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Hatred of REagan probably nothing compared to hatreds of Clinton and Bush 2


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Yeah there's hatred of Ronald Reagan. Just being swept away this week; though Peggy Noonan- Ronald's speech writer told Matt Drudge she thinks the liberal will explode this weekend after the funeral and their hatred starts pooring out.

Thing is, I think the hatred of Reagan will pale in comparision to the hatred of the last and current president: Clinton and Bush. You can clearly say half the country despises both men and there won't be any kind words said about them when they pass on.

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No politician from either party is going to say anything negative about Ronnie. That's because Ronnie isn't a player anylonger and he retired with his popularity largely intact. To bad mouth him would be political suicide.

The real question is will any of the warmth the country is feeling towards Ronnie rub off on Georgie. Can Georgie try to wrap himself up and sell himself as a Ronald Reagan republican? Georgie is going to be one of the uligizers at the funeral. If he stretches and goes too political he runs the risk of allienating more folks and yet this is a real opprotunity to reach all the Americans who've turned their backs on him and make his case for another four years.

The story here isn't what the Democrates are going to say. The Democrates won't be on the world stage for the funeral. The real story here is what George the incumbant President is going to say or not say. His words will very likely be broadcast nationally and will very likely also be listenned to by the country.

Kerry showed some class shutting down his campagne for a few days and showing his respects at the library. Bush hopefully will do likewise during the uligy. If he doesn't he runs the risk of make the same mistakes that the Democrates made when Paul Wellstone died up in Minnisota. They over politicized the funeral and ended up loosing the senate seat.

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Originally posted by luckydevil

The madness needs to stop

Who really gives a damn

It's amazing how we tend to mythicise and worship our politicians

Well, it's respect, and on that level I understand it.

However, as much as I completely understand and appreciate respect for Presidents, past and present, even if you disagree with them... I don't really follow the logic of attributing so many things specifically to them. The US government is formed so that one man will not have that kind of power- true, if one in the US does have that kind of power, it's the President, but still. And even in the case of the President, one should never overlook the help (sometimes hurt) given to him by his Cabinet and members of his administration. "The Power Game" gives some descriptions of how Reagan played politics, with clever use of his staff (to his credit, in my opinion).

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Well, it's hard to imagine a Prez who was more hated than Nixon when he left office, yet other than Kennedy's hypocritical jab about Vietnam (uh, Ted, your brother and his Veep were the ones who started that war...), noone really said anything horrid about him after he passed on.

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