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If you havent already, I urge you to explore the DVD library ExtremeSkins has assembled

They own a very large archive of games. As soon as I get done with this post Ill edit with the link.


I had to wait a little but the wait was rewarded with rekindled memories of glory days since passed and players who will always stand for what the Skins are about.

Its a great way to get your football fix before the season starts.

Hail Skins.

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Guest J Dawg

I got my 3 superbowl wins in a few weeks ago. Great quality and well worth the wait. I'll be expanding my library significantly in the near future.

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Originally posted by RedskinsNation

I acquired 4 DVD's and they were all amazing. I just requested 6 more cuz I need something to hold me over until training camp starts. I highly recommend you guys check these out... you will thank me later.

Which ones did you choose? Any recommendations?

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