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I happened to be thinking about our other rivals, and for some reason I'm trying to picture Andy Reid suspended in midair like that...

and I just can't do it. My head can't get around the idea... my mind cannot comprehend the possibility.

Reid belongs firmly planted in the ground, I guess. Probably even LA or ST couldn't move an immovable force like Andy Reid to that height... yikes.

Well, maybe if a cheesesteak was floating in midair, Andy might be able to jump......:hungry:

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I have it, but only on vhs. It was in the highlight package they showed on Taylor during the draft. Awesome in motion, P.K bobbled the ball and once he got both hands on it.......BOOM!! Taylor blasts him head on.

I think my friend might have the equipment that I can put it on a disc in mpeg format, I'll see about that this weekend when I hang out with him. If so I'll post it then if someone can host the file.

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