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Game Database... game summaries complete (Redskins A to Z)

Die Hard

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Thanks to the generous gesture by Rich Tandler (author of "Redskins A to Z" and "Gut check) we have completed the entire game database of "game summaries".

Although not every game summary is Rich's complete notation from his book - hey, he has to save some stuff so he can sell his book :) - he has included FULL game summaries of all the important games in Redskins history.

For examples of the type of full game summaries included in "Redskins A to Z" you can check out ANY game from the 2001 and 2002 seasons.

That should give you a pretty good idea of the type of information available to readers. As an owner of my own copy I would highly recommend it.

Anyways, just a quick update for those who enjoy the feature as much as I do.

I'm presently working on filling player's bios from 1947 on... I'm hopeful I can have it complete by September :)

Carry on.

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Just a few examples of the quantity and quality of data that will be available:

John Whelchel (Head Coach in 1949)


Don Boll (Player from the 1953 Roster database)


Once we've completed all the bios for the players... we will be adding their career stats. As well as "game" and "team" stats.

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Can this site get any better? I mean where else are you going to find this type of info on the web. No where because most people wouldn't put in the time and effort to get it up. That just goes to show why the guys in charge here are some of the best on the web. Keep it going guys.

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Thanks for the props guys. What DH hasnt told you is that we have invested nearly $2000 in aquiring every media guide we can get our hands on spanning from 1947 to the present. We have nearly every one of them in that time span, and we will be incorporating every bit of data about every coach and every player within them, including pictures.

You will NOT be able to find this data ANYWHERE else on the internet (unless they steal it from us :))

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