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Stop the Partisan Insanity! Please!


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As a patriotic American, registered voter, and all around good guy, I would simply like to see one day per month of 100% non-partisan efforts to work together between political affiliations to really focus on improving our way of life or at least maintaining the gains that we have allowed to enhance all of our lives as Americans. Is this too much to ask?

Sometimes I have to wonder if that could ever happen. I watched from the sidelines the headlines, reports and even our forums here, that are distributed daily in efforts to turn people to their views of what should be. It sickens me to the core. that we have stooped to political "civil war" with each other, rather than putting our diverse minds together to solve our common issues. What happenned to honest common sense debate without hatred, severe bias and closed minded, blind political loyalties.

Any given time of day, the news is reported to almost opposite degrees of opinion and even fact. It's a sad state of affairs, when the average, working, and voting American can not identify the truth of an issue due to mis-information and politically slanted bias from ALL media sources. This hold true for CNN, Fox, MSNBC and every other media outlet.

Soon, we'll need to stand up to this nonsense and lobby for laws to help eliminate "opinion" in news reporting and get back to basics in simple, honest, truth.

I have chosen to hide my political leanings from this and all other forum groups for a time and make a real attempt to "listen, debate and then decide" using only my thoughts, hard real facts and basic common sense to make my decision at election time. I wish all would do the same. WILL YOU?

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In all seriousness, it is rather twisted that at a time when there is barely enough distance between the 2 parties to slide a kleenex through, the partisan vitriol seems to have hit an all time high.

At least when the debate was between Reagan and Carter, for example, you could see a real difference.

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News media will never be able to seperate itself from bias because humans are always in the equation....be it the owners, editors, journalists or even the advertisers...each one has their own take on things and it tends to sway opinion.......that is why you need to read between the lines.....hey....I know how sorry the state of politics is in this country but at the same time there isn't much I can do........but at least our political system here is one of the best in the whole world....

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Originally posted by skin-n-vegas

"Not going to happen vegas. This is America."

Care to explain? Who in here can honestly say that they would not like to see someone other than President Bush and Senator Kerry in the race?

For those that agree, why is that (based on the "issues" of course.

I'm talking about the "partisan insanity"

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I definately consider myself open minded. I don't vote straight across any party line. I have voted for candidates of both parties. I find myself defending the liberal side more here at extremeskins because there seems to be more conservative folks on this site, however, at a musical forum that I frequent, I am definately more conservative than the average poster there.

My only complaint with what goes on here is that there are (or were) so many personal attacks. I've always said that I will listen to an opposing argument and even rethink my views, but once someone starts namecalling or throws insults, I tune them out. I know some here "play the game" so to speak and it's fun for them, but I am pretty much straight up on my views.

I consider myself a free thinker for sure.

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I agree that you are free thinking with a liberal slant, just like I think Kilmer is free thinking with a conservative slant. There is one individual here in particular that I have seen more angry and outright disturbing posts from. In the interest of equity, I will refrain from pointing that person out. (unless I get p/o'ed at them for doing what I have already mentioned!)

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Originally posted by Thiebear

I dont understand what your saying..

One day a month close the tailgate to posts ;)...

God Forbid!! How could I at least be entertained?

Would love these great minds to merge and become the "Super Candidate"! Our ExtremeSkins Frankenstein creation.

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I have one problem with the premise of the post, and I suppose I am naive. You must realize that some of the "partisan bickering" comes from deep differences in the beliefs about how to make this country better.

Why can't we stop the partisan bickering and raise taxes on the rich?

Why can't we stop the partisan bickering and end the murder of unborn children?

Why can't we stop the partisan bickering and create a new department in the government to increase the pay of teachers?

Why can't we stop the partisan bickering and declare war on canada?

see the problem? Politicians talk about trying to get along all the time, but the fact is that when it gets down to making laws there are some pretty tough choices being made every day by these guys.

anyway, I am sure that this post will look naive, but I believe it is no more naive than the cynics who posted before me are cynical.

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