply the most evil thing I've ever heard of in my career," he said.

The 43-year-old Ball had been released on bail last week on felony charges of sexual assault, incest and assault with a deadly weapon.

He had been served with a temporary protective order June 1, brought against him by one of his daughters, the Nevada Appeal reported. In the order, the girl said her father had held a gun to her head and pulled the trigger after sexually assaulting her. The weapon was apparently empty at the time.

The three girls were taken to a Reno hospital with unspecified injuries Wednesday. Cindy Ball underwent surgery and was listed in stable condition at the hospital.

The newspaper also reported that before Ball shot his wife and abducted his daughters, he went to the home of family friend Norma Clemensen and beat the sleeping woman.

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more info:



Thursday | Jun 24, 2004 Last Update 10:50 pm

Kidnapped girl kills dad, cops say

Man had threatened family members before arrest last month



CRIME SCENE: Lyon County sheriff’s deputies take photographs Wednesday at the Silver Springs home where Walter Ball Jr. and his family live. The windows of the home were boarded up because a SWAT team broke them while searching for Ball last week during an unrelated investigation.


Friends have set up a bank account to help the family. The Ball Family Medical Fund is with Bank of America, account number 004967752361.


Jaclyn O'Malley


6/23/2004 10:50 pm

Seeing their only chance for survival, one of three kidnapped teenage girls fatally shot her sleeping father in the head Wednesday with the gun he had used to abduct them from their Silver Springs home, the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office said.

Walter Nelson Ball Jr., 43, who was facing sexual assault charges and had been released on $100,000 bail a week earlier, was found dead in his Jeep Cherokee in a remote area of Lahontan State Park.

Lyon County sheriff’s officials said he had threatened family members before his arrest last month.

Sheriff’s Capt. Allen Veil said Ball abducted the three teens early Wednesday after beating a female acquaintance who lived near his home and shooting his wife, Cindy, in the face.

Veil said Ball handcuffed Cindy Ball and their five children, ordered three of his daughters, ages 13, 16 and 19, to remove their clothes and then abducted them, Veil said.

Cindy Ball, who had a bullet lodged behind her cheek as a result of the shooting, was scheduled to have surgery Wednesday night and was being treated in the intensive care unit at Washoe Medical Center. Her three daughters also were being treated there with injuries they received after their father struck them with a crowbar, Veil said. The remaining two Ball children, a girl and a teenage boy, were not injured.

Neighbor Norma Clemensen, whom Ball allegedly had battered with his fists and feet before the incident at his home, is being treated in the intensive care unit at Carson-Tahoe Hospital.

One of the three abducted girls shot Ball in the head after he passed out in his Cherokee from drinking heavily, Veil said. Veil did not know which girl fired the handgun. Detectives are investigating the possibility that the girls had been sexually assaulted during the abduction. When deputies arrived at the park about 8 a.m., the girls were clothed and were not handcuffed. The sequence of events was not immediately clear.

Ball had been charged with sexually assaulting a daughter at gunpoint on May 25 and had been freed on $100,000 bail on June 17. Dayton Justice of the Peace William Rogers had reduced his bail from $250,000 on June 16.

Before Ball’s May 27 arrest on allegations of sexual assault, he threatened to kill his family if the police were told, Veil said.

“This case had been going on for more than a month, and they were in fear of their lives,” Veil said. “Our initial concern was that he was going to take them out and kill them.

“The terror they went through and the fear … it was obvious through this whole thing that this would be their one opportunity to save their lives, and they grabbed it,” Veil said of the shooting.

“Family members had disclosed information that Ball had sexually abused a daughter, and this incident was a result of that,” Veil said. “This is the saddest and sickest case I’ve ever seen in my 22 years in Lyon County law enforcement.”

Ball had been staying with a friend in Dayton while free on bail, Veil said. Authorities said that while Ball was in jail, he was served with a restraining order that prohibited him from contacting his family. Veil said the family still feared Ball, who owned many guns.

Cindy Ball called 911 just before 4 a.m. Wednesday. Authorities, who knew that Ball was armed and dangerous, issued an Amber Alert that was canceled about 8 a.m., when they found the girls.

Ball was found dead inside his Cherokee in a remote brush area on the southwest side of Lahontan Reservoir, where he drove his daughters. The girls had flagged down a motorist in a pickup about a half-mile from the Cherokee.

Detectives are waiting to interview Cindy Ball and her children. Cindy Ball worked as a nurse at Lahontan Medical Center in Silver Springs.

“We are far from done,” Veil said of the investigation.

On May 27, Lyon County SWAT team members attempted to arrest Ball at his home on the sex charges and considered him armed and dangerous. Veil said they deployed pepper spray and projectiles into the home, but Ball grabbed his cell phone and escaped out the back. He said Ball later surrendered.

Lyon County District Attorney Leon Aberasturi was prosecuting Ball. He said Cindy Ball called him Tuesday with concerns her husband would try to harm her family. He said a preliminary hearing was to be scheduled to see whether Ball would be bound over on the charges. Ball faced 20 years to life if convicted, the district attorney said.

“She had concerns that he was out on bail,” Aberasturi said. “She feared he would come after them. I am really taken aback. I just talked to her yesterday to try to get her some help.

“Cindy thought he would try to harm her and her daughter, but I don’t think this was foreseeable,” Aberasturi said.

Claudine de Langie, a neighbor, said the Balls appeared to be “the perfect family.”

“They were into 4-H with their kids, and they had lambs, horses and sheep,” she said. “This morning, I thought I heard a plane, a low-flying plane, but it was really the helicopter taking Cindy to the hospital. This is really surprising.”

Julie Thuemler of Silver Springs knows the Ball children and called the family “a prominent family in the community” and “very well-liked.”

“I’m sure it’s a shock to the entire community,” she said. “Something like this happened where everyone knows everyone, and I’m sure no one would have seen this coming.”

No information was immediately available on what Walter Ball did for a living.

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