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hehe, found a new website while searching for info on this subject. Put the following term sequence into Google and hit 'I'm feeling lucky'

fred smoot marijuana

The site that it will take you too has frames with no link to the home page (morons), the main site can be found here

Additional info isn't very detailed. General idea I found was Smoot's draft stock fell due his arrest for drug possession. Many NFL teams took him off their draft boards even though he wasn't convicted.

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It was pretty much what Riggo-toni said. (Smoot was not arrested, he was questioned. As in, "Hey, why was there a joint in your trash can after a party?" To which he presumably replied, "I dunno, my guess would be that someone put it there.")

He was predicted to go in the low to mid 20's, a bit after our first round pick. I was ecstatic when we got him in the 2d round.

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