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  1. I have no particular qualifications as a talent evaluator, but I did record all our preseason games last season and watched Geron Christian very closely on every play, in slow motion, because I very much wanted to see if we had anything at all in him. He was really, really terrible. Weak and confused. Definitely run blocking, but pass blocking, also. Maybe he spent the pandemic lifting buckets of concrete like Chase and has put it all put it all together, but from my perspective--moderately informed fan paying very close attention--that's highly unlikely. (Charles seems to have ord
  2. The one thing today's moves do not remind me of is Moneyball/analytics. (Particularly Dunbar for a 5th.) For better or worse, Rivera said clearly and directly he wants to get rid of guys who don't want to be here. He said that he did that in Carolina when he arrived. He wants to create a culture of guys who buy in. I am personally a moneyball/analytics kind of guy and think it would have been much smarter to hang onto Dunbar. Either 1) he plays this year and we get a quite good cb for a year at a very low price of $3.5 million (maybe he'd be injured again, but in any ev
  3. I agree with you and think we should trade down if we get a great offer or draft Young. (Though I think it's wise strategically to talk about drafting Tua so we're more likely to get a better trade offer so teams don't think we'll just draft Young and they can trade with Detroit. Similarly, I think the Chargers are telling everyone in the last day or two that they're happy going into the season w/ Tyrod Taylor for the opposite reason, to drive down the price of a trade that they're actually interested in to get Tua. E.g., http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102087/article/anthony-lynn-tyr
  4. For those fretting about our modest free agency moves so far, here's the rose-colored perspective: We're not a very attractive FA destination this year (particularly on offense), whether Haskins-related or otherwise, so aren't very likely to get people we want, or at a good price. So it makes sense to focus on good FA deals this year, not overpay, and save cap space for next year when a) we're more likely to be an appealing destination (given regression to the mean we are very likely to have a better record, and either Haskins will be more promising or, if we're terrible again and
  5. More to the point, if we trade back to 5, then we're guaranteed either Simmons or Okudah. (Burrow, Tua in a trade-back scenario, and Young, pretty much unquestionably go 1-3.) Even if the Giants aren't stupid enough to draft OL at 4. I think there's a steep drop-off after 5 (assuming that a team wants to trade up for Tua, which places him in the top 5, which is where I think he'll end up, drafted by Miami if there isn't a trade up to get him).
  6. Rapoport (and Silver) have been very plugged in to everything Rivera-related. So that suggests strongly to me that Rapoport's tweet is correct (along with the fact that it makes a lot of sense): KOC is in fact still the favorite, Turner is being brought in with the allure (and public perception boost) of a meaningful possibility of his being hired as OC this year (with the strong likelihood that he will be hired as QB coach and his being groomed to be future OC here if KOC leaves).
  7. We should have traded Doctson by agreeing to swap picks in the 2020 7th round to move back to the end of the 7th: * We excel in drafting at the back of the 7th--Quinn and Moreland there in the last two drafts * Fair trade value
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