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Originally posted by skin_finatic

hopefully the broncos dont use some damn 3 back attack with him, hearst, and griffin..... those damn things destory fantasy value.

Shannahan will probably start out with Hearst in the begining, then give way to the young guys. The only thing Bell has going against him is that he had a reputation to fumble the ball in college. This same thing cost Portis the starting job in Denver his rookie year. Portis fumbled the ball three time in the third preseason game as a rookie. He still managed to gain 1500+ yards. Just imagine what he could have done for the whole season.

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Originally posted by Renegade7

K2 is in a west coast offense with Jeff Garcia and the coach that scouted him in college. He'll be the best player and the #1 target. If there's anyone who's going to have a stellar year, its going to be Winslow, Jr. Figures. :doh:

That is if he ever ends his holdout and actually plays a game next season.

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Originally posted by The X-Factor

It's between Bell and Kevin Jones. Because of the history of the Broncos running game, I'm going to have to go with Bell. However, there are plenty of good WRs in this years rookie class and one of them might be a surprise ROY like Anquan Boldin was last year.

Yea, I said the same thing.

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